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About my mid line

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Satsuki Chan, May 16, 2015.

  1. Satsuki Chan

    Satsuki Chan

    Somewhere..........in the dark
    [​IMG] Hi there, this is the team i'm currently trying out in PvE. Backline performs gloriously nothing to say about that, same with the front once i get Silla EE it will be even better and as you can guess the problem is my mid line. there's just not enough buffing/debuffing going on making them unable to do anything. The damage from Dale is there but just not enough reflex, same with Sammy not enough reflex and i don't know what to say about Lilith as i like her totem skills and she does a fair amount of damage. Now here's the question what can i do about it? Should i replace someone from my mid line? I can put Mikael in dales place? but i haven't invested enough in him yet ( 0 superbs, no ST, no swirly training ), i could also try Anael and just suicde attack. It could also be that the whole team just doesn't work. what do you guys think? any1 i could replace, scout? got 2k gp so that might help. sry for the bunch of text, thx in advance
  2. Galatea

    Galatea The Lurking/Chill RainbowWhale Galatine Staff Member

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    switch linmay and sammy for colo. Jin gives reflex debuffs within the position and there is an ardor stone that inc reflex and crit resist as well to help buff his reflex. lilith in midfield becomes pointless bc it gets really hard to tank the ball so you could instead invest in a card that is either also forward pass or get one that gives crit dmg with active and then combo a fw pass off of that to lucid and then try to get a big dmg combo. You won't need a Dale in either if running Lucid up front bc her job is to ohko. I would move linmay actually to the outside (LM) and get a spirit regen card in CM to help with spirit problem after using your active inc crit dmg ability. This would help you a lot in CoD I think.

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