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Developer's Notes - May Major Update

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Nawzu, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Nawzu

    Nawzu Bora Husbando Staff Member

    Bora's Bed
    Galaxy League (2751)
    CoD 55 CoT 44
    Developer’s Note – May Major Update

    Soccer Spirits is celebrating its 4th anniversary! We wouldn’t be here today without all the love and encouragement from the users.

    Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the upcoming major update, “Awakening Stars.”

    [Early Game Content Improvement]
    One of the important parts we wanted to improve is the difficult and complicated early game content. With the major update, we will be improving the early stages as follows:

    1. Tutorial Improvement
    The issue with the current tutorial is that users can’t experience a full match properly. To avoid this, we’d like to improve the tutorial match by adding more explanations for the commands and for each line so users can actually experience and play the whole match.

    2. Story Mode Improvement
    The Story Mode will be improved overall. Unnecessary matches will be removed and a Guide Match with game system explanations will be added. In the Guide Match, users not only can test out strategic elements in a match (such as Long Pass and Long-range Shoot), but also the Player Growth System (such as Evolution and Special Training).

    In addition, Story Mode clearance rewards will be upgraded in order to help starting users grow faster. Various types of game currencies and players will be given - which will help users build a decent deck to better experience what the game has to offer. Moreover, the main players (Sam and Noa) will be rebalanced to be more efficient.

    Story Mode matches and achievement rewards will be reset so users who’ve already cleared all of the Story Mode can earn the newly upgraded rewards as well.

    3. Locked Content Improvement
    Game content such as the Space-Time Continuum and the Colosseums that unlock when you reach certain ranks will be improved. It’s not only the content that will improve, but the timing of them opening. Their difficulty will also be modified to avoid newer users running into trouble before they are prepared.

    These are the main things we’d like to improve from the early stage of gameplay. We hope to see new and returning users settle easier into the game.

    [New Legendary Players]
    Starting this update, Legendary Players that will fulfill the empty spots of each Attribute’s missing positions will be added to the game. We’re excited to introduce 2 players with the major update. Here’s a sneak peak of the players’ silhouette images.



    You might not be able to tell their attributes or position, but we can say they are female players. More details will be given with a special event, so please stay tuned.

    [Player Promotion Match]
    A new feature, the Player Promotion Match, will be added to the Space-Time Continuum. You can’t use your friends or Club members for support, but new players with proper stats will be provided instead. You’ll be able to test out the capabilities of the new players and see if they are good for your team.

    New types of Special cards will be given as match clear rewards. These Special cards fall under the same category as Master Yowus. As an example, Ardor special cards will have a function relating to Superior Teamwork, and Dark special cards can earn various types of currencies when you sell them.

    [Ace Burst Improvement]
    Ace Burst, which was introduced in the game in order to help single-attribute decks, has been lacking in usage due to being activated in PvP situations only. In addition, we thought that dual attributes also needed some attention. Thus, we’ll be improving Ace Burst as follows:

    1. Ace Burst Utility Improvement
    The Ace Burst will be improved to activate in PvE content as well.

    2. New Dual Ace Burst
    Dual Ace Burst will be added to increase a usage of dual-attribute decks. The increased amount due to the Burst will be lower than the amount for single-attribute Ace Burst. The Dual Ace Burst will also be active in PvE content.

    We’d like to see an increase in usage for single-attribute and dual-attribute decks with these improvements.

    [Attacker Role Upgrade]
    Attackers outside of the Legendary ones have been relatively left out compared to other roles. To address this, we’ll be improving the Attacker role in two ways:

    1. Counterattack Immunity with a Penetration
    Attackers will be immune to counterattacks when using normal/Active skill penetrations. The main role of the attacker is to break through the defense through penetration. However, this could not be accomplished properly as long as there is a chance of a counterattack when breaking through.

    2. Penetration Active Upgrade - Selective Penetration
    Now that all penetration actives come with counterattack immunity, we will need to adjust existing Attacker Actives that have it. Penetration Actives that enhance only the Attacker (and includes Counterattack immunity) will now be changed to a [Selective Penetration] Active. The Selective Penetration Active will be able to select the target(s) encountered within the line.

    We hope that these changes will increase usability for attackers in the game.

    [Other Improvements]
    We’d like to improve many other parts that were not convenient enough and/or working properly.

    1. Main UI Improvement
    We’ll be reorganizing the Lodgings, Visiting, and Management screens to celebrate the 4th Anniversary. The screens will be organized compared to the current ones, which have become a little complicated due to all the content and systems.

    2. Dimension Boss Improvement
    The Dimension Boss content has not been getting much attention from users. We’d like to improve the content by enhancing rewards and changing some inconveniences that made it difficult to enjoy what the mode had to offer.

    3. ST & BP Recharge Improvement
    ST & BP will be recharged by the same amount regardless of rank. You will also be able to recharge ST and BP consecutively up to their maximum amounts.

    4. Check-in Reward Improvement
    Check-in rewards will be improved overall.

    5. New User Check in Reward Improvement
    New and returning users will now have a different Check-in Reward. Furthermore, new users’ Check-in Rewards will be upgraded.

    6. Ace Skill Rebalancing
    In consideration of Aces that have been preferred by users, Aces that have seen less usage will be improved.

    7. Squad Bonus Renewal
    The Squad bonus, which is given when you place players in the main squad or sub squad positions, will be improved.

