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Fanfic on Forumers (Holy Grail War Ripoff)

Discussion in 'For Fun' started by Dragastal, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Dragastal


    That one Doki everyone knows
    Galaxy scrub
    I'm creating this thread for a better overview and easier reading. I think.

    So here's the Galaxy Grail War~
    Oath Masters (Beware actual spoilers):
    Sadist. Killer. Soziopath. Master of Jheet. A person without any remorse, only seeking for the thrill and excitement of causing pain to others and killing them. After dying to Ozuros he is currently held as an undead slave to Luka.
    @Kyoko Hitaka
    Master of Jury, this unwilling girl suddenly found herself in this new world together with her friend Sayano. Forced to participate in the battle after an unfortunate mistake, she will soon find out, what her dreams are all about. After the events of Phantasm she became the Master of Jean and seeking reveng against Choi.
    Partner and Master of Bora; Nawzu has yet to reveal his motive or intentions, as he seems to have no interest in the Grail War itself.
    Master of Shu; Born under an unlucky star, Ozuros was tortured and almost killed by Xetael in their old world. Having to continue his struggle even in the new world Phantasm, he found the strength to overcome the odds and is striving to get his revenge. After the end of Phantasm, Ozuros decided to support Kyoko and her group.
    @EA01 Luka
    Giving the word crazy a whole new definition, Luka is the Master of Alice. With a certain relation to Xetael, Luka is destined to plunge the Grail War into even more chaos. Currently the master of both Alice and Jheet.
    Master of Blade; Brionac has yet to completely reveal his cards, though only one thing is for sure: his hatred for Luka is what made him participate in the War. Died during the climax of Phantasm.
    As the last Oath Master to join the War, Akeryu is the Master of Elaine. With a strong desire and drive to fulfill her hidden ambition, she is ready to face the other Masters even with having the least amount of time to prepare.
    Master of Silk. ???
    Master of Angela.
    Master of Beatrice.
    Master of Kyoko.

    Temporary Masters:
    Master of both Sky and Muspel, he helped Kyoko escape during her first encounter with Jheet. Creating the "Rescuer" initiative together with his Contractors, he decided against the War and helped the various Masters who appeared in Phantasm.
    Being a childhood friend of Kyoko, he was with her when she was transported to Phantasm. As a person with no supposed ties to the Grail War, his past has more to reveal than thought.
    Master of Nari and Lynia, Vendanna is hunting Xetael to bring him to justice for his actions.

    Deceased peeps:

    Story Chapters:


    Waking up in the shade of a sand dune he tries to get a grasp on the situation. Looking around himself all he can see is an endless sea of sand and more sand. With the scorching sun shining down on his face he raises his left hand to cover his eyes from the blinding light.

    "Now... where the hell am I?"

    Looking at his raised arm he notices the ripped sleeve and the wound underneath.

    "This..." He looks at butterfly knife in his right hand. "I remember again. Today was the day I was finally going to get rid of this damned Ozuros..."

    Throwing and flipping the knife up in the air he recollects what happened.

    "Hahaha.... so you were saved by this weird symbol that suddenly lit up underneath us. Had I known this was going to happen I wouldn't have taken my time back then."

    Suddenly a projectile crashes into the sand dune behind him. With all the sand shot up in the air he initially can't see what happened. With the dust still around he can see a dark silhouette emerging from the point of impact. Slowly clearing, the dust gives away a few peeks of whatever was coming. A slim person wearing a sleeveless top, but also something like a scarf and a hood above his head.

    He couldn't stop his emotions. Almost trembling with joy he was seconds away from jumping into the unknown. Whatever it was, whatever has come here, he knew he wanted it. And as the shadow came closer, he decided to also move in. And so with the last speck of dust settling, the two stood right in front of each other.

    As the young man moved his head to look at him, his eyes were revealed from underneath his hood. While the rest of his face had a very stoic impression, his eyes alone were enough to show his thoughts. Glowing yellow eyes, striking fear into the heart of whoever dared to look back into them.

    "What is your one true desire?" asked the hooded person.

    Barely able to control his excitement he flinched. Those eyes, this appearance, this voice. The voice of darkness and death. It was simply wonderful. Without thinking for another second he answered straight away with the one thing his heart wanted more than anything else: "I want to kill."

    With that answer a short silence came whilst a creepy smile build up in the face of the hooded man. Slowly this smile changed to chuckling and from there, to a full-blown laughter. A laughter of pure terror echoing through the air.

    "Rhahahaahahaaa! .... If that is what you desire, then let me help you fulfill it...."

    Panic. Panic and destruction everywhere she looked. With the deafening sound of the flames destroying the buildings around them,
    the horrifying dark energy beams shooting at all those people, the cries of pain and death from the people around her, it was a disastrous sight.

    "Kyoko! Kyoko! Snap out of it!"

    Looking at him she can't help but look at the terrible wounds all over his body.

    "Kyoko! We need to use the Extreme Alteration! It's our only chance to kill him!"

    "N- no way! You won't survive using it again!"

    "Look around us! If we don't do this, everyone will die!"

    Looking past him she sees the enormous fireball shooting straight torwards them.
    "Behind you!!!"

    Flinching she wakes up in her bed. Heavily breathing she tries to make sense out of the dream she had.
    "This... this dream. Everything felt so real. Too real... a-and this man... wasn't that... Jean?"

    Taking a shower and getting dressed she decides to not worry about her dream and get moving.

    It was a nice sunny day during the peak of spring which made it an ideal time to take it easy and relax a bit.
    But instead she was running through the streets she was so familiar with. Hurrying she didn't care much for the great weather outside,
    as long as she finally got back to her favorite place: Doki Spirits Café.

    As she went by a park with wonderful flowers and trees already packed with leaves again after the cold winter, she noticed a rustle coming from one of the trees.
    Turning towards it, a boy appears from the treetop, dangling down with his legs around a branch to keep him from falling.

    "Saya-kun", she responds surprised. "What are you doing in that treetop?"

    Jumping down from the tree, he rolls around the ground a bit towards her position before standing up.
    "I was bored so I thought climbing that tree might do something~"

    "That is... very typical of you. If you are so bored, how about coming to Doki Café with me?"

    "Buuuuuut", Sayano replies, "everytime we go there you end up encouraging to become a member."

    "I'll get you to join someday anyway", Kyoko answered. "So why not get it over with now~"

    Letting himself fall on the ground, he rolls around again. "Let's just stay here and do something fun. We could play a prank on somebody!"

    "I can't help you with this", she says as she gets ready to get walking again. "But if that's your plan, we'll see each other later again."

    "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiinnneee. Byye Kyoko-neesan~"

    Just as she was about to leave, a big bright circle starts glowing on the ground.
    Completely encircling the two of them, a strange symbol in between the border of the circle appears.

    "Wh-What is that?"

    "What's going on here?"

    "Saya, take my hand!"


    And in the blink of an eye, they vanished from the park.

    Waking up in a giant flowerfield she panics as she remembers what just happened.
    ("I was in a park... and then... oh no!")


    "You called?", Sayano appears showing his head from under the cover of the flowers.

    "Saya-kun, are you okay? Where are we?"

    "I don't know~", Sayano responds hiding his head again. "I only woke up a bit before you did. And because I was bored, I drew a giant smiley in the field."

    "Y-you did what?"

    "Yes take a look! If you stand up you should see it."

    Following his advice she gets up. Looking at his supposed smiley, she sees a circle around them with weird symbol-like shapes in it.
    "This... is a smiley?"

    "Is it not?" Sayano says confused. Following his confusion he rolls back and pushes himself up.
    "Ah no, I broke the circle. Anyway what doesn't look like a smiley to you?"

    "Uhm, those weird symbols in the circle? What are they supposed to be?

    "....eyes?", he responds with a questioning face.

    "You don't even know what you yourself did?" Kyoko started laughing.
    "Oh well. But more importantly, what do we do now?"

    As if destiny heard her, in just that moment a strange man with dark energy overflowing from his body crashed into the ground right before them.
    Even though he had a human body, his purplish-red horns at the side of his head revealed his supernatural side instantly.
    With his black scarf waving through the air and the bright yellow eyes staring at them, it was a terrifying sight.
    With a inhuman voice the horned man says: "Target, acquired." His eyes shifted from yellow to red. "Kill."

    Before Kyoko can comprehend what is happening, she realizes the danger in front of her. But while she knew she should run, she also felt the hopelessness of trying to do so.
    Seeing this demonic existance in front of her, her legs gave up and her voice didn't come out as she wanted. Falling to her knees, she tries to warn Sayano.
    "R-r-...run... Saya..."

    As the demonic figure dashes towards her, she could do nothing but look at her own death. Closing her eyes, she waited for the end...

    A giant explosion occured when the dark energy clashed with the tray. Scorching the flower field all that was left was a burned ground.

    (*cue 'the devil regains his strength' ost #26 from Hataraku Maou-Sama*)

    Hearing the explosion go off Kyoko opens her eyes again. Seeing her self unharmed, she looks up to notice two people standing in harms way for her.
    A girl with beautiful red hair, twin tails and... a maid uniform? And right next to her... a boy with a green, sleevless coat with a hood hanging down.

    Disappointed the girl with the tray says to the demonic being: "That's not a nice way to introduce yourself to a lady. Is that your first time meeting one?"

    "Dont try to reason with him", says the boy while putting his hood over his head. "Support me please."

    "Alright, alright", she answers. Holding up her tray a magic circle appears on it. "Ready when you are."

    Looking at the two new people, the demonic being says: "Two more targets arrived. Orders?"

    From the speaker in his ear a voice appears.
    "Hahaha what do you think? Two more targets, two more dead."

    "Order received. Kill."

    "Order received. Kill."
    Charging his dark energy into a massive energy sphere between his hands, he prepares to kill them.

    Using his time of preparation, the hooded boy jumps right at him, reaching out for a punch with his right fist.
    During his jump his arm and fist are surrounded with flames, converging into his fist. Striking at his enemy, he barely misses as the demonic being dodges.
    Missing his initial strike, uses a turning motion to not lose monumentum, using the gathered flames in his hand to form a core and throwing it at his enemy.
    Supporting his attack, the girl uses her tray to project energy forks also shooting at their enemy, closing off his escape routes.

    Unable to dodge, the demonic being counterattacks with his dark sphere, resulting in another explosion, that catapults him away due to his aerial position.

    Using that chance the girl and boy turn towards Kyoko.
    During that whole thing all Kyoko could do was sit there and watch. It was simply out of her influence.

    Suddenly the girl started talking.

    "Hello, hello there! I am the always hungry maiden of love, Jury!", she says posing while showing a victory sign next to her eye.

    "And this gentleman next to me is...."

    "...Jean", Kyoko interjects.

    "Oh?", Jury looks at Jean with a cat-like smile. "You two know each other?"

    Suprised Jean continues: "I'm not sure. But we have more pressing matters at hand. We need the help of you two."

    "You two?" Kyoko wonders. Suddenly she remembers what she forgot. "Saya-kun! Where are you?"

    Once again popping up his head from the flowers, he responses: "I'm still here~"

    Relieved Kyoko turns back to Jury and Jean.
    "What do you mean with you need our help?"

    "The one who attacked you just know is a Contractor, like us. We can gain massive power if we make a contract with a Master."

    "Master? You mean us?"

    "Yes. People who are summoned from another world. The chosen ones to fight for the Galaxy Grail. But let's leave this for later.
    What we need you two to do is sign a temporary contract with us."

    "What does that do?"

    "Frankly speaking, it binds us to you for the agreed time, while allowing us to use more of our true power. This demon from before... he already made an Oath with a master.
    He can freely use his true power. Neither Jury or I can hold him off for long like this."

