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Belial Superb Boss Strategy Thread (6/16/18 - 6/17/18)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Philip35, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Philip35

    Philip35 Swaggy P

    Galaxy League

    Team Formation:
    Baltheon (SC) / Leventor (SHOT) / Celus (no stone)
    Black Ivy (IC) / Felix (FS) [Ace]/ Aslan (TW)
    Linmay (MOB) / Jibril (EBM) / Khirel (TB) [Friend] / Chitose (EOS)
    GK Isillia (El Repayon)

    1. The two enemy side frontline players are the shooters. The middle frontline player does not shoot. The two enemy side shooters have passive abilities that grant them 100% Penetration and Critical damage when their HP is 60% and higher.
    2. The enemy team will damage themselves by 15% of their HP every 3 minutes. This means they will have full power shots up till the 9:00minute mark. We have to survive their power shots up till 9:00 minutes then their shots will weaken considerably.
    3. The enemy Goalkeeper have an Active skill that Blocks opponent shot damage by 90% with Zero cool down. Also, The Enemy Goalkeeper also has a defense shield right at the start of the game amounting to 17,797. The good news is the enemy Goalkeeper does not have any healing ability.
    4. The enemy Superb Boss Belial is located at the enemy backline and has an active ability to Recover the enemy team’s HP by 100%. So far I have not seen it used so that is good news.

    Our goal from the start will be to survive pass the 9:00 minute mark. Once we reach 9:00 minutes into the game the enemy strikers have become considerably weaker. Our backline is designed to be able to hold on and heal HP from the enemy damage. Linmay is there to heal the line when shot against or when she passes the ball. Jibril has passive abilities that heals our Goalkeeper whenever we pass in the backline. She is also very useful because anytime is dies our team will get less damage dealt to us. Chitose is there to Buff our Goalkeeper’s HP and also give us less damage from Dark players. Our Goalkeeper Isillia is good because she has built in healing and also because as a Light player she receives less damage from Dark players.

    As we know, the enemy Goalkeeper has a defense shield and an infinite active Block skill. Shooting to kill it will be very tough. Our strategy will be to use Khirel as a backline penetrator to break all the way to the frontline and plow into the enemy Goalkeeper. Khirel is incredible because of his “Song of Knife II” skill which Increases the damage that the enemy receives and also steals 30% attack power from the enemy with a penetration.

    Our Midline and Frontline will play minimal parts in this match. Frontline units Baltheon, Leventor, and Celus will basically just support Khirel and try to damage the enemy Goalkeeper any way they can to hasten the match. Also, A full active pass from Baltheon to Leventor shoot might break the enemy defense shield faster than just Khirel plowing into it. Our midline are just support players like Black Ivy and Aslan which gives our Goalkeeper more HP and Critical resistance. Felix is there only for his rainbow Ace skill.

    Khirel will be the sole attacker plowing through the middle lane. Continue to attack up till you reach the enemy frontline and ram Khirel into the enemy Goalkeeper. Do this continuously until the enemy Goalkeeper’s defense shield and HP is down to zero. Then shoot with any of your frontline player for the win. Good luck Guys!
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
  2. Élanvital

    Élanvital ~DrunkBishop~

    For anyone that's desperate cause it's already so late lol.

    My team comp:

    Hamarus (With EBM) - Celus - Sharr
    Duran - Jin(Lead) - Aslan
    Linmay - Shu - BT - Khierl (Friend) - Black Ivy

    Black Ivy to slow them for the 9 min mark where things get easier. That heal helps with the action bar and GK hp too.
    BT doesn't have much hp as a GK. Mine had like 2.8k So she'll need all the heals she can get.
    Shu and Linmay there to revive each other just for that heal.

    Does mostly nothing so anyone here just for some team effect.
    Jin for that lead skill. Anyone else that can help your GK survive longer would be good.
    Duran not needed but I just tossed him there for the debuff
    Aslan for BT's HP pool.

    Self explanatory.
    With Ham and Celus, Sharr's shots each deal around 200dmg. Honestly she's quite useless cause with Khierl you can down their GK.
    If you have access to Khierl just put all debuffs there. It should be better to put Vivid fear there.

    After 9 min mark it's easy with Khierl. Like everyone else just pen asap and active. Ended the game around 44 mins so it'll be close.

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