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Building WW/Thunder Team

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Yunnu, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Yunnu


    So my legendary is Bell and my favourite player is Black Tortoise, so when I drew Xing I had the idea of maybe building a dual ace team in the long run.


    Now, I wanna scout Neraizel to use her as front line passer. Thinking of perhaps using Luka-Neraizel together. I know Beatrice isn't really good atm but I'm hoping she gets a buff in the future S:

    Other players I own: Saramir, Rudiel

    So yeah, the team isn't really invested into at all so I wanted to know whether it's any good before I do that. Any ideas and considerations welcome
  2. Renrashin

    Renrashin Champion


    Striker / Ernesto / Evylin

    Bell / Linmay / Lynia

    Silk / Altair / Nikita(Ace) / Magnus

    GK BT

    Is your best case Scenario.

    For striker imo Shanti or Griff

    Magnus>Nerua for Non Mono Thunder

    Lynia is better mid.
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