    "But, but what does that have to do with us? Why are we involved in all of this?"

    "I can't really tell you right now and sadly even we don't know the complete story. The problem right now is, that the master of that demon wants you two dead.
    And to protect you from that, we need your help."

    Thinking of the situation, the choice was clear. But something about this whole situation... felt off.
    "Alright. I'll agree to a temporary contract."

    "Thank you. Jury, prepare the contract. I need to keep that thing in check for now. He's coming."

    "Yes, yes, Jean. Don't worry. I'll be done in a second."
    She takes out a seal card from her cleavage where she seems to hold many things.
    "Ah before we start, master, can I ask for your name?"

    "Kyoko. Kyoko Hitaka."

    "Alright master. Are you ready?"

    "Ready as I can be."

    Putting the seal on her left hand, Jury starts the chant:

    "I am the shield of your life,
    and the sword of your wrath.
    I pledge my glory to you,
    the master I have chosen.
    Never faltering, never fearing,
    carrying out your orders as you command.
    If there is darkness I will be your light,
    if there is light I can be the darkness.
    From now and forever,
    may these words never be broken."

    Grabbing Kyoko's right hand, she puts it on her own and the seal.
    While keeping off the demon with ranged attacks, Jean notices something strange with the contract.
    Taking a closer look he realizes the mistake and tries to stop them, but is suddenly stopped by the demon fighting him.

    With Kyoko's hand on the seal, the card vanishes underneath and a mark appears on the back of her hand.
    Lifting her hand, Jury presses her palm against Kyoko's palm. Slowly the same mark on Kyoko's hand also appears on Jury's.

    "So as I pray, I ask of you;
    will you have me by your side, so answer with: I do."

    Regaining some momentum, Jean shouts at them:
    "No, don't do it! That's not the temporary contract!"

    But while he was screaming from afar, Kyoko was saying:
    "I do."

    "I do."
    With the words being spoken, the symbol on both of their hands suddenly start turning red.
    Giving off an extreme heat, the symbols burn themself into their hands.

    "What is happening?!", Kyoko asks questioning the intense pain.

    "I don't know. I just followed the instructions!"

    Darkening again, the symbols stop glowing and the pains vanishes too.

    "Jury, what is this mark?"

    Looking at it Jury slowly realizes what happened.
    "...I think I made a mistake."

    Landing right next to them Jean has temporarily retreated.
    "Jury, what you just did wasn't the temporary contract... it was the Oath."

    "Ups", Jury says while awkwardly smiling.

    "The oath? Like what you said that demon did?"

    "Yes, exactly."

    "But is that really something bad? I mean, that just means Jury can use her full power too right?"

    "Technically speaking for us right now it is advantageous, but... if you made an Oath you are entered as one of the Masters fighting for the Galaxy Grail."

    "Wait I thought we were fighting for it anyway?"

    "Well masters are summoned over here till the end of the Galaxy Grail War, but not all take part in it.
    Before you there were already a few who together with their Contractor opted for not participating or are currently waiting to gather more informations before joining.
    And now that you entered... you will be a target for all the other participating Masters."

    "What?!", Kyoko cried out, "Can we reverse it somehow?"

    "I don't know", Jean answers. "I never heard of it."

    "Guys~", Sayano says after rolling towards them. "Aren't we forgetting that demon dude?"

    Realizing that their enemy has been too still for a while, they notice him up in the sky.
    Having gathered a massive amount of his dark energy he has condensed it into a giant sphere above his head.
    Compressing it into a small sphere in between his hands, he creates an orb of extreme density and energy.
    With extreme speed he hurles his attack towards them.

    "Jury! Build up a defensive shield! With the strength of the Oath it should hold out!"

    "Right away!"
    Throwing her tray in the air, she uses it as catalyst to create an enourmous barrier on top of them.

    Before the barrier can fully build up, the enemy's attack crashes into it.
    The weakened barrier from not being completed only manages to reduce the power of the attack, but no completely erase it.

    Turning around Jury and Jean both shield Kyoko and Sayano respectively.
    With the attack ending, the whole ground is nothing but a scorched mass of land.

    From afar a girl in a black school uniform with red lines looks at the situation.
    With her very long black hair and the eyepatch over her left eye she appears like a stoic, mysterious beauty.
    Lifting her eyepatch, she revels her hidden eye. While also glowing yellow like that of the demon, it gave away a very different feeling.
    "Can you see it too, master?"

    "Yes, Bora. Your shared vision works perfectly."

    "Shall I intervene? It seems like the girl became the newest Oath Master."

    "No need yet. If the new Oath Master can be taken out by a single Contractor without his Master while having help by a second Contractor she isn't worth it.
    Besides I don't want you to get hurt."

    "Very well. I'll keep the vision link for now."

    Back on the ground Jean is still slightly stunned from the attack. Looking at Kyoko and Jury, he can see that they are unconscious but not dangerously wounded.
    Searching for Sayano who he has shielded, he finds him a bit further away from himself.

    "Master Sayano, are you okay?"

    Slowly getting up Sayano replies:
    "Ugh. I have dirt in my ears. And I think I scraped my knee somewhere."

    "Sounds good enough. Master, I need to form a temporary contract with you. Otherwise I can't fight that demon off.
    Don't worry, it will only be for the moment.

    Getting the dirt out of his ear Sayano responses: "But I don't want to?"

    Completely baffled Jean replies: "What?!"

    "Well I don't want to. It looks like a pain in the ass."

    "But if we don't do it, we will all die!"

    Right at the moment, another energy attack comes flying.

    A bright blue lighting bolt came crashing down blocking the deadly attack.
    Standing there for their rescue was a brunette with horns coming out from the side of her head.
    The grey coat she was wearing over her pink dress was waving from the impact of her descend.

    Channeling her blue lighting in her arms, she shoots a barrage of lighting bolts at her peceived enemy.
    Dodging, blocking and countering her attacks the demonic being found himself slightly overwhelmed.

    "Another target has appeared. How should I proceed?"

    "One more dead person... would be nice. Though with all these interventions, we might get some problems if we continue.
    Retreat for now. We don't want to show them our true power just yet."

    "Orders received. Retreating now."

    Staring down at his newest enemy and the ones he has beaten before, the demon notices her willingness to let him go.
    Turning his head he also looks Bora directly into her eyes, as to show her that nothing escapes his notice.
    Finally he turns into dark particles and vanishes out of sight.

    From her hiding place Bora contacts her Master again.
    "Have you seen that too?"

    "Yes, surely. It was a clear declaration against us. But I'm disappointed.
    The new Oath Master actually did lose 2v1 and only managed to survive after the help from a third party."

    "That's true. It seems like we won't have to worry too much about them. But..."


    "...the younger boy, the one who didn't make a contract. Something about him doesn't feel right."

    "Is that so. I will trust your judgement. Fall back now, we got enough informations."

    "Yes, master."

    Back on the ground Kyoko and Jury are still out cold, while Jean and Sayano are slowly recovering.

    "Thank you for helping us", Jean says.

    Checking on Kyoko and Jury, the horned girl responses:
    "No need for gratitude. I only did what my Master and I thought was right."

    "Are you an Oath Contractor too?"

    "No, not at all. My Master had a similiar opinion towards fighting strangers for something like this.
    As a matter of fact, he would like to meet you."

    "Master Sayano, what do you say?"

    Sitting on the ground Sayano was lost in thought looking at horns of the girl.

    Sighing Jean repeats:
    "Should we follow her? I don't think it would be bad to meet our savior."

    "Sure? Sounds like fun~"

    "Alright then", the girl proclaims joyfully. "The girls are good enough for travel."
    Raising her hand into the sky she summons a giant blue lightning dragon which she guides with her hand.
    Letting it encircle them, the lightning converges into a sphere with which she transports all of them out.

    Using the lightning they reappear at the top of a world tree.
    "This is our current base of operation", the girl says. "My master should be here any moment."

    Looking around inside the big room, Jean notices a few angel feathers on the ground.
    Wondering who they could belong too, he hears someone coming down from the upper floor.
    Walking down to them was a teenager with big smile.

    "Hello there. My name is Skiery and the beautiful Dragonkin who rescued you is known as Sky.
    I know this is the part where we should introduce us to each other, but you all are rather roughed up from the fight you had.
    How about you rest first and we talk calmly later?"

    "Huh?", Sayano blurts out. "I rather have cake than rest right now~"

    Laughing Skiery concurs to his demand.
    "You are right. Cake would indeed be a nice thing now. Sky, do we still have some?"

    "Yes I believe so."

    "I would take your offer on resting for now", Jean gratefully answers.

    "Certainly. Sky, could you help him and the two girls?"

    "Of course. The injured shouldn't have to worry about the others."

    After being guided by Sky to a room, Jean enters it and throws himself on the prepared bed.
    About to fall asleep, he has one last thought before his mind drifts away:
    ("So that is her. Kyoko Hitaka...")

    Waking up from his rest, Jean sees strands of red hair above his head.

    Looking for the source he sees Jury's face looking down on him.

    "You're awake~"

    "Jury! Are you okay?"

    "Yes I'm fine, thanks for your concern. Kyoko has also mostly recovered."

    "That's a relief. Where is she now?"

    "She is downstairs with Sayano and the others. They asked me to get you if you were awake."

    "Let's not make them wait then."

    "You can go first, Sky wanted me to get something for her from the library."

    Arriving downstais, Jean sees a surprisingly tense situation.
    Sitting across each other, Sayano and Skiery are having a silent, cold staredown.
    Wondering what it could be about, he comes closer only to see one single piece of cake left between them.
    "...you guys aren't fighting for who gets the last piece, right?"

    "Of course we are!" Skiery replies fiercly. "I won't just hand it over to him like this."

    "What is going on here?"

    "That might have been my mistake"; Kyoko interjects.

    Turning his attention to her, Jean asks: "How are you?"

    "I'm fine", Kyoko answers with a halfhearted smile. "I still have to process everything but I think it'll will be okay."

    "I see. So, what did you mean it was your mistake?"

    "You see, when I came down they asked me to join them and gave me a piece of cake too,
    but that happened to ruin their plan of sharing the cake between them.
    So as a result they were missing one piece and now they are playing various games for the winner to take it.
    They've been at it for almost an hour now."

    "... I have no words for that. What game is that now?"

    "It's a simple staring contest. The first one to avert his eyes in any way loses."

    Suddenly, the piece of cake vanished right in front of their eyes.
    Finally back down too, Jury holds the book she was asked for and the cake that was missing.
    "You guys took too long, so I decided to take the cake for myself~"

    In unison between Skiery and Sayano:


    Before anything escalates, Sky returns with her signature lightning bolt.
    "I'm back with more cake~ Jury, get us some more plates please."

    Looking back at each other, Skiery and Sayano declare a truce.

    "Next time I will crush you."

    "Bring it on."

    After settling down at the table with cake, Skiery opens the conversation:
    "Alright, since we didn't have time to do it properly before, let's formally introduce ourselves.
    I'm Skiery, the owner of this house and Master of the Rescuers."

    Following up Sky introduces herself too.
    "My name is Sky, I'm a Dragonkin and Rider class Contractor.
    I formed a temporary contract with Skiery, so we aren't participants in the Galaxy Grail War."

    "My name is Jean. Since I have neither formed a temp. contract nor an Oath, my class is still undecided."

    Surprises Kyoko presses on the class thing.
    "Wait, what is this about classes?"

    "I figured you wouldn't know", Skiery replies. "Sky if you would?"

