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Thunder Can we talk about Robin

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by SPMKT, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. SPMKT


    Recently I just rerolled his dark slot for El Repayon and I must say he could tank shots well. I wonder why he doesn't get enough recognition but I guess it's because he doesn't have boobs. Anyway I think he's on par with Zibroi in terms of raw tankiness since they have equal static CDR, but Zibroi has more defense, support, HP/DR and healing but bad chains while Robin has AP/Pass debuff with lower HP and DR but (okay-ish?) chains. Both have pretty much the same actives.

    I currently have him in a Magnus-Altair-Nikita-Eden backline and it's decent I guess? Replace Eden with Duran and I think that backline could get nasty. Also please correct me if I have any mistakes with my post thanksss :D

    So guys what are thoughts about him?
  2. NEET


    Sure, i'll give it go
    Very well spotted the point about being simular to zib, they are both underated players due to lack of boobs. Are they super top tier? no. Are they viable? yes

    Penetrating Fear II
    Decreases the Attack Power of the enemies currently in the assigned position by 50% and pass effect by 30%

    Assumeing the average base drible of a is 700-800 before any effects. Attack power only affects base drible not total drible (passs). If we then took for a example base drible after attack power buffs from either passives/totems/active for 100% attack power (stacking more than 100% intionally is not efficient) we can guess 1500 base drible -> 1125 (if we took 750+ [100%->50%] which is suggest 50% attack power worth a average of 375 damage reduction. As for pass effect useing simular in game aveages -30% pass effect is worth apox 300 damage reduction. These numbers do not factor in crit or any damage reductions yet. If we assumed no elemental advantage, apox average of 150% crit damage, with 60% decessed damage and 900 defense as a average stat. 1012damage*[1-((1-0.6)*(1-0.49))]= 805 esimtated damage reduction

    Physical Training

    25% hp and decressed damage is only the lower end. Since its a shiled active then it does not activeate until after the 1st shot, 25% reduction(+defnese) and 47.5% reduction (+defense) afterwards.

    Lets factoring in all the bonus to get a apox stat read out:
    10% class bonus from GK postion, 25% passive, 30% active, 12% EP, 13% x2 for DD stones, + Surviving Abyss for another 10% (this is 4 decressed damage stones)
    59.5% damage reduction before active
    71.6% damage reduction after active

    Since he does not have a defense passive or a good defense chain, we can assume its going to be a 900 defense (49% damage reduction) rather than a 1400 defense (60% damage reduction) build. Its worth noting that he does not have any pen resist, vs a 100% pen power striker he would only have 29.75% damge reduction.

    Anti – Crisis
    Increases the critical resistance by 30% and critical damage resistance by 50% when being shot at.
    50% CDR like zib, however in a CDR build you dont want to stack CR. you simply allow yourself to be crited but stack max crit damage resist. therefore the entire CR stat is wasted. If you had a EP and made into legend stone useing spring watch for another 35% then you would have 110% crit damage resist, +20% more if you had a duran too.


    Zib has slight more damage reduction and much higher defense as well as better chains. Robin is a worse zib in terms of base stats. If we factored in robins "estimated damage reduction" vs zibs healing, we can esimate robin has a 500hp reduction advantage over zib per shot (not facotring zibs superior reductions so the real number is close to 400-350). The only case i can see Robin being better than zib is Rainbow Robin team and taking 3 shots or more.

    The only reason why you might make a robin is only for countering high crit damage, high attack power, low pen power, muti hit strikers (there isnt alot of these, for example: bora, uriel). Robin would do very well vs these strikers but they are so unpopular its not worth making a GK to counter them.

    you would see lose to miri due to elemetanl, same reason for shanti. You might do better vs a vonchi than zib, but zib is better vs willam.

    My final word on it is, yes under rated, he isnt trash. But there is not alot of situiions where he is much better than simular crit damage resist GKs, or compairing to rregular GKs
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  3. SPMKT


    Wow, that's a very detailed analysis for Robin. Thanks.

    I really agree on how much he does well against Vonchi, as for Miri, he can at least survive a single shot with Active pass -> Active Shoot and I think that's still something. Don't really know about Zib though but he's also pretty tanky now and yeah he has better defenses. So what kind of backline can you recommend for Robin in rainbow? I think he will thrive with the standard Jiho/Duran/Shaman/Magnus etc backline.. Thanks :D

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