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Comments on Profile Post by Ghost

  1. Vendanna
    indeed, the girl on the third chair has a lovely dress. <3
    May 1, 2017
  2. Vasallo
    Haha in mine there wont even have chairs ; n ;)/
    May 1, 2017
  3. Razura
    Well of course, they are all ghosts.
    May 1, 2017
  4. Nawzu
    Dang how'd u get John Cena to come :o
    May 1, 2017
  5. Razura
    l think Nawzu is blind...
    May 1, 2017
  6. Okayshows
  7. Xetael
    By god's....ghosst was this popular....I even see robin Williams....
    May 1, 2017
  8. Okayshows
    Cute girls are quite popular..
    May 2, 2017