    "Certainly", Sky answers. Opening the book Jury was getting for her, she shows them a certain page.
    A double paged picture featuring 10 different classes:


    "These are the 10 classes a Contractor can have", Sky continues.
    "As soon as a Contractor makes a contract or Oath, he will be ranked into one of these classes.
    Depending on the classes they get in, they will have different skills and strengths."

    Still reserved about all of this, she asks further:
    "Alright, so Contractors can have those classes. But what is a Contractor anyway?"

    "A Contractor is a summoned being like us", Jean takes over.
    Chosen for our abilities we are allowed to take part in the Galaxy Grail War.
    Whoever wins the Grail receives the ability to fulfill whatever desire is hiding deep in their heart."

    "Wait. But what does that have to do with us being here?", Kyoko ask again.

    "Master like us are required for the Grail War to start.", Skiery answers.
    "As you know the Contractors gain strength trough us.
    At the same time the Grail itself draws it all-changing power from 7 Masters forming an Oath.
    Whenever a Master and their Contractor are bonded that way, a special energy is released which the Grail receives.
    And when the seventh Oath Master has come, the War for the Grail will start once again."

    "Once again? Does this mean there were more of them already?"

    "This will be the Sixth Grail War. Normally the Grail war happens every hundred years, but this time is special.
    But before we go too deep into this, we should finish the introductions."

    "Oh right", Kyoko responses slightly embarasssed. "My name is Kyoko Hitaka and I guess I'm the Oath Master of Jury."

    "That's right", Jury adds. "I'm the Maiden of Food and Love, Jury, the Oath Contractor of Kyoko and a Shielder Class."

    With only one left, everyone turns to Sayano for his introduction. He was unexpectedly idle the whole time,
    as if he didn't want to take part in this.

    Looking at Kyoko for a second, he sighs and answers:
    "My name is Sayano... Astoria. And I'm not anyone's Master."

    A surprising silence came from Skiery, Sky, Jean and Jury.
    Wondering what's going on Kyoko looked at Sayano again only for him to avert his eyes.

    Finally Skiery breaks the silence.
    "Kyoko, I said that the War this time is special, right?
    The reason for this is what happened during the last Grail War."

    "What happened then?", Kyoko questioned. "And what does this have to do with Sayano?"

    "The last War resulted in a catastrophe when the supposed winner was attacked by an outsider.
    An unknown being which was later referred to as demon attacked the final Master during his moment of attaining the Grail.
    By taking the Grail he tried to plunge the whole Galaxy into pure chaos and almost succeeded.
    This being was later known as Demon Astoria."

    Demon Astoria. The infamous being who almost single-handedly took over the whole galaxy.
    During the crowning moment of the victor, where he receives the power of the Galaxy Grail,
    he swept in and ripped out the heart of the final Oath Master.
    With his master dead the Oath Contractor stood no chance against this monster.
    Even the few temporary masters,who came to witness that glorious moment,
    had no chance to win with their temporary Contractors.
    But when all hope seemed lost, a final unknown Master arrived.
    Bringing with him two Contractors of the Ruler Class,
    he challenged Astoria in a battle for the future of the galaxy.
    In an extreme fight that lasted for days, in the end he managed to emerge as the hero.
    But instead of claiming the Grail for himself, he and his two Contractors were gone.
    As such he is now only known as 'Hero of the Void'. Coming from nowhere and vanishing just as fast.

    "Wait a second", Kyoko interrupts to get clarity,
    "How was it possible for him to have two Contractors?"

    "There are rumors he only had Temporary Contracts with them", Sky answered.
    "Though that in itself would be just as impressive. Even though all the other Temporary Masters fought against Astoria together,
    they didn't manage to win against him. So with whatever way he did it, he more than deserves his title."

    "Okay I get that. But how does this relate to Saya-kun?"

    "Well", Skiery responses, "the obvious case is his last name being the same as the demon.
    But the real proof is the way he didn't want to talk about any of this, which means he obviously knows something.
    And... nevermind. Sayano, do you have anything to say?"

    Sitting with crossed arms and leaning back at his chair he is staring back at Skiery.
    Taking a glance at Kyoko he bites his lips before finally answering.
    "It's true. The fact that I share the same name is no coincidence."

    -Nawzu's lair-

    Rolling around in bed, Nawzu wakes up when he notices himself alone.
    Lifting his upper body he looks around the room to find the door to the balcony open.
    Walking out he sees Bora standing there with her eyepatch taken off.

    "Bora, is everything alright?"

    "I'm not sure, Master. I felt like we were being watched, but even with my magic eye I can't find anything."

    "Do you think it's someone hostile?"

    "No, I don't believe so. But not knowing who it is gives me an uneasy feeling."

    "Alright", Nawzu declares. "In these moments we shouldn't be too careless.
    With the master of that demon actively hunting Temporary Masters and Oath Masters, we need to be prepared.
    Tomorrow we switch to our third safehouse."

    -temple ruin, hideout-

    Playing around and juggling four knifes in the air he is humming his favorite song.
    Looking at his target, he catches the knifes and prepares to throw them.
    "Now tell me, where you do think I'll throw these knifes at?"

    Beaten and tortured a man is chained up to a pillar.
    With blood running down from the top of his head the vision from his left eye is blocked.
    Coughing he spits out blood from his mouth, while he slowly raises his head.
    Opening the one eye he can, he looks at his assailant.
    With an arrogant smile he answers:
    "Throw it anywhere you want. Do you really think I fear someone like you?"

    Just as he finishes the first knife flies into his right shoulder.
    Wincing with pain he clenches his teeth, not letting out a sound of pain.

    "Hahaha... you don't get it."
    With three knifes left in his right hand, he throws the first one in the air.
    Combining his actions to his shouting, he proceeds to fling his knifes with every word he speaks.
    I! (he catches the first knife in the air and flings it at the right hand of the chained man)
    DON'T (he grabs the second knife from his hand and hurls it at the left kneecap)
    CARE!!! (he spins around and throws the third one over his shoulder, hitting the gut)

    With three more wounds the chained man continuously coughes, spitting out more and more blood.

    "You seem to be misunderstanding my joy. I don't need you to be scared, I don't even want to.
    All I want to see is your pain, your dying, your death.
    Everytime your muscles contract, everytime another drop of blood hits the ground, I feel pure joy.
    And now, it's time for grand final."
    He pulls out his beloved butterfly knife, spinning the blade open.
    Flicking the blade with his finger he creates the echoing sound of metal hitting a hard object.
    Like a last chant before he goes for the kill, he let's it resound until it vanishes.
    With the final sound gone, he reaches out his arm and throws his knife.

    Flying in a straight line the knife closes in. Without mistake the blade clearly aims at the throat of his prisoner.
    Right as it is about to hit, the blade disintegrates.

    Apppearing in front of the chained man is a young pink-haired girl with a pink dress.
    Sparkling in a light with yellow stars around her, she flaps her angelic white wings blowing away the dust of the blade.
    "My apologies, Master Vendanna. It took me longer than expected to trace you back here."

    "It's... fine, Nari", Vendanna says coughing. "Just finish him and get me out of here."

    "With pleasure", Nari replies giving her masters enemy a deathstare.
    Igniting a flame in her right hand, she prepares to attack him.

    Meanwhile their enemy mocks them further.
    "God damn it! This was my favorite knife!"
    Finishing his complaint, he snaps with his finger.
    "Jheet, let's have some fun."

    Creating a whirl of dark particles Jheet appears inside of it with crossed arms and his hood on his head.
    "Orders received."
    Stretching his two arms left and right he channels his dark energy to prepare for the fight.

    Suddenly a blue lightning spear is thrusted through Jheet's body.
    Looking down at it, the tip of the spear reveals himself being pierced from behind.
    With the lightning running across his body, he turns around his head step by step.
    Having turned his head enough, he can see a blue-haired girl with twintails glaring at him.


    "...you used your own master to lure me out?"

    "Release mirage", Nari interrupts.
    Suddenly Vendanna, who was chained to the pillar, vanishes.

    Appearing a bit further away Vendanna is unhurt and leaning against another pillar while smoking a cigarette.
    Pointing his cigarette towards his assailant, he declares:
    "Checkmate, Xetael."

    "It's true. The fact that I share the same name is no coincidence."

    As soon as Sayano finished these words, there was an surge of energy in the room.
    Slowly encircling the room was the blue lightning dragon Sky has shown to be so proficient in using.

    Reacting in a similiar fashion even Jean and Jury have taken a defensive position.
    Looking closely at the actions of Sayano, the three Contractors were prepared for the worst.

    Suddenly Sayano throws himself at the back of chair and starts tearing his hair.
    Trying to hide his displeasure he finally lets out his complaints:
    "God damn it this is exactly why I didn't want to talk about this! Just look at your reactions!"

    "He is right", Skiery consents. "Just think about it: if he really was on the side of the Demon Astoria or something alike,
    would he really tell us? He could just as well have said he has nothing to do with it."

    "Thank you!" Turning to Kyoko again, he asks her:
    "Kyoko-nee, you have known me for so long now, do you really think I would want anything similiar to this?"

    "Wait", Jean interjects. "You still haven't told us your connection to Demon Astoria."

    "...16 years ago Astoria was slain by the Hero of the Void. While he was dying his last words were:
    "Rejoyce, for you have won this fight and earned your peace.
    Fear, that I will be reborn with my dying breath.
    Tremble, knowing that Astoria will one day return stronger than ever before."

    Sighing Sayano continues:
    "With these words the Demon Astoria signaled his followers that he has not truly been defeated and that he would return.
    And that very day, was also my birthday. My family was one of those who thoroughly believed in the Demon Astoria and that he would bring glory to the galaxy.
    That's where my name is coming from. When I was about 7 years old my mother escaped together with me to earth. This is where I met..."

    "...me", Kyoko answers. "I still remember that day. It was such an awkward meeting."
    Laughing at the memory of their meeting, she looks at Sayano with earnest eyes again.
    "Saya-kun, do you intend to betray me in the upcoming Grail War?"

    Hearing her question, a smile appears on his face.
    "No, Kyoko-nee. I will never betray you."

    "This is all I wanted to hear", Kyoko declares gladly.
    "Jean, Jury, if Saya-kun says he won't betray me, then I trust him. I would trust him with my life. Just as I trust you."

    Hearing the declaration from Kyoko without a hint of hesitation in her, both Jean and Jury approve.
    "If that is the decision of my Oath Master, I don't mind at all."

    "If you are willing to trust us and him like that, we have no reason to object."

    Touched Sayano's eyes well up a bit.
    "You guys..."

    With the four of them finding their agreement, they turn to Skiery and Sky.
    Sharing a look at each other, Skiery says:
    "Sky, it's up to you."

    "What?", she answers irritated. "You are the master, so you decide!"

    "Well I decided to help them. But I will pull back if you don't feel like agreeing to this, after hearing their story.

    Knowing in what situation Skiery put her, Sky pouts and turns her face away from the others.
    "Do whatever you want."

    "Yes, alright!" Kyoko says happily. "See Saya-kun? Have some trust in other people. Especially trust in me."

    Seeing her honest joy for him, Sayano slightly blushes.
    "Alright, Kyoko-nee. From now on I will trust you with everything."

    -temple ruin, hideout-

    Looking at his pierced Contractor Xetael is in shock. Falling on his knees, he cries out at him.
    "No...no way! You can't just die like that! You promised me so many more dead people!"

    Looking at Xetael with disguist, Vendanna finishes his cigarette.
    "Lynia, finish him."

    Charging her blue lightning spear she tears it out of Jheet. Spinning it around above her head, sher prepares for the final strike.
    A clean hit right through the head of Jheet, resulting in his head exploding in a cloud of dark particles.
    ...wait, what?!

