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Ardor/Light or Rainbow ?? Help

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by nagi, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. nagi


    Need some suggestions on how to strengthen my team. My current formation is:
    FL- Renee, Elaine, Sharr
    ML-Sammy (ace), Lilith, Mikael
    BL-Dynames, Bell, Virgil

    I've been trying to find Chitose to replace Dynames, but I'm not sure what to do about Bell since she is my legendary. Ideally you'd want to build around that but I've already built up my ardor front line + Isillia as a GK.

    The other players I have:
    Ardor-Bora, Erica, Jean, Elise, Micki, Lucius, Kyoko
    Light-Latios, Silla, Cassiel (currently on recall??), and Leah
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
  2. Snorcle


    You should use Kyoka instead of Sharr, You can recall cassiel better attacker since mikeal isnt enough for that position i think. Use sammy in CM position she is better ballkeeper than lilith and try to find victoria she is very good with %50 reflex buff. You can use Erica insted of lilith and try to find angela as a goalkeeper, Her ardor buff is very juicy even you are not run mono ardor she is useable. If i were you i build probably like this

    Kyoko - Elaine - Renee

    Erica - Sammy(ace) - Lucius

    Mikeal - Bell - Virgil - Yuri(ex)
    - isillia -

    Except you def is good. If you wanna use isillia you need chitose and shaman. Chitose - Shaman - Black ivy(ex) - Virgil
    if you want to use ardor back line you need angela kevin etc it will look somethink like Kevin - Gaphyl - Deathquen - Yuri(ex)

    Esspecially in defense you can change placement of players actually you should change. You dont have any good lane buffer for defence line try to find one Kevin Shaman Chitose Magnus are best buffers right now

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