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Guides Advanced Positioning Guide

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Azrael007, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Azrael007

    Azrael007 Galaxy

    After a variety of thoughtful and in-depth questions in messages and in the chat, I've decided to post an advanced strategy guide for unit positioning during Galaxy League (i.e. PvP) battles.

    This guide is meant for newer players, or players wanting help with tweaking team setup. Keep in mind there are no absolute rule regarding unit positioning. Different teams will have different strategies (a Kirin front's strategy is drastically different from a Sharr front's strategy for example), so if you have specific questions about your team setup, please feel free to message or ask in chat.


    I will be working from the following template, which is generally regarded as the "default" formation advice given to new players. For newer players, a "totem" refers to a unit intended to buff the line. For example, a striker's totem would buff crit rate or penetration, while a backline totem would raise goalkeeper crit resist.

    Striker - Passer - Totem
    Defender - Tank/Assist - Attacker
    Defender/Totem - Healer - Defender/Totem

    Got it? Got it. Good.


    1) Top priority is getting striker a one-on-one shot versus the goalkeeper to maximize damage. As such, striker generally goes on right or left side, as most PvP teams feature 4-man back, so getting a 1v1 versus the goalkeeper is more difficult if striker is in the middle, since enemy team might have two defenders.

    2) Try to place striker in front of a leader (especially a healer), followed by assist, followed by defender. The reason for this is to try and take advantage of Leader/defender AI. They will often simply block if they are low on hp instead of trying to steal or penetrate (especially leaders), neutralizing much of their threat. COMMON EXAMPLES: Virgil, Miho, Avnore, Freyja, Gaphyl, Nikita, Saramir, Askeladd, Kevin, Aslan, Magnus, Dynames. MOST IMPORTANTLY NOT AN EXAMPLE: Bell.

    3) The same is not true of attackers. Try to avoid placing striker in front of a powerful attacker. Strikers are very easy to penetrate, and attackers will often plow through them despite their hp levels. EXAMPLES: COMMON EXAMPLES: Khirel, Hildegard, Shu.

    4) Where possible, isolate striker from potential ball stealers (i.e. high reflex targets). COMMON EXAMPLES: Kiki, Chitose, Nerua, Duran, Anael, Tyler, Death Queen.

    5) Try to avoid giving enemy benefits when shooting, i.e. units that are buffed when attacked, by placing striker opposite them. COMMON EXAMPLES: Silk, Felix, Metatron, Lucian totem.

    6) Place your highest-reflex non-striker (whether passer or totem) in front of unit built to penetrate. Try to maximize chances to counterattack and regain ball for a second shot.

    7) If you are using front stealer (i.e. with Kirin), generally want to place them in center so they can attempt steal from entire enemy line.


    Kevin - Gaphyl - Shu - Death Queen

    Generally want to put striker in front of Kevin, since he is usually built as a pure totem. Highest reflex unit (like Elaine, Baltheon or Veronica) in front of Shu to try and steal ball when he attacks. Passer or other totem (like Milky Way) in front of DQ.

    Saramir - Kiki - Miho - Khirel

    Generally striker in front of Saramir, reflex wall in front of Khirel. Not possible to avoid Kiki in this line, gotta roll with it.

    Kevin - Chitose - Death Queen - Virgil

    In this example, Virgil is probably built as an attacker, which going by general strategy would mean striker in front of Kevin. However, Virgil is leader, and much of his value comes from attacking and generating spirit I would put striker in front of Virgil to try and neutralize his value.

    Bell - Duran - Kevin - Kiki

    Bell is a counter-example to the leader strategy. She will generally wreck your striker (and knows she can do so) regardless of hp levels. In this example I'd just plop striker in front of Kiki and get as far away from Bell-sama as possible.


    Not complicated here, everyone has pretty much the same strategy, and you should follow the same general outline.

    1) Want a tanky center mid with high reflex. If they don't have damage reduction by themselves, give them such with stones like Battalion or Calm Icicle. COMMON EXAMPLES: Metatron, Bell, Jury, Lia, Sammy, Neraizel, Linmay, Sky, Erica, Niarose.