    8. Manager Slot Improvement
    The level requirements to unlock the Manager Slots will be lowered.

    9. Deck Slot
    An additional Deck Slot (that can be used universally) will be added.

    [Live Skin]
    We’ve got some exciting news for everyone! Live Skins will be introduced to further highlight the unique and attractive designs of the players in the game. With touch response, eye tracking and more, you’ll be able to experience the full charm of the players.

    A total of 3 Live Skins will be introduced via the major update. The Skins include Jiho (player), and classic Selena and Eve (manager).

    Here’s a glimpse of how Jiho’s Live Skin will look like. Please stay tuned for the completed look of Live Skins in the update.


    [Ending the Developer’s Note]
    We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the users who have enjoyed Soccer Spirits this whole time.

    With all the content and features added into the game across these four years, we felt that it was time to focus on the foundation. The game was released in an imperfect state, and we’ve prioritized adding content quickly which led poor quality and organization. As a result, many people have said that Soccer Spirits is not an easy game to get into, despite it being a fun game.

    Therefore, we’d like to enhance the convenience and overall polish of the game by improving several areas, including the early game experience. With this improvement, we hope to provide service to many users for a long time. We kindly ask for understanding from users who were otherwise expecting new and big content.

    In addition, we would like to decrease the time in between developer’s notes, which has been once every three months or so. We’ll be communicating with users with a monthly developer’s note following the major update in May. With this new schedule, we’d like to discuss not only update previews, but to address feedback from users on current topics, such as delicate balancing issues and our plans to address them. This is an effort to be more open and cooperative with our playerbase.

    This may take some time to adjust through some trial-and-error, but we want to do our best in communicating with users and to provide a better service to everyone.

    Thank you,
    The Soccer Spirits Development Team.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  2. sfn27x


    The girl with the dogs looks like she is Whirlwind becouse her dog ears and tail lsigh

    The other girl is a mistery but i bet for light becouse the broken crystals in the background and the kakejiku, even dark, but theres hope for her being ardor as the broken crystals in the background reminds me of Choi

    If none of them is ardor, the wait for a decent ardor GK is going to be too long, time for another breaklsigh
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  3. Nawzu

    Nawzu Bora Husbando Staff Member

    Bora's Bed
    Galaxy League (2751)
    CoD 55 CoT 44
    This may be my bias talking, but those broken crystals look like a broken shield to me, which could mean GK, Ardor or Light :eek: and I want my GK :v

    But Im getting more Light vibes

    Unless the usual WW and Ardor legends first which idm either
  4. Querry

    Querry Champs

    QoL major update sounds just fine to me. No more new systems or modes cuz we’re drowning in them. Mass balancing and UI changes are swanky. 10/10 would read again
  5. DeltaRubee

    DeltaRubee i should probably give up on SS soon

    Earth :3
    Milky Way
    im giving a first take and saying that the first picture is most likely WW. looking closely can see animal ears, and a tail(?) (from what im seeing) so the chances it is WW is quite up there. hard to judge on the 2nd legend since its either light/ardor but from knowing how light and ardor dresses, there is a better possibility that this is ardor. so pretty much in short ww passer/ardor gk is my take in following picture order.

    as it goes for the rest of the message, im interested on milking out the story rewards once they reset. only questioning concern is if the all 3 bonus missions will reset, which means if it does, probably the last time to catch up on a good part of them before they gone i guess.

    ALL HAIL YES TO THE DUAL CHANGES. funny story short i actually adressed my concer to c2u nyan on whatever happened with their interest in dual ace burst and other ace balancing. so thats kind interesting this happens shortly after my somewhat of a callout.

    moving on..i dont see why many people are rather already dropping live skin into the dumpster while it hasnt gotten fully its chance. here are some of the stupid arguments i heard over on Reddit and i will try to debunk them, as some of them feels like are lost or dumb

    1) another way of p2w for c2u to cashgrab things. NOTHING HAS BEEN SAID THIS WILL BE P2W, hold your horses down. rather wait until the final word comes out instead of going salty 'oh boy another whale feature'
    2) 'the live skin looks made out of shit that would be made for a flash game' may look bad here, but it would only make sense to wait the full features of the live skin. also not to mention it may look different thorugh mobile, plus a good part of the moving skins off of other games look quite similar to it.
    3) >wasted resources // yet again we dont know what direction this might head off and yet again people are going judgemental just by watching off of one short fragment of the skin. hope it at least lives to the expectations im having for this live skins.


    what else is new? more QoL? oh well, lets have a look...

    - UI revamp scares me in a weird way, not sure what to put out of this
    - check-in reward improvement excites me. only question how they will buff, though im imagining FP out of there once and for all
    - squad bonus is sort of left at bottom, though it feels wrong, as it is quite a decently important part of the game. wish they would of talked more about it and could elaborate but oh well i guess we'll see what 'good' happens with it
    - manager slot/deck slot sort of meh to me. i guess yay for one more deck...
    - ace skill rebalance also will be interesting to have a look at on how heavily they overhauled it on players


    the close out of the developers skin gave some sort light of belief about the future. still a long way to recover, but from the looks of it, this feel right. also this is good they will consider posting the devs notes every month about actualities which is good. all in all im liking nearly everything that im seeing.
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  6. Tardy

    Tardy .........

    Milky Way
    20 always
    nice update, still i wish that jiho skin will showcase her legs too /shy/

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