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Image Title Text
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Confused Confused :confused:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
hi hi :hi:
tongue tongue :tongue:
cute cute :cute:
kiss kiss :kiss:
cry cry :cry:
bye bye :bye:
farewell farewell :cya:
faint faint :faint:
dancing dancing :dance:
shake shake :shake:
run run :run:
hit hit :hit:
alone alone :alone:
hi hi /hello/ /hi/
wink wink /wink/
Razz Razz /razz/
kiss kiss /kiss/
cute cute /cute/ /nya/
shy shy /shy/
Sparkle Sparkle /sparkle/
Love Love /love/
haha haha /haha/
uumm uumm /um/
hmm hmm /hmm/
rage rage /rage/
Frantic Frantic /frantic/
cry cry /cry/
sorry sorry /sorry/
lets go lets go /letsgo/
hunt hunt /hunt/
+_+ +_+ /+_+/
best best /best/
Great Scout Great Scout /ggscout/
sing sing /sing/
Dance Dance /dance/
! ! /!/
? ? /?/
wut wut /wut/
Confused Confused /confused/
@_@ @_@ /@_@/
-3- -3- /-3-/
Nod Nod /nod/
nono nono /nono/
bye bye /bye/ /bb/
sleepy sleepy /sleepy/
Buzz Buzz /buzz/
psh psh /psh/
angry angry /angry/
Sigh Sigh /sigh/
flower flower /flower/
Let's Fight Let's Fight /fight/
Great Draw Great Draw /ggdraw/
hi littre hi littre lhi
goodbye goodbye lbye
lying dragon lying dragon lokok
noa ok noa ok lnoak
not ok not ok lnotok
Bora Bad Bora Bad lnotok2
Kei not ok Kei not ok lno
baltheon silent baltheon silent lsilent2
beth silent beth silent lsilent1
jin mad jin mad ljinmad
jury food jury food lflip
mikael mad mikael mad lsaiyan
Kiki sorry Kiki sorry lcry
dale sorry dale sorry lsorry
momo question momo question lhuh
question mark question mark lwhat
music music lmusic
bell love bell love llove
avnore creep avnore creep lcreep
hildegard sleep hildegard sleep lsleepy
nerua shock nerua shock lshock
Ravian Angry Ravian Angry lravian
anael tsundere anael tsundere lanael
Sharr tsundere Sharr tsundere lsharr
veronica heart veronica heart lvero
Nari Sage Nari Sage lsinging
cynthia wink cynthia wink lwink
meta whale meta whale lwhale
metatron hammer metatron hammer lhammer
Meta poking Meta poking lpoke
neraizel condifent neraizel condifent lproud
meiran sigh meiran sigh lsigh
Marineco stones Marineco stones lmari
Kirin Bell Kirin Bell lpat
Kiki butterfly Kiki butterfly ldistract
Kiki nyaa Kiki nyaa lnyaa
Shu thinking Shu thinking lthink
Ogre pls Ogre pls logre
malcolm laughing malcolm laughing llaugh
Griffith go Griffith go lshia
jury leah jury leah lnom
soon devs soon devs lsoon
daisy smirk daisy smirk lsmirk
daisy littre daisy littre lmagic
beatrice hug beatrice hug lhug
Lia go Lia go lgolia
yuri go yuri go lyuri
guinevere rolling guinevere rolling lrolling
hilde lilith hilde lilith lparty
lucian bye lucian bye llucian
alice sleep alice sleep lsleep
anael sorry anael sorry lmad
nerua despair nerua despair ldespair
charlotte rich charlotte rich lrich
lucy broke lucy broke lbroke
elaine objection elaine objection lobjection
bora chuuni bora chuuni lchuuni
smile2 smile2 /smile2*
happy happy /happy*
exciting exciting /excited*
haha haha /haha*
grimace grimace /grim*
victory victory /victory*
bad bad /bad*
smile1 smile1 /smile1*
greedy greedy /greedy*
money money /money*
cry cry /cry*
shame shame /shame*
girl girl /girl*
hearts hearts /hearts*
heart heart /heart*
anger anger /angry*
horror horror /horror*
drop drop /drop*
scorn scorn /scorn*
amazing amazing /wow*
unhappy unhappy /sad*
what what /what*
whistle whistle /whistle*
shock shock /shock*
beaten beaten /beaten*
smart smart /smart*
eyedrop eyedrop /eyes*
shocked shocked /shocked*
super_man super_man /super*
iron_man iron_man /iron*
yess yess \yess
nah nah \nah
dunno dunno \dunno
hehe hehe \hehe
Bad Luck Bad Luck OTL*
table flip table flip \tf
what what \what
head head \head
help help \help
Bye Bye \bye
boohoo boohoo \cry
blush blush \blush
love you love you \loveu
eating eating \nom
snack snack \snack
boring boring \boring
sleeping sleeping \gn
calm down calm down \chill
Phew Phew \phew
Diva Diva \diva
dizzy dizzy \dizzy
booger booger \booger
butt dance butt dance \butt
nonono nonono \nono
stars stars \stars
music music \music
poke poke \poke
oof oof \oof
taichi taichi \taichi
magic1 magic1 \magic1
magic2 magic2 \magic2
drama drama \drama
dance1 dance1 \dance1
floating floating \dance2
dance3 dance3 \dance3
dance4 dance4 \dance4
dance5 dance5 \dance5
Ballerina Ballerina \dance6
dance7 dance7 \dance7
dance8 dance8 \dance8
happy birthday happy birthday \hb
xD xD ;xd ;xD ;XD
hehe hehe ;hehe
looking good looking good ;hey
tongue tongue ;tongue
darn darn ;darn
huh huh ;huh
surprised surprised ;shock
worry worry ;worry
crying crying ;cry
heart heart ;heart
love love ;love
binocular binocular ;binocular
eating eating ;nom
ghost ghost ;boo
laugh cat laugh cat :haha
evil cat evil cat :evil
star eyed cat star eyed cat :woah
In love cat In love cat :love
drop cat drop cat :drop
surprised cat surprised cat :wow
crying cat crying cat :cry
sad cat sad cat :sad
hungry cat hungry cat :hungry
angry cat angry cat :angry
punch cat punch cat :punch
screaming cat screaming cat :scream
sleepy cat sleepy cat :sleep
traveler cat traveler cat :cya
Aiolos Aiolos !aiolos!
Duran Duran !duran!
Askeladd Askeladd !askeladd!
Baltheon Baltheon !baltheon!
Bell Bell !bell!
Beth Beth !beth!
Choi Choi !choi!
Duke Duke !duke!
Felix Felix !felix!
Jibril Jibril !jibril!
Jiho Jiho !jiho!
Jin Jin !jin!
Khirel Khirel !khirel!
Leventor Leventor !leventor!
Metatron Metatron !metatron!
Noa Noa !noa!
Presty Presty !presty!
Sam Sam !sam!
Serestia Serestia !serestia!
Shu Shu !shu!
Vonchi Vonchi !vonchi!
William William !william!