    2) On the wings, as with center mid, damage reduction and reflex are at a premium here, particularly people with reflex line totems. COMMON EXAMPLES: Victoria, Linmay, Meiran, Bell, Choi, Alice, Lia.

    3) At least one person should be a reliable line breaker to push ball to front. This can be either an attacker with high reflex/counterattack resistance or a tanky defender/leader built for power. COMMON EXAMPLES: Duke, Malcolm, Dale, Lynia, Choi, Bell, Roina, Meiran, Sue, Cynthia.

    4) Maximizing/minimizing elements is particularly important here. Prioritize this where possible.

    5) Your mid strategy at higher levels of PvP should generally account for Metatron, Victoria, and 4-man thunder mid (some combo of Bell/Jury/Lynia/Cynthia/Veronica/Guinevere) since they are so omnipresent.


    Victoria - Metatron - Choi

    We call this one "this mid literally everyone uses." I'd stick a reflex wall with high DR (your own Victoria lol) in front of Choi and pray for a counterattack, try to avoid having him give his action speed/attack buff to front by penning you and passing. Metatron has either Thousand Watchers or Battalion. If Battalion, bring someone with high damage or double turns (like Anael, properly-stoned Sky, Bell or Cynthia) to nuke her into orbit. Honestly there's no obvious counter to this mid, which is why it's so prevalent.

    Lynia - Bell - Jury - Cynthia

    The mono thunder mid. The only person who weathers this well is Battalion Neraizel, don't feel too badly if your Metatron gets slam dunked by Cynthia or a double tap from Bell. Put a reflex wall in front of Cynthia and, if you're using an attacker, put them in front of Lynia. She will penetrate you easily but that becomes a two-way street. The "strategy" here is to generally cede mid as much as possible (while making sure you can get to front) and strengthen your back/front.


    1) Line should be built to support your goalkeeper and give ball control (i.e. steals) as much as possible. One "advance ball" strategy (i.e. attacker or forward/long passer) is generally enough.

    2) Totems, totems, totems. Love 'em and use 'em. Mandatory you get at least one, probably want to double up here, if not triple up.

    3) Only one "selfish" (i.e. non-totem) player is allowed here. This is generally the attacker or long passer. Even though they have line/team totems, I would consider Shu and Bell selfish players in the back, since their role is generally to penetrate the line. Ball stealers without line totems (i.e. Tyler or Rudiel) are also "selfish."

    4) Ball stealers should generally be placed in the mid (so they can steal from anyone) and built for either action speed or technique to kill-steal (or both).

    5) Place most "useless" (i.e. only a totem) person in front of enemy striker. Just don't do this if they're probably going to die in one hit from striker and striker is high speed/reflex or paralyze line, like Vonchi or Kirin.

    6) Exception to # is if you have a self-healing unit, or a unit that benefits from getting attacked, examples being Silk, Felix, and Elua.

    7) Healers away from striker (usually in mid) to minimize their death time and maximize their chances to heal. Especially important with Virgil, who needs to attack to generate spirit (a large part of his appeal).


    William - Silla - Elaine

    Elaine OP. Try to avoid trying to penetrate her unless you have an attacker with max counterattack resistance like Hildegarde. The weak link here is Silla, attack her.

    Vochi - Milky Way - Elaine

    Freaking cancer. Milky is the weak link here, again generally avoid Elaine. I hope you have a back built for action speed, if Milky stacks buffs a couple times this can get ugly for you real quick, since Vonchi has unusually high reflex for a striker.

    Kirin - Bell - Choi - Elaine

    Someone's going all-in on Kirin shots, eh? Once Kirin shoots this is going to hurt. A lot. In this case I'd actually buck trend and try to push through Kirin, he's a massive weak link compared to the others powerhouses. Though powerful this line is actually slow and somewhat reflex-light, putting ball stealer like Kiki in center is especially important, especially especially with stone like Metatron's Will for many steal attempts.

    Luka - Veronica - Leventor

    Check the stones/stats on this line. Either Luka or Veronica could be the weak point here, see which one is less beefy/lower reflex. Luka probably has Ignition Catalyst, bring your own speed hax like Kevin.
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  2. PokeMango


    First, I want to say thank you for putting an updated guide for newer players. I agree with the front / mid guide. However I think there are a few more "modern" variations that can be looked into.