    As soon as his head is pierced, Jheets whole body turns into dark particles surrounding Lynia.
    Realising the danger, Vedanna cries out to her:
    "Lynia get away from him!"

    Too late. Before Lynia has any opportunity to escape, the dark particles condense around Lynia's head.
    Similtaneously rebuilding his body as well as attacking Lynia, he spins his body around in the air while grabbing at her neck.
    And as he finished reappearing, a gruelsome sight was all that was left.
    A dead Lynia with a snapped neck, lying in front of the unharmed Jheet.

    With a frozen face Vendanna and Nari look at their dead comrade.

    First giggling, then blowing into a full, maniacally laughter Xetael shouts:
    "Hahahahaha, yes, YES, this is exactly what I wanted to see! This pure horror is his face as his Contractor died."

    Joining in the taunting, Jheet says:
    "Did you really think that would work? To assassinate an Assassin Class Contractor? As a Lancer Class?
    Her death is on you, Master of the dead Lancer."

    Overcome with rage Vendanna lashes out at Xetael and Jheet:
    "You bastards! Nari blast them to ashes!"

    Shooting an enormous fire blast at their enemies Nari is stopped in her movement. With full knowledge of what just occured, she take on last turn to her master.
    "I'm sorry, Master Vendanna."
    Just as she finishes, two giant wounds appear, causing her blood to gush out of her body.

    With both of his Temporary Contractors dead in front of him, Vendanna speaks his last words:
    "You will burn in hell."

    And with his final words, Xetael pounds a knife sideways into Vendanna's throat.
    "That's for my favorite knife."

    -Nawzu's other hideout-

    After switching to their new hideout last night, Nawzu and Bora went out to do some needed shopping, combining it with a date.

    Enjoying their day thoroughly the arrive back at the new hideout late at night, where Bora is suddenly startled.

    "Master", she says cautiously, "we have an intruder."

    "Be careful, Bora."

    Using on of her previously placed seals, she teleports into their hideout right behind the intruder. Pointing a spell at him she stop just before firing at him. Recognising who he is, she releases her prepared spell and calls out for Nawzu.

    "Bora!", he shouts wondering what happened. "Are you alright?"

    "I'm not hurt", she says quietly, still speechless from looking at the intruder.
    "This man..."

    Now turning his full attention on that unknown person, Nawzu jaw almost drops as he sees him. Without knowing how to react he simply starts blurting out:
    "You... you are one of the two Ruler Class Contractor..."

    -unknown location in a war zone-

    Lying in the dust of a destroyed building, he slowly crawls to safety. Trails of his blood are on the ground as he drags his legs across the ground.
    He was out of breath. Out of strength. Out of hope. But even so, his will forbid him from stopping.
    Because all he knew was that stopping here would be his death. And so he crawled. For every inch he managed to move, he needs to exert all of his remaining strength.
    Again. Again. Again and again. This was what his dying will wanted. The dying will that only had one goal. Survive. Survive this hell you were put in.
    Survive against all the odds stacked against you. Survive and take your ...
    Reaching into a cave he hoped he could lose his attacker there. And in the end he reaches his point of total exhaustion.
    Lying there almost lifeless he can neither move nor cry out any further.
    His senses were dull, his feelings were gone, his life was ready to end. And when his assaulter arrived, he could feel it. The last breath he will ever take has come...

    Wanting his victim to look him in the eyes, he turnes the near dead body around. Ready to strike at this dying boy one last time, he raises his sword over his head.
    With a tiny smile appearing on his face, he only says one tiny word: "Die"

    There it was again. 'Die'. Listening to this word was like a trigger for him. A trigger which made him remember how he came to this moment.
    A trigger which caused him to think of the one person he absolutely hated in this world. One person he had to get his revenge on no matter what...
    His blue irises turned darker. Gaining shades of reds they slowly changed colours. Yes, he could not die now. Not here, not now.
    Not until he got his final wish granted...

    As his attacker struck down his sword, a giant fireball shot at him. Knocking the atacker away, the boy lying on the ground was granted a few more seconds to live.
    Suddenly, a voice appeared from the shadows. The same shadows were the fieball that saved his life came from.

    "Tell me... what is your one true desire?"

    Mustering the very end of his strength, he manages to move his head a little and look at the one speaking to him.
    A young, blonde man chained to a giant stone monument. Giving his savior his answers, he says:
    "I... I just... to live..."

    With a short silence the blonde man responses:
    "No. Please don't lie to me. Don't lie to yourself. Take a real look at yourself. What do want? What is it, that you really desire now?"

    Thinking about it, he knew the real answer. But that was something he could never say. Never think of. Never do. Up until now...
    His eyes took the last red shading and were now a deep, dark violet. Answering the question again, he says:
    "I want... revenge. Revenge on these people, REVENGE on this world, REVENGE on this one single person..."

    "So will it be. My life is yours and your life is mine. So shall it be and so has it been. Let us take our revenge together...master."

    And as these words are spoken, a circle with violett coloured energy is encasing those two. Forming a complete orb around the dying boy, he is feeling something he never felt before.
    PURE POWER. Accepting it with all of his heart and soul the boy takes the energy into his body.
    Emerging from the orb again, he is covered in a black cloack with violett stripes, the same colour his eyes now had. His hair has grown out and turned black from the previous brown.

    Amazing. Simply amazing. This is all he could think feeling all this power, this strength inside of him.
    Recovered from the fireball his attacker tries to finish what he started. Dashing in he tries to strike at him with his sword, but before he can even properly draw it, he feels the blood splattering in his face. Looking at the source of the blood he sees an arm being punched right trough his body. Unable to process what happens, the arm that pierced right through his body what pulled out again, taking his heart with him. With one glance at his own heart outside of his body, he dropped dead to the floor.

    Turning around he went to take a closer look at the blonde man. The man who was chained here reminded him of himself. Almost too much.
    Evidence of torture, brandings, starvation.
    With his new powers the cloaked boy removed the chains and set the man free.
    "You called me master", he said with a emotionless voice.

    "Yes, that's right. You are my master."

    "So be it. What is your name?"

    "My name is Shu. And from the looks of it, I'm an Avenger Class Contractor."

    "Avenger Class? I don't know what that is supposed to mean, but I like the name. My name is Ozuros. Do you still know what I desire?"

    "Yes, without doubt. I can still see the flame of revenge burning in your eyes."

    "Then you know what we will be doing next."

    Leaving the cave with his Contractor, Ozuros started his quest.
    "Say your prayers, Xetael. I am coming for you."


    With a clean shot to the head, the girl kills him. Before the blood properly starts to pour out of the wound, the lifeless body drops to the ground. Without changing even the tiniest bit of her stoic expression, she executed the man who wasn't even aware of her presence. With long cerulean blue hair flowing in the air, due to the sudden wind, she walks past the dead man to her Oath Master.

    "I'm sorry that you had to see that", the girl says. Switching the safety on her gun, she puts it back into the holdster underneath her left arm. Taking out a handkerchief from the pocket attached her belt, she reaches out her hand to wipe away of the blood on her master's face.

    Touching the hand of her Contractor, the girl answers:
    "Don't worry Elaine. I need to see this or otherwise, I couldn't accept my decision."

    Looking back at the dead man, Elaine expresses her regret:
    "I know, I just wished we had more time to prepare you, to prepare us, for what we are going to face. This man was but a Temporary Contractor without his Master present. We don't know what we will be facing once the other Oath Masters are coming for us."

    Putting a white glove over her right hand the Master looks at her Contractor with a smile.
    "Look at the bright side. We may have less time for preparation, but in return the other Oath Masters should have next to no information about us. Since we entered as the last participants for the Galaxy Grail War and it started as soon as we did, they should be worried about their own safety. Some of them are probably going to take out the danger they know of first."

    "Yes, that is true. I have heard from some sources, that the Oath Masters of the Avenger Class and Assassin Class have already made contact. The city they have supposedly met in is only a ruin now."

    "See? If someone like these two classes are already engaging direcly, we might not need to shed too much blood ourselves."

    "That might be true. But however the others might act, we still need to be prepared for that. Shall we move to our next target, master?"

    "Yes, we should. Though I remember I asked you to not refer to me as master?"

    "My apologies, Akeryu-sama."

    Hello everyone, your favorite Sayano here!
    So, quite a bit happened since Kyoko-nee and I came to this weird world so I thought about giving you all a little tour about what was skipped (guess the author was too lazy for that)
    Right now we are training for the time when we inevitably have to join the fight for the Grail. Since Kyoko's Oath with Jury her body seems to have greater defense and recovery power, which was supposedly the reason she managed to survive the attack of Jheet. That's actually one of the news too.

    We learned from Sky that our attacker was the Assassin Class Contractor Jheet, which means we will have to face him eventually. He and his Oath Master have attacked dozens of Temporary Masters and Masters-to-be. It's clear that he wants to reduce the number of possible Masters in his way. Sky has been fighting him off a few times already, but it seems like Jheet is no joke. Especially for an Assassin Class he has an unusually high affinity for open combat, which makes him all the more dangerous. Sky has proposed the idea that it might be something with his Extreme Alteration, though that couldn't be confirmed yet.

    Oh yeah, Extreme Alteration is also something we just learned about. (man it just keeps piling up)
    EA seems to be a unique skill some Contactors possess, which is unlocked by having an Oath Contract. While it depends on the Contractor it normally has two possible outcomes:
    Either you receive a enormous temporary boost in your current class like Jury's EA (let's call this one Boost Mode) or you can unlock the Class Change, a special mode where the current class is overwritten with another one (might as well call this one Change Mode). Sky thinks that Jheet's EA might be one more suitable for direct combat, which affects his direct Class.

    But back to the training; Kyoko is currently training in using runes to support Jury, while Jury tries to aquire mana for her Boost Mode. The reason is that the last time they tried it, Kyoko ran out of mana rather fast and couldn't support Jury for too long. That's why Kyoko is learning to use runes, which don't require your own mana, and Jury is learning to use more mana from the surrounding area for it.

    As for me, I decided to support Kyoko-nee. We talked about it and it was the most reasonable for me to become a Temporary Master and not actively participate in the war. It seems like there was never an instance where more than one Oath Master survived, which we want to avoid. Furthermore as Temporary Master you can, depending on your inborn mana, have two or even more Contractors. Skiery has another Contractor next to Sky who we just haven't met yet (some kind of secret mission) and luckily he and Sky decided to support Kyoko too.
    Anyway I took Jean as my Temporary Contractor (even though I don't like the way he looks at Kyoko-nee), to help her in the fight. He is surprisingly a Lancer Class, even though he doesn't have a weapon (what the hell is up with that). Hopefully I get a cute girl as Contractor along the way.

    Alright, that's basically it from our side. Let's hope I didn't forget anything. *Roll out*

    -Nawzu's latest hideout-

    A few days have passed since they had the encounter with the Ruler Class Contractor. Thinking about his proposal Nawzu is on their balcony leaning against the railing.
    With a glowing seal on the ground Bora teleports to him. Taking his arm she squeezes it against her body and looking up to his face.
    "Master, did you make a decision?"

    Lifting her eye-patch Nawzu looks at her face and proceeds to stroke her face without saying a word.


    "I made my decision", Nawzu finally says. "I'll take the proposal. Even if what he said turns out to be false, we don't actually lose anything. And if it's right..."
    He leans in and surprises Bora with a kiss. "...we will be prepared."
    Blushing from his sudden kiss, Bora leans on Nawzu and quietly accepts what he said. Feeling her hugging him, Nawzu puts his left arm around her while petting her head with his right hand.
    Taking a final look at the sky he reminds himself of th encounter.
    ("So that was the Contractor of the 'Hero of the Void', Choi...")

