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Ardor /WW I need your advice

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by DukeStark77, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. DukeStark77


    I'm making a second team with shanti as the main player in my team
    I have ardor players : choi shu gaphyl death queen lucian ( ace) GK:Angela
    I have WW players : shanti narezile evylin princess meraine Magnus
    Can you help me make this team tell me what players I need to make this team.
  2. Snorcle


    Elchitusa Ernasto works pretty good with Sharr you can concider them but evylinn is just fine. Bdw lucian is good as a Ardor WW ace but he is pretty weak right now. You can try to find Lia as a ace considering that she has same ace skill

    Shanti - Evylin - You have to finf something good here even limay is good for this spot bu Ernasto perfectyou can ise Choi for now i like him in mid line but he is even good in offence
    try to find victoria or cow demon quenn, Lai gayle here - You can use Narezile or Meiran for this Spot it both of them is very good - Use Choi here if you use him in offence play Gaphyl there
    Try to find Kevin here But you can use Shu for now Bdw shu must be always in your backline no metter what he is op af - You place gaphl there but if he is in the mid lane try to find erica here you also can do use narizile in mid and use merian here but angela becomes very squishy without kevin - no doubt place deathqueen here - Kevin (ex) no doubt again

    You can use lia in defense or in CM if you find her in conculusion

    Sharr - Choi - Evylin

    Narezile* - Meiran - Gaphyl

    Shu - Lucian(ace) - Deathquenn-Magnus(ex)


    Should work you have to find player for that LM position you have none
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
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  3. Snorcle


    Fuck i forget instead of Lia you can use Sky and Go Sharr evylin sky or use sky in CM
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