    Lets start by discussing the backline ideas.
    Backline #1
    Kevin - Gaphyl - Shu - Death Queen

    This backline you listed is great as kevin gives speed while gaphyl act as the breaker + healer. However I feel like as there is only DQ for HP totem, Angela could use more HP since she doesn't have much HP buffs herself. As well, Shu in this line almost deadweight compared to other possible options like khirel or jiho.

    • Healing / ability to take multiple hits
    • Decent Speed
    • Good balance
    • Good crit %
    • Lacks ability to prevent initial shots from fast front lines (fronts with over 100spd).
    • Relatively low HP for Angela
    • Lacks influential global buffs like Jiho or Khirel or Aslan
    • May choke if opponent has strong front line and shot first.
    • FTS for Gaphyl
    • EBM for kevin
    • Calm icicles for death queen

    Potential New Backline
    Kevin (for Action Bar and DR) - Khirel (Global advantage & penetration through metatron) - Duran (amazing totems + extremely fast stealer) - Speed buffer / debuffer (or Jiho)

    The suggested backline does not have a healer. However if you can combo it with strikers that require very few shots to win, it is the perfect back. First disclaimer is you likely need Aslan somewhere mid to buff up the GK's hp, otherwise only Duran's HP totem may result in angela only having around 2.4k hp. Secondly, this backline has the ability to steal the ball 1-2 times before the enemy get off their first shot. However it has no ability to recover HP by itself. Therefore again, the striker must be very strong (such as Womlliam, Shanti, or Vonchi).

    • Extremely high speed + Action bar allowing for steals before enemy moves (Duran can reach 110spd not using calm icicles)
    • Very high penetration defense making popular 60% pen strikers like Vonchi quiet harmless for first 2 shots
    • Global influence thanks to Khirel / Jiho
    • Strong breakout ability thanks to Duran and Kevin making everyone super tank
    • Expensive backline with multiple legends
    • Cannot heal significantly by itself; resulting in disadvantage during dragged out matches
    • Require team coordination such as 2-3KO striker like Vonchi / Womlliam
    • FTS for khirel (slot change)
    • EBM for kevin
    • Icicles for Duran
    • Dense magma for Angela

    Now moving onto the front line discussion. While "Striker - Passer - Totem" is the traditional front, new potential fronts can be developed once a player is advanced enough (with great substats on correct spirit stones). Many people disagree, but my opinion is if your striker can go over 90 starting speed, using Elaine - Milky Way combo is extremely strong. However if the striker is slower than 90 speed, using a passer is recommended.

    In terms of midline, the "Vic - Meta - Choi" mid severely lacks crit %. While it still has potential to get to galaxy league, it is not optimal. Consider using Duke for totem and wall, replacing Victoria (Duke can equip Thousand Watchers to make up for the lack of reflex).
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  3. Azrael007

    Azrael007 Galaxy

    The lines I listed weren't suggested lines, PokeMango. They were used as examples of enemy backlines to illustrate the points I made above those examples.

    These are very good suggestions for lines, however.
  4. icebarrier

    icebarrier Bronze

    draww (galaxy server)
    i could use like

    an explanation on how team formations show up on away games
  5. Azrael007

    Azrael007 Galaxy

    You mean like common Champs/Galaxy League lineups? I could do that if you like.
  6. icebarrier

    icebarrier Bronze

    draww (galaxy server)
    nah like

    support guy in away games bumping peeps to centerline
  7. Azrael007

    Azrael007 Galaxy

    Support player always tries to default to their "best" position, as seen in their squad bonus info.

    This is why you never see stuff like Hildegard support, because she tries to default to Front Right, which is disastrously terrible for her given her low reflex.

    Support player shouldn't be bumping someone to another lane, that sounds like a bug. Should just default to their preferred position and whatever lane that is will become a 4-man lane.
  8. Starx

    Starx Diamond

    Yeah, support position players are always on the right most side (from your perspective) in their favored lane.

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