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Damien or Ravian or Hiro

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BahamutsPreY, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. BahamutsPreY


    Hey Guys, I´m relatively new to the game and am looking for help on which striker I should choose.
    Right now I have Ravian, Hiro and Damien; as Passers I have Silla and Luka. So my question would be which Striker I should choose and with which Passer.
    I`d appreciate it if someone could help me.
    Ty in advance ^^
  2. Lunette

    Lunette Writes too much about small topics.

    Earth (probably)
    I'd say that you'd have to decide between either Hiro and Damien, Ravien is one of the worst players available right now afaik. Since Hiro recently got a buff, I am not sure but I think Damien is still stronger than Hiro.

    If you want to use one of your current passers, I'd say Luka all the way, even though she isn't that strong, Silla is mainly for her ace. Since both Damien and Hiro would prefer to OHKO their targets, getting Hamerus (or maybe Celus) might be the best idea.

    There'd also be the need to decide on which team you want to build. Do you want to go mono/hybrid/rainbow, do you want to keep using Shu/Isillia, is there a player you really want, etc.

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