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Dark Alkyde how usable is she?

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by Renrashin, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Renrashin

    Renrashin Champion

    Im thinking of using Alkyde in my mono Dark Team. How usable is she compared to Non Special players. I am satisfied with her skills but how is she stat wise?
  2. Querry

    Querry Champs

    Her stats are aight, although you'll want to transcend her when she comes back around. She is best used alongside Ravian to get the most value out of her debuffs.
  3. Viticide

    Viticide Bronze

    She's ok, but nothing great. Everyone loves to say use her up front with Ravian, but that is not ideal. I do not understand why everyone looks at any player that affects reflexes, particularly assists, and suddenly thinks, "Ravian!" Sorry people, but pure reflex Ravian is long dead. She needs dmg boosters, and dmg boosting is something Alkyde does not do well. All the other Dark assists, including Hamerus who doesn't even have EE yet, are much better for Ravian. Does Ravian want reflex? Yes. Does she want it at the cost of dmg? Hell no! Dmg > reflex for Ravian. And that ap decrease? It's again appreciated by Ravian, but not worth it. Focus on improving Ravian's shots, not her steals. And if anyone's Ravian is having problems suiciding, that's a problem with their team/Ravian and looking to debuff ap is not the solution. Alkyde is better with Ravian than she is any of the other Dark strikers, but that's it.

    Alkyde works much better in the midline. 35% reflex and 40% ap reduction are much more appreciated there. Alkyde's kit is built more as a midline assist than a frontline assist. Unfortunately for her, Dark has some strong options in the mid that are hard to justify using Alkyde over. Metatron is the obvious #1 cm, and Serestia makes a good second choice for cm or a good wing option. Jheet and Dale give good power for getting through the mid. Jheet will provide as/reflex and Dale will make a good tank so long as his crit is reliable. Alice will provide the same amount of passive reflex debuff but does so while also providing crit, as, and max hp reductions too. She does more passively than Alkyde does. Verister works well in mid if one does not have room for her in the back. Avnore works well enough in mid too and can serve as either a linebreaker or wall depending how you stone him.

    Frankly, I only see Alkyde as a placeholder unit until one can get a better option in her place. She'll work up front with Ravian, or any other Dark striker, until something better comes along. Such as any other Dark assist. In the mid she can serve well enough, but she's not going to provide all that one really wants there. Whatever might be wanted out of her, there is another option that will do as well or better and provide more for the line in other ways too. Want reflex? Metatron, Alice, Jheet, Pinol. Want spirit? Pinol, Dale, Black Daisy. Want survivability? Alice, Lindberg and Verister if not in the back. Stealer? Metatron, Orses, Lilith (really the only thing she does well, but if she can't steal the ball then no one can). The only reason I see for anyone to run Alkyde over all other options is if they specifically want exactly all that she provides. But if there is only any one or two things one primarily wants from her, there are better options.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
  4. Krezhyre

    Krezhyre Boredom killed me over and over

    Have you checked that one thing they called SShreder was it? to check the stats of a maxed player

    Plus, her EE is pretty :p

    Stats wise, I still prefer Shura (Guaranteed Crits)
  5. Krehan


    Kinda necro threading but I used Aklyide as CM and she is doing great.

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