    -temple ruin, hideout-

    Out of breath Xetael has a giant smile on his face.
    "Well, well, who would have thought that we would meet like that again? I was certainly taken by surprise."

    Confirming their sucessful escape, Jheet appears from the shadows.
    "Master, who was that person?"

    "Hahaha, Jheet, you wouldn't believe it, but that was the guy I was about to kill when I was summoned to this world. His name is Ozuros."

    "I see. For him to have the Avenger Class Contractor doesn't seem to be a coincidence then."

    "Hey, Jheet, how come he can have this awesome power? Can I have this too?"

    "Hypotheticially yes. While the Avenger Class has a special condition, where it merges with the Master and creates a special bond sharing the power and abilities, it doesn't mean that no-one else can. I know of a way to do it through my Extreme Alteration, but this will be an extremely painful and dangerous procedure. I can't promise you would survive it."

    Without even the hint of hesitation, Xetaels shouts in joy.
    "Let's do it! What are we waiting for?! If I can have the power to fight that new Ozuros... just the thought of it is giving me pure bliss!"

    Once again Jheet can't help but show his excitement of having such a master. With a dangerously creepy smile he proclaims:
    "Rhahahaha, yes, yes. This is exactly the reason you are my master... Let us not wait another second then..."

    -outside the temple ruin-

    In the darkness of the grim forrest almost nothing is distinguishably. The thick plants are capable of eating up most of the brilliance from any kind of light source, while the massive treetops are hindering any insight from above. Yet today there was one light clearly to be seen. Two bright violett glows coming from they eyes of a person hiding inside of it. Like a real predator he is stalking his prey, abiding his time and choosing the perfect moment to attack. The only difference is... he isn't waiting for his prey to be weak. He isn't waiting for it to be careless. He is deliberately waiting for his prey to get stronger, to be prepared, to be ready. Only so he can crush him even more devastatingly...

    "Master", a unseen figure says from the darkness, "are you sure about this?"

    "Yes", he says not letting his prey out of his view. "This is not enough. Like this he won't be worth destroying..."

    "So will it be", the figure says. With crimson coloured-eyes suddenly lighting up, he adds: "Just remember. Your rage is my rage. Do not hesitate to use me for your revenge."

    -motel room, stardust city-

    With calm breathing she looks at her victim. Having taken his last breath with the pistol in her hand, she is grateful for his sacrifice.

    "You did well", her Contractor says. Pulling out the pin that was holding up her hair, she let's her beautiful cerulean blue hair be released.
    "With that we could move to the next step."

    With a deep breath, she exhales again and answers:
    "I didn't think I would actually be able to it. But now that I did, I don't feel anything."

    Taking her Master into her arms she says comfortingly:
    "Don't worry, Akeryu-sama. You are fine."

    Returning the hug Akeryu asks:
    "What are we going to do now?"

    "Next we are going to take on an Oath Master. I have found a suitable target. But first", she looks at Akeryu with a slight genuine smile, "we are going home and take a bath."

    With an earth-shattering sound an absurdly large blue lightning dragon soars through the sky. The echo of the rolling thunder resonates with ground, causing it to vibrate.
    High up in the sky the master of the lightning is watching her target. Taking aim she appears like a goddess looking down on mankind. As she raises her hand, the lightning dragon takes notice immediately. Choosing her target by directing her hand to it, the lightning dragon descends, turning itself into a fearsome attack.

    Watching the incoming attack from the ground her target is calmy gathering mana. Raising both of her arms upwards, she creates a rotating magic circle for protection. Right at the moment of impact, she tears apart her own magic circle, causing an explosion and seperating the lightning attack in two, decreasing the power of the attack severly and guiding it into the ground.
    With a smirk she looks back at her attacker. Clapping her hands together, she creates several smaller magic circles. Surrounding her attacker with the circles, they each release a barrage of projectiles.

    Skillfully dodging them, her attacker grabs one of the projectiles in mid-air and takes a closer look. ("Muffins?") Tossing the projectile away, she notices it and the others exploding around her. With the trail of explosions around her, there is only one path left for her to dodge. Ignoring the obvious trap, she clads herself in lightning and rushes trough the explosions towards her target. Forming a lightning claw around her right arm, she reaches for an attack.

    Right before she connects, her target reaches out her hands and forms a cage, with her index and middle finger as well as her thumb on both hands straightened. "Surprise Cake"
    Suddenly appearing around the attacker is a cage made out of a giant cake, locking her movement by molding sugary liquid around the arms and legs. With her attacker locked, she proceeds with her final attack. Using her index and middle finger she sends out a blown kiss and giving her attacker a wink. "Final BITE"

    Surrounding both of them appears a gust of wind which slowly circles around them. As the wind goes, it takes up speed, reaching higher and higher speeds until turning into a real whirlwind. From the eye of the storm up in the sky a magical circle appears, summoning a giant fanged mouth. Descending onto their position it opens, revealing the uncountable number of teeth hiding in it. Ready to devour the cake prison, the mouth closes slowly to crush the prison and the person in it.

    While the mouth is about to close, Jury suddenly hears the noise of a gun clicking. Turning around she faces the barrel of the revolver pointed at her forehead.

    "Howdy, milady, mind to release my friend over there?"

    Responding with a smile Jury answers: "And who might you be, if I may ask?"

    Tipping his white cowboy hat he reveals his face. "Protector of all fair Maidens, Muspel."

    Looking into his warm, red eyes Jury responses: "So you are the other Contractor of Skiery..."
    Creating a magic circle underneath Muspel, Jury forces him to retreat from the ground. Clapping her hands together, she again summons the smaller magic circles for her attack.
    "Muffin Barrage!"

    While in the air Muspel uses his two revolver to shoot down all the muffins while constantly reloading, without missing a single one. Returning to the ground, he increases his shooting speed and even returning fire towards Jury.

    Without putting up any defense, protective runes around Jury appear, keeping her save from harm. Crossing her arms and pulling them together, Jury gathers the single small circles and creates a massive magic crest right in front of her. Charging mana into her right arm, she punches right into the crest, releasing her attack: "Muffin CANNON!"

    Created from the crest an absurdly large projectile flies towards Muspel. Preparing himself, he removes the remaining bullets from his right gun and loads a single golden bullet into it. Taking aim he reaches out his right arm and targetting the center of the enormous muffin. Releasing an Mana charge through his entire body, he let's it recoil at the end of his body parts and regather it all in his right arm, charging his gun and the bullet. At the last second he releases his counterattack: "Divine Intercept!"
    Firing from his revolver is an overwhelmingly strong projectile, appearing like a mass of yellow light forcing it's way through the muffin. Charging right at Jury, she creates two magic circles forming a cross around her left fist. Making contact with the mass of light, she literally slaps the light towards the sky, deflecting the attack completely. Looking back at Muspel, she appears to be waiting for his next attack.

    Thrilled with the possibility to fight such a skilled opponent Muspel readies his two revolvers again. Just as he takes aim again, he remembers his original intention of freeing Sky. Searching for and the cake prison, he notices it having vanished. Suddenly he hears the frizzle of lightning above him. Looking up he sees Sky relaxing in a lying position while flying.

    Noticing him looking at her, Sky replies:
    "Hey there~ How was your trip?"

    Confused Muspel asks her:
    "Wait, weren't you in a fight with her just now? Why are you relaxing there and not helping me help you?"

    "Oh that was your intention?", Sky says giggling while changing her lying position. "I thought you wanted to take over with training."


    "Why else do you think the sweet girl over there is so diligently waiting for us to talk?"

    Looking back at her, Muspel sees Jury standing there with a half eaten pie in her hand and Kyoko right next to her.
    "...are you guys serious?"

    Pointing his attention towards a table, Sky makes him notice Skiery waving at him while sitting there with Sayano and Jean. Putting his revolvers into his holdsters, he waves at Jury and signales her to come to them. With the misunderstanding cleared, they all gather around the table.
    Laughing Skiery introduces his second Temporary Contractor to everyone:
    "Alright guys, here he is, the third member of our team of Rescuers, Muspel."

    "My apologies for being too hasty", Muspel adds. "I was away on an undercover mission and I was a bit surprised by the strength of Jury's attacks."

    "No worries", Kyoko responses. "It was good for training, even if it wasn't intentional."

    A bit air-headed Kyoko interjects: "Wait, that wasn't part of the training?"

    "Seriously", Jean says dejected, "you need to notice those things, Jury."

    Throwing in his part for the conversation, Sayano complains: "How about we doing something fun once in a while? All we've been doing is train from morning to evening~"

    "I'm sorry, Saya-kun, but it was important for us. We need to be prepared for when we get into a battle."

    "Actually", Sky intercepts, "I believe a break is in order. What Jury has shown us just now was magnificient. And your rune work was perfectly timed as well, Kyoko."

    "I belive so too", Skiery says. "I thought about what nice thing we could do and I decided on something good for all of us..."

    -temple ruin, Xetael's hideout-

    Channeling his new dark energy Xetael is creating the mental image of his weapons. Allowing his inner desire as well as Jheet's power from the exact shape, he ends up with a strongly curved saber as well as a percussion gun. Looking with a giant grin on his face, Xetael is overjoyed with his new toys.
    "Hahahaha, finally something to replace my lovely knife. This power is awesome, Jheet!"

    Shrouded in his dark energy again Jheet is showing a giant smile on his face.
    "Master, with this you should be able to fight against this "Ozuros" person. And giving myself a nice boost in power too..."

    "Awesome, awesome, awesome! I want to know. I want to test it right now! Where are you Ozuros? COME AND GET ME!"
    Rushing in and crashing the majority of the structure, Ozuros appears just as called.
    With his deepened and heavy voice he proclaims: "Finally!"

    Immediately pointing his gun and firing at Ozuros, Xetael is initially overwhelmed as Ozuros closes in and deflects his shooting arm, causing him to miss. Charged to the brim with his purple mana Ozuros throws a heavy punch at Xetaels thorax, knocking him deep into the darkness of the building. Watching Xetael closely, he dashes after him ready for a follow-up attack. As Jheet tries to intercept Ozuros, he is caught by Shu releasing an absurd amount of mana in a wave against him, cutting him off from Ozuros and his master. With the Contractors and their Oath Masters now clearly seperated, the true battle begins.

    Easily recovering from Ozuros attack, Xetaels is deliriously happy with his new powers. As he releases the full extend of his new power, a purplish horn is appearing on the right side of his head. Seeing Ozuros rushing into him, he draws his sword and strikes against Ozuros incoming attack. The clash of the two attack results into an extreme shockwave, completely rattling the surrroundings. Aiming with his gun again, he overcharges it and creates a massive shot, more akin to a rocket launcher then a simple pistol. Grazed by this strong attack, Ozuros is strongly burned on his left arm. Feeling the intense pain of the attack, he Ozuros rage is enhanced even further, boosting his powers even more. Returning the favor Ozuros appears right behind Xetael, putting his hand on Xetael's back. Channeling his mana through is arm he explosively expands it at the end of his hand, resulting in a point-blank shockwave right at Xetael's back.

    On the other side of the battle, Jheet and Shu are having a highspeed battle, clashing against each other again and again. Each time one of the has the advantage over the other, the tables are turned again. Blow for blow, punch for punch, they seem to be equal in power and speed. Without either of them gaining clear dominance, their even battle is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a humongous dragon in the sky, casting a gaint shadow on them. Looking at it, both of them seem to recognise the dragon and it's meaning. Closely watching each other, they both rush towards their Oath Masters.

    Driven by revenge Ozuros power seems to only increase as the battle continues. With Xetael still learning to fully control his new power, he is getting dominated as time goes by. With the battle getting more and more onesided, Ozuros prepares for the final attack to end Xetael's life. Creating a large purple cross in front of him, he strongly condenses it to a hairline cross. Launching it with absolute speed against Xetael, Ozuros calls out the name of his finisher: "Judge of Blaze Burst!"
    Without a second delay the cross reaches Xetael. As soon as the slightest contact is made, the cross goes off in an absurdly strong spheric explosion, trapping and containing its target in the blazing heat. As the heat dies out, the attack ends in a final implosion, consuming everything inside of it. Expecting nothing, not even ashes to be left over, Ozuros is shocked when he finds a little girl with blonde twintails inside of it. Belittling his attack, the girl says:
    "This is all you can do?"

    Outside of the effective explosion range Xetael finds himself looking at Ozuros and the little girl.
    "What the hell is going on?"

    Appearing at the side of their Masters, Shu and Jheet join the fray. Looking at the little girl, both of them fear for the worst.

    "Master", Shu says to Ozuros, "this girl is trouble. If she decides to side with our enemy we stand no chance. We might not even be able to escape..."

    "Are you telling me to forgo my revenge?", Ozuros says looking at his Contractor with his fiery eyes.

    ""Not in the least", Shu answers truthfully. "But if the worst case comes, we will not be able to get your revenge. Our revenge..."

    "Oi, Jheet, who is this little girl?"

    "This girl is named Alice. She is a ruthless little kid who managed to trap Jabberwocky, an extremely strong and diabolic dragon and former Contractor inside a puppet of her. This dragon is currently circling our position up in the sky."

    "This means she is a Contractor. Where is her master then..."

    "Here I am~", a girl with a sharp voice whisper into his ear from behind. Startled by her sudden appearance, both Jheet and Xetael take distance. Smiling like a lovestruck girl she blushes looking at Xetael. "Did you miss me?"

    Irritated by her apparent knowledge of him, he says: "Who the hell are you? Am I supposed to know you?"

    "Aww don't be like this, Xagy", she says while slowly getting a creepier smile. "Did you forget all the fun we had?"

    Remembering the nickname he suddenly shouts out: "Wait a second. Are you Luka?!"

    "Oh you do remember me!", she responses while clapping her hands together. "I was about to get mad that you would forget me~"

    "Hahahaha", Xetael laughs as he goes through what happened, "How is this even possible? You were my first victim! The first person I ever killed!"

    "Don't worry, Darling, these things happen. As it was your first time, our first time, you didn't completely go through with it. But that's okay. Everyone can fail when they first start. What matters is that you don't just stop there and you certainly didn't~"

    "Alright, whatever. Does that mean you are here for revenge too?"

    "What are you talking about, silly. I'm here so we can continue what we started! You were my first after all. When you penetrated me with that big, hard object of yours, putting in deep into my lower body... the blood dripping out of the whole from the first insertion... the feeling, the excitement I had, it was simply amazing. So amazing, that I want to see it again. I want to feel it again. I want to...", she completely blushes and tries to hide her face with her hands, "...I want to penetrate you too..."

    "Girl are you crazy or what?" Not even trying to understand her, Xetael accepts her for now. "Whatever, if you want to be penetrated so badly, be my guest. But first of all, I still have some business to take care of here..."

    "Yes, of course, Xagy. Let me help you out~"

    Listening to their agreement, Shu immediately creates a firewall to cover for their escape. Running towards the forest he tries to guide his Master with the shortest route to a possible safety. But before they can even reach the forest, Jabberwocky descends from the sky, blocking their escape route. With Jabberwocky in front of them and Alice, Jheet, Xetael and Luka closing in from behind, Shu and Ozuros find themselves in an inescapable situation...

    But as timing demands, a red-haired girl with mechanical parts appears with a lightning strike right next to them. Extending her arm to Ozuros and Shu she says: "Trust me and you survive."
    Grabbing her hands she teleports all three of them out through her lightning strike.

    Seeing Ozuros once again escaping, Xetael is extremely dissatisfied.
    "COME ON! Again you just escape right when I want to go for the kill!"

    Looking at Xetael enraged like this, Luka is shaking in excitement.
    "Oh no, Xagy is angry again. I hope he won't do anything to me because of that..."

    Lying prone she is letting out a mixture of pleasure and pain. A reddened face, heavy breathing and a very fast heartbeat. Resting her head on her arms, she is almost overwhelmed by the feeling.
    Once again a single movement made her whole body flinch. As if a surge of electricity was runing through her body, she could feel the ever so slight reaction her body was giving to the act. Gasping for air she turns her head to take a glimpse at the person caressing her. Looking at each other eyes she receives a whole-heartedly smile which she tries to return as good as her state allowed her to.
    "Can you still go on?", a sweet voice asks her.
    Responding with only a little nod she buries her face into her arms. Awaiting the action of her partner she closes her eyes. Like being teased she can feel the soft touches all over her exposed back. As the fingers of her partner slowly reach her hips, she clenches her teeth, knowing of the immediate follow-up.
    Now completely unable to resist the feeling she let's out a voice full of pleasure. While the previous actions were all breathtaking on their own, the last one was on another level.
    Panting fast and heavily she rolls around and faces her partner. Looking at her long cerulean blue hair partially hiding her chest, she is greeted by a warm smile as she looks upwards. The red eyes of the usually emotionless face are embracing her with a understanding and loving feeling. Slightly embarassed she puts her hands on her face, wiping away hear teary eyes. After a few seconds of catching air, she asks:
    "Elaine... where did you learn to do something like this?"

    Rubbing her fingers she remembers the person who first showed her the motion. Looking at her Oath Master lying stripped in front of her, she carefully touches her sides.
    "My mother was a master Assassin while she was still alive. She taught me how to make even woman succumb to me", Elaine says while moving her fingers from the sides to Akeryu's bare breast, "and I would say she was quite successful."

    "Oh please", Akeryu says while turning sideways, closing her eyes and smirking. "You say this, but in fact it just was one of the ways to strenghten your Mana."
    Seeing a single teardrop that was left running down her Master's face, Elaine bends over her master. Gently she kisses her Master's eye from the side and with that the teardrop away.

    Ignoring Elaine's advances, Akeryu suddenly feels soft nibbling on her ear. The ticklish feeling makes her smirk even more, when she hear Elaine's whisper directly into her ear:
    "Do you want to do the real thing now?"
    Opening her eyes again, Akeryu turn slightly again and looks at Elaine. Putting her arms around her head, she pulls her Contractor closer to her and the two women share a passionate kiss...
    -Nawzu's other other hideout- (so many :eek:)

    Full of sweat the two bodies are intertwined. Drawing warm breaths on each other they keep their bodies close, not wanting to let the other go. Softly putting his forehead on hers, he looks her directly in the eyes. On her left side a clear and calming greenish grey pupil, while her right eye shines with an intense red glow. A colour usually so strong and terrifying, that others are afraid of it, afraid of the 'Demon's eye'. Fearing her to be a harbinger of doom or even the spawn of a demon, they banished her. They betrayed her. They left her.
    But he was different. The man in front of her, her Oath Master, he was never afraid of her. Of her eye. In fact he never bore any kind of resentment. From the moment they met she knew how he felt. Being able to judge it with her eye she knew immediately how fascinated he was with her. How much he liked her. Loved her. But after all she had experienced, she didn't want to stay with him. And even though she was hesitant at first, in the end he conquered her. And so they laid here.
    Raising his upper body he looks at her from a bit further away. Moving a strand of her hair behind her ear, he softly caresses her cheek. Still with fastened breathing he asks her:
    "Are you sure this is boosting your Mana? Feels like after the third time it should have less of an effect."

    Giggling Bora gets up and hugs Nawzu while putting her forehead against his.
    "Of course it doesn't anymore", she says while gently pressing his lips on hers. "Except for the first time everything we do now is just a bonus."
    Naturally their soft kiss turns into more passionate french kissing, their tongues linked and moving in accordance to their partner. Returning the hug Nawzu touches her back and grabs her butt, pulling her closer to himself. While her soft breast are pushing against his chest he can clearly feel her hard nipples. Using his hand on her butt he lifts her up slightly while releasing their kiss.
    "So I didn't have to do all this?", he says and presses his face into her breast.
    Clutching his head and pulling him even more into her body, she grabs his hair as she feels him nibbling on her nipples.
    "Don't act like you don't enjoy i-...", she says with a heightened voice as he puts it in.
    Looking back up to her he puts a finger on her mouth and answers: "I never said I didn't."
    With the finger on her mouth she lets her tongue out to lick it before gently and slowly sucking on the tip.
    Seeing her immediate reaction on his finger on her lips he taunts: "So you still don't have enough?"
    Before she can properly reply he starts moving more and giving her a stronger reaction. Enjoying the pleasure she returns his action and joins in on the rhythm. Increasing each others breathing they are perfectly matched in movement. As her threshold is nearing she is grasping at him harder and harder. Feeling his hot breath on her body, his touch, his eyes on her, she is full of joy of having him. With both of them reaching their end, she silences both of them by grabbing his head and pulling him to a kiss and keeping at it until both are done.
    Feeling the body of the other so closely, most parts still touching as they keep the kiss, they can feel their heartbeat almost joining and having the exact same fast beat.
    Panting strongly she looks at her Master and says: "I love you, Nawzu."

    Riding the lightning strike Ozuros, Shu and their rescuer are summoned on a plaza, where the lightning is absorbed by a special mechanism in the center. While the lightning is absorbed, their rescuer regathers the smaller mechanical parts floating around her into her equipment.
    "My Master is on his way, please wait here."

    Turning his attention to his Contractor, Ozuros grabs Shu by his collar.
    "Answer me honestly, Shu. Why are you holding me back?"

    "...I have no intentions of..."

    Suddenly Ozuros is overwhelmed by a headache. Falling on his knees, his sight is flashing for him and he loses orientation.
    "...w-what is going on..."

    "You are probably facing a dissonance backlash", a unfamiliar voice says from the shadows. Showing himself he draws closer and takes a look at Ozuros. Kneeling down he pulls up Ozuros right eyelid before also checking the other one.
    "Yes, it definitely seems so. The current purplish light in your eyes is slowly diminishing, which is causing your pain."

    "ugh...and who are you? And how do you know that?"

    "My name is Brionac (@icebarrier :p), a fellow Oath Master. But seeing how I just saved you and the state you are in, I am the least of your worries."

    "...Oath Master?"

    Looking at Shu Brionac sighs.
    "So you actually didn't tell him anything?"

    Answering reluctantly Shu is looking sideways.
    "I was trying to not interfere with his revenge..."

    "And yet here we are." Looking at Ozuros wound that Xetael inflicted, he checks it with a special gem.
    "This wound is serious. It's like some kind of posion corroding your body and destroying your body's Mana system. In your current state you won't survive this..."

    "...enough of this", Ozuros shouts with a pained voice. "...I want a clear explanation. What did you mean with dissonance? And what's the deal with Oath and Master?"

    "Alright, let me give you the short version. We are currently in a place called Phantasm. Every hundred years a special event takes places here. where Masters and Contractors are summoned to take part in what is known as the Galaxy Grail War. Masters are people like you and me who can strenghten their Contractors, like Shu. By deciding whether to actively participate or not, you can become either a Oath Master or a Temporary Master. When enough Oath Masters have arisen, the War automatically starts. Whoever defeats the other Oath Masters will attain the right for the Galaxy Grail and with that will be granted the power to decide over the Galaxy."

    "So that explains your comment. Why are you helping me, your enemy, then?"

    "It is possible for the War to end without killing all Oath Masters, when they openly resign their Oath and transfer their right to another Oath Master. They will then be demoted to the rank of Temporary Master, but neither them or their Contractor have to die."

    "So you saved me so I would resign and support you?"

    "Not necessarily. While I do hope that you later resign, I have different goals. As that I don't really care about what the other Oath Masters do."

    "How do you know so much about me then?"

    "As I said I have different goals", Brionac says while pulling out a device. Activating it, it creates an image and shows a person.
    "You recognise her, right?"

    "...this is the girl who assisted Xetael."

    "Exactly. Her name is Luka and she is an extremely dangerous person. I would say even more than this Xetael. While they both seem to kill indifferently, she is just ... twisted. As if her mind was a chaos trying to exert itself onto other things. She will randomly choose a target, follow it, observe it, study it and someday kidnap or outright kill it openly and in the most gruesome way. And that is still the better of the two options..."

    "How do you know so much about her? You said you don't care for other Oath Masters."

    "Well she is a part of the other goals I mentioned. Getting to the point I basically want the same thing you want from Xetael: revenge. That is why I was able to come to your rescue. I was following her and looking for an opportunity to strike at her."

    "I see..." Suddenly Ozuros is coughing up blood. In extreme pain he tears his fingers into the ground.
    "......and what is happening to me?!"

    "I think that is something Shu should explain to you."

    As the focus shifts on to Shu, he suddenly dismisses his importance.
    "This is not my fault, don't make me the guilty one!" Shouting this, he suddenly storms out.

    Seeing his Contractor running away, Ozuros can do nothing but look after him.

    "My bad", Brionac says rubbing the back of his head. "I didn't think he would react like this."

    "You know why he reacted that way?"

    "I do."


    Outside of the building, Shu is striking at the air, causing purple blast wherever his fists hit. Thinking of the past, he increases his output and creates a giant crater when he hits the ground.
    Watching his Contractor calms down, Ozuros finally walks closer to him.

    "Shu, we need to talk."

    Not looking at his Master, Shu continues with his shadow fighting.
    "I assume that guy told you everything?"

    "Most of it. So you caused your previous Master to die?"

    "Do you even need to ask?"

    "I just wanted confirmation from you. Is that the real reason you wanted us to retreat? From what I heard you should have been able to defeat that Alice girl."

    "Maybe. Maybe not. I certainly don't regret my decision."

    "I know you don't." Sitting down, Ozuros looks into the sky.
    "Why didn't you tell me?"

    "Tell you what?", Shu replies and finally looks at his Master.
    "Tell you that overusing my given power will cause a massive backlash? That once your rage is gone you will die? Do you think we could have just talked this out?! I saw it. I saw your rage. Your eyes, ready to sacrifice everything to get your revenge. But what nobody who follows that path considers, it what comes afterwards. What is left once you had your revenge, after giving away everything? What is your purpose? I'll tell you what is left. Nothing. NOTHING! I saw my previous Master follow that path, helped him, and finally made him fulfill it. But once he had done the deed, he wasn't happy. He wasn't satisfied. He was simply empty. So empty, that he fell and never rose back. Do you think I could live seeing this again?!"

    Looking at Shu with understanding eyes, Ozuros answers:
    "And yet here we are, talking. You could put more trust into me, Shu."

    Turning away again Shu strikes at the air again.
    "And? What do you want now?"

    "I want your help, Shu."

    "Didn't you listen to anything I just said?! You won't get the satisfaction you think you'll have if I do!"

    "Maybe. But either way I will die."

    Shocked Shu looks at Ozuros. "What do you mean?"

    "The attack from Xetael is even worse than Brionac thought. It has already invaded too much of my body. I don't have much time left."

    "I see. So even when you are about to die you can't let go of your revenge. I don't care. I will not help you like this."

    "You are misunderstanding me, Shu. Yes, certainly I want my revenge. But this here, my plea for your help, isn't because of that. I want your help because you are my Contractor. If these are my final moments, let me spend it with you. The one person who helped and supported me at my lowest."

    Looking at the sincerity of his Master, Shu caves in.
    "No. Not like this. I won't let you die."

    "What do you mean?", Ozuros asks surprised.

    "You heard Brionac talk about Oath Masters and Contractors. While we are registered as those, we aren't in the sense that we didn't make a real Oath yet."

    "What does that change?"

    "...my class is the Avenger Class. One of the special properties of it is the level of merging with the Master that is possible. You said that attack of Xetael is destroying your body. If we do a complete merge you will receive all of my power. That should easily recover your body and terminate that attack."

    "Merge? How does this work?"

    "Well, basically I will enter a state of Mana and transfer it all into you. After that, everything is up to you."

    "Wait, but doesn't that mean you will cease to exist?"


    "I'll have to decline then", Ozuros answers smilingly. "I can't do this to you."

    Shaking his head Shu walks up to Ozuros and kneels down. Touching his chest, Shu says:
    "Maybe. But I decided to it for you."
    Activating a seal on his hand, Shu creates a magic circle around them. As he looks at his Master, he starts his chant:

    "I am the rage of your life,
    and the path of your wrath.
    I pledge my soul to you,
    the master I have chosen.
    Never faltering, never fearing,
    assisting your decisions wherever I can.
    If there is darkness I will create the light,
    if there is light I will sealthe darkness.
    From now and forever,
    may these words never be broken.
    So as I pray: I ask of you;
    will you have me by your side?"

    "Shu, if you do that I will still go and take my revenge on Xetael."

    Smiling Shu responses: "He deserves it."

    Looking at his Contractors final decision, Ozuros closes his eyes and whole-heartedly accept him.
    "I do."

    Lighting up the magic seal creates a sphere around them, enclosing them and creating a place for them alone. Merging the two bodies into one, their two souls are now sharing one and the same.
    As the light fades, the sphere release one person again.
    With a single strand of his blackened hair turned blonde, the newly emerged Ozuros has lost the purple glow in his eyes and now boasts a calmer yellow shine. Handling purple energy in his left and red energy in his right hand, he is the result of two people.
    ("Shu... thank you for everything.")

    Looking at the moon shining so brightly, Ozuros has a final resolve:
    "Xetael. Let's finish it."

    A spray of red liquid all around her. On her clothes. On the ground. On her face. She knew this smell, this taste. It was similiar to what she knew from her dreams. But this time, it was reality...

    -3 hours prior-

    Providing cover for her eyes, Kyoko holds her hands towards the sun while enjoying the sight in front of her. Having just arrived, she sees a sheer endless sea in front of her. An empty beach with crystal clear water, fine warm sand and a few rock formations nearby like a landmark. Truly an enjoyable sight for sore eyes. As she appreciates the sparkling reflection of the sun on the water, she is suddenly hugged from behind.
    With her arms over the shoulders of her master, Jury embraces her wholeheartedly.
    "Master, let's jump into the water!"

    "Don't rush it", Kyoko says giggling. "Sky was so nice and organised it that we have the whole beach for ourselves today. We can take our time and..."

    With a blast of her own lightning, Sky changes her clothes into a revealing, deep-cut swimsuit. Striking a victory pose she proclaims:
    "Last one in the water gets the drinks!" With a giant leap she jumps right into the water, creating a somewhat large wave, which hits both Jury and Kyoko.

    Drenched in seawater Kyoko and Jury share a look at each other, before falling in deep laughter. Grabbing her master, Jury jumps into the water, taking Koyko with her.

    A bit further away from the water Jean, Muspel, Skiery and Sayano are arranging their chosen spot by placing sunshades, some beach towels and a little table they can eat at.

    "Master Sayano, master Skiery, you can go and get into the water, too. I can take care of the rest."

    "It's fine", Skiery replies, "we can finish this together quickly and all take a dip in the water together."

    "I bet Jean is just trying to sneak some food away and eat withous us", Muspel is joking.

    Watching the group from afar is a person wearing a dark cloak, hiding his face and stature. His right hand is holding a glass while covered in bandages, just the like the rest of his visible body parts. Sitting on a chair made of vines, a rose haired woman is sitting right besides him. Twirling one of the vines in her hand, she is actually guarding the area around them, having thorny vines as physical defense and a ring of roses around them, which emit an illusion hiding their exact position.

    "So that is the master we've come for?"

    "Apparently so. At least he confirmed it."

    "I see", the cloaked person says. "Let's hope he was right then; if not, we will have killed an innocent."

    "I believe in him", the woman says. "Something inside of me is telling me to trust him."

    Nodding silently he takes a sip of his glass and continues his monitoring.

    With everyone enjoying the water they decided to play a few games. After losing the first few, Kyoko and Jury are punished by getting the requested drinks for everyone at a neraby vending machine. Going on their little fetch quest, they take their rare time alone to bond and talk about some more secretive and personal things.

    "Kyoko, I am really happy that you are my master."

    "Where did that come from?", Kyoko asks slightly surprised.

    "It's just something I want to get off my chest", Jury replies smiling. "Ever since we met and became Master and Contractor, we never really had this moment of tranquility. I mean, you were getting attacked the moment we met..."

    "I know", Kyoko replies. "So many things happened since I was thrown into this world. Meeting you, Jean and the others... it feels like a dream. Even with the attack of the demon and what's about to come... it still feels strangely... pleasant."

    Looking at her petite master blushing at her own words Jury stops right in front of her.
    "Is it because of someone you met here?", she asks cheekily.

    "What?!", Kyoko answers embarassed. "No that's not...."

    Laughing Jury cuts off Kyoko's respond.
    "It's fine. I can mostly guess who it is anyway."

    "No... but..."

    "More importantly", Jury interjects with a serious face. "Kyoko, what is your wish?"

    "My wish?"

    "Yes, your wish. Your desire. What is it that you want from the Grail?"

    "Even if you ask me, I don't really have anything I want from the Grail."

    "There has to be something, though. In the whole history of the Grail Wars there has never been someone completely devoid of a wish to be fulfilled."

    "The thing is, I don't have something I need the Grail for. Like there are a dozen things I would like, but nothing on the scale of having the Grail fulfill for me."
    After a deep breath Kyoko continues.
    "I had a dream once. A childish dream when I was younger. I wanted to be a heroine. A genuine heroine like a magical girl fighting some kind of demons. But as I grew older it became apparent that it was no more than wishful thinking."

    "Well, haven't you achieved your dream though?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "This", Jury grabs Kyoko's hands and answers with a smile. "Right here and now. Aren't you fighting with us, with me, against other people including a demon who attacked us?"

    Returning the smile Kyoko admits to her feelings.
    "Yes, you're right. As a proper heroine I should wish for world peace or something similiar then."

    "See?", Jury answers happily. "I knew we could find something that you'd want."

    "Anyways, we should get going or the others will be worried why we took so long."

    Preparing for their late lunch Jean and the others are getting their stuff ready and await Kyoko's and Jury's return. As they rest for a bit, they suddenly notice the presence of a black-haired girl with a dark umbrella at the water. Wearing a daring black swimsuit with an open back only covered in black strings, she twirls her umbrella as reaches down to the water, slightly touching it with her fingers.

    Wondering how she got to this private part, Jean asks Sky:
    "Didn't you reserve the whole part of the beach for us only?"

    "Yes, I did. I don't know where she came from either."

    "Oh well", Muspel says, "One more person doesn't seem to be that bad. Besides, she does look quite pretty."

    "Of course you would say that", Sky replies. "But yes, I agree. I don't think she will bother us."

    "Alright then", Jean answers not quite satisfied. ("Guess I'll just keep an eye on her")

    Reaching the vending machine Kyoko and Jury are surprised to see a girl with cerulean blue hair standing in front of it. Coming closer they notice her apparent struggle with choosing a drink, they decide to offer their help.

    "Hey there", Jury says friendly, "may we help you out?"

    Turning her face towards them she reveals a stoic expression on her. Here calm, red eyes are looking at them almost ghost-like, not revealing any kind of intention.
    "Ah yes, if you please."

    Coming closer they both look at the vending machine.
    "So what can we do for you?"

    Without a single change of her expression the unknown girls only answers:
    "Stay right where you are."


    A single, echoing sound of a sniper rifle being fired. Following the shot the petite, enemy Oath Master falls to the ground. One single hit right through the temple, the magic bullet penetrating the head so fast, that the blood doesn't immediately gush out of the wound. With a dead Master, the weakened Contractor easily falls to Elaine's follow-up attack.

    At least, that was what was supposed to happen.

    Interrupting their plan to assassinate the enemy Master, Elaine vanishes from Kyoko's and Yuri's sight and retreats to Akeryu's hidden postition, as a dark figure crashes down right next to them, creating a huge crater as well as a thick dust cloud.
    Immidiately following the impact a terrifying laughter is heard across the whole area, as the dark figure turns out to be the demon that attacked them when they first met: Jheet.

    Without a second thought Jury engages Jheet and pressures him far away from her Master. Bombarding him with an massive array of explosive strawberries, Jheet is temporarly unable to maintain his physical appearance and dodges the attack in an evasive dark cloud form.

    Using the chance Jury created, Kyoko immediately activates a magic seal, signaling the danger to the group still closer to the beach. Not receiving a response Kyoko turns her attention to the beach only to see a giant, fearsome beast up in the sky, throwing an ominous shadow on the beach. Shocked and breathless all she can do is stare at the enormous creature; her eyes widening, the colour of her face vanishing and her hope... crumbling.

    Before Kyoko can make any decision about the situation, she is surprised by Luka jumping out of a black portal, striking at her with a hand clad in demonic energy. Wounding Kyoko left arm Luka prepares for the follow-up, but is halted by Kyoko's quick magic blast, knocking her back. Trying to recover her composure, Kyoko backs away from Luka and prepares a magic crest.

    With her attention completely taken by Luka, Xetael suddenly appears right behind Kyoko. With a demonic grin he reaches out with his right arm, taking a giant swing to slash down on Kyoko. Dodging the slash of the crimson ignited blade by a hair's breadth by sidestepping, she holds out her hand and aims at Xetael to use the magic crest, only to hear the sound of the gun's hammer being pulled. Looking at him while still in midair, she is frightened beyond belief. Not the sight of a former man who has now become part demon, not that abnormal smile or the look in his eyes, but the gun pointed straight at her, was what frightened her the most. Beause that very gun was the one in her dreams...

    Back at the beach the group is surprise attacked by the horrifying dragon Jabberwocky and its master, Alice. Shooting out dark matter from his mouth the whole area is covered by Jabberwocky's barrage of black energy blasts. Looking down at the carnage below her, Alice is flying in mid-air and being visibly bored.
    "At least put up some resistance...", she says unsatisfied.

    Just like commanded Sky suddenly appears behind her, striking her down with a fist clad in her signature lightning. Blocking the hit with a well placed magic seal, Alice is still pushed down by the sheer force of the attack. Recovering her balance again, Alice instantly starts shooting magic blasts at Sky.
    As Sky dodges the single attacks, she notices that the star-shaped projectiles are homing-types, following her after the inital miss. Turning around to face the attack, she discharges a massive lightning strike, hitting and neutralising all the projectiles. Turning her attention back to Alice, they both look at each other, with Sky cheekily smiling at her.
    With her face showing a little grin, Alice mumbles: "Maybe you can entertain me for a while..."

    On the ground Jean has activated a large magic shield covering for Sayano, Muspel and himself. Under the sound of constant explosions, they discuss how to take down Jabberwocky.
    "So, Muspel, you got any plans?"

    Taking a look at the giant abomination, Muspel readies his guns.
    "We might be able to take him down by destroying his wings... but I need to get closer. I saw reports of Jabberwocky when he was still active. Despite his size, he is extremly fast and has a very strong defense. I'll need you to shield me so I can put all my power into my shots. But..."

    "That means we have to leave Master Sayano and Skiery on their own." Turning to his Master, Jean awaits an order.

    Surprisingly, Sayano wasn't paying attention to their discussion and just looks at the beach.
    ("Where did the girl with the eye-patch go?")


    Snapping out of it, Sayano puts his attention to Jean again.
    "Ah yes, the big dragon. What are we going to with it?"

    "Muspel proposed we shoot him down, but we need to get closer for that. The question is, whether you and Master Skiery can shield against the attacks."

    "Actually", Skiery interjects, "I think Saya should go check up on Kyoko. I just picked up the distress call from her, somethings happening on their side-..."

    Breaking through the ground from underneath, dozens of skeletons are suddenly rising up and surrounding the group. As they crawl out of their holes the skeletons immidiately start going on the offense, running and jumping at Skiery and the others. Noticing the frailty of the enemies, Skiery destroys them easily with simple magic spells.
    "Seems like someone wants to keep us here."

    "What are we going to do now?"

    "Let's follow the plan", Skiery proposes. "I can take care of the skeletons here. If they are going out of their way to keep us here, I'm even more worried about Kyoko. You two should take out Jabberwocky as fast as possible, we don't know how much help Kyoko needs. Also Sky might need backup against Alice."

    "No complaints here", Muspel answers. Channeling his strength for a second, he materialises his angelic, white wings. "Let's go, Jean."

    "Very well", Jean answers as he activates a spell enhancing his feet. "Master Sayano, Master Skiery, take care."

    Lifting up from the ground Muspel flies straight at Jabberwocky, drawing his direct attention. Shooting the first few shots at him, Muspel is leading him away from their current position. Following Muspel Jean dashes through the sky, with the skill around his feet allowing him to walk on air as if it were solid.

    Blasting up a solid path through the skeletons for Sayano, the two temporary masters seperate.
    Running towards the location of Kyoko, Sayano only has one thought left: "Please be safe."

    The sound of the hammer hitting the metallic bullet casing. An ignition at the rear end of the bullet. The sight of a gun firing the deadly shot. And the bullet flying straight at her. That was the last thing Kyoko would ever see. The last thing before complete darkness.
    As the bullet soars through the air it forms a dark double helix behind itself, as the special form causes a partly inverted rotation of the bullet. As the envoy of darkness came closer, Kyoko was slowly engulfed in a ring of purple flames, with an unknown person appearing right next to her. Softly pushing her behind him, he reaches out his hand clad in the purple flames directly against the bullet. With the dark energy of the bullet being completely overwhelmed by the opposing power, the bullet loses all it's destructive force and simply evaporates, as it is crushed inside of the hand of the newcomer.

    Saving Kyoko from certain death the person makes his grand entrance and reveals himself as the fifth Oath Master in the vincinity; Ozuros.

    Ozuros. The friend. The victim. The avenger. The hero.
    Wearing a red cape with three metal blades covering his right side, Ozuros dons a multi-layered body armor and a two-piece left shoulder guard. With a handwave he dismisses the purple flames he surrounded Kyoko and himself with, as he already stands as guard between her and Xetael.

    He knew him almost his whole life; and he could tell, this time... was different. Ozuros was calm and collected. Seeing him gave the feeling as if his hatred, his rage has completely subsided - but the exact opposite was the case. He was filled with more hatred and feelings of revenge than ever before. Standing in front of Xetael, his sworn enemy, the cause for all of his pain, was more than enough to let him act out in a moment's notice. But just like a silent predator, he was eyeing his prey with sharpened claws and fangs instead.
    Looking at Ozuros even Xetael realised the danger. Xetael knew how to push someone's emotions, make them act on feelings and be less careful - and that is exactly why he knew, that the calm hatred is more dangerous than the explosive rage. The sharp eyes, the normal breathing, the relaxed body; all evidence of a confident mind. Even so, he didn't expect what was coming next.

    "Xavi", Ozuros suddenly called out. "Lower your gun. We need to talk."

    "HAHAHAHA! Xavi? Talk?! You never cease to amaze me!" Drawing his gun Xetael takes four shots at Ozuros.

    Unfazed by the attack Ozuros doesn't even bother to move, standing with crossed arms and using his flames as shield to burn the projectiles before they reach him. Looking at Xetael with his strong, yellow glowing eyes he unlocks his arms and clads his hands in his purple flame.
    "Last chance: lower your gun and let us talk peacefully."

    Declining Ozuros offer once again, Xetael raises his sword. Proceeding to slash forward and creating an energy projectile, he is suddenly disrupted as his head is smashed into the ground.
    ("What the hell...?")

    Pinning down Xetael with a special flame, Ozuros renders Xetael's ability to move to naught. Seeing how Luka isn't making any actions and Kyoko still being inside his defensive range, he turns his full attention to his old friend.
    "Now Xavi, we'll talk. Whether you like it or not."

    Trying his hardest to move Xetael finds himself unable to do so under the effects of Ozuros power. Teethgrinding Xetael answers:
    "Fine... what do you want?"

    "...why did you do it?"

    Chuckling Xetaels responds:
    "What exactly?"

    "Why did you kill her?"

    "Nawzu", Bora calls her Master through their mind link. "I'm almost ready. Are we going to act?"

    Hearing his partner's message Nawzu turns to the other Masters next to him.

    "We can't allow him to get any stronger", the cloaked man says. Gently shaking the glass of wine in his hands, he turns towards the rose haired woman. "What do you say?"

    "I think you're right", she agrees. Sitting there with closed eyes, she is watching the whole battle from above with her mind's eye. "As it stands right now, soon Oath Masters will die, even before he arrives. We need to do something now."

    "Wait", a voice suddenly appears. "We can take care of it. No need to stray from our plan. I also informed our inside man already."

    "If you say so", the hooded man accepts. "We'll proceed with our current plan then."

    "Alright", Nawzu agrees. "Bora, hold on for now and finish your preparations. We'll take care of it for now."

    "Very well." Hiding deep inside the water, Bora has been constantly applying a shroud of her mana around herself to appear as one with the water. With the order to continue as planned, she removes her eye-patch and allows the glowing eye to shine through the water. Slowly seeping her mana into the water around her, she steadily takes over the water as part of her domain.

    As Ozuros stares down at Xetael expecting an answer, he notices him suddenly starting to grin. Realising he isn't looking at him, Ozuros notices a presence coming down from the skies and backs away. Right as Ozuros retreats, Jheet crashes at their position and frees his master. At the same time Jury also returns to Kyoko's side.
    "Kyoko, are you okay?"

    Still in shock from remembering the gun Kyoko is shaking in fear and unable to calm down. Seeing her master in such a mess, Jury is extremely on guard with them being surrounded by enemies.
    Especially the new Oath Master who suddenly arrived made her worry. To her luck, Sayano and Skiery arrive as backup.
    "I didn't expect the whole area to be swarmed with skeletons", Skiery says exhausted. "In the end we still reached here at the same time."

    "Yeah, I didn't expect that either", Sayano replies. Looking at Kyoko being so unstable, Sayano comes to her side and embraces her, pressing her head against his chest and calming her down. "Sorry for being late."

    "Jury", Skiery asks. "What's the situation here?"

    "I'm not too sure myself. We met a girl at the vending machine, but she suddenly vanished and instead we were attacked by Jheet again. It seems like the half human over there is his Master Xetael and the other girl seems to be on his side. And also...", she looks at Ozuros with unsure eyes, "...he seems to be another Oath Master."

    Turning his attention to Jury and the others, Ozuros answers to them: "You don't know me and you don't need to. All that's important is that I'm going against Xetael. Nothing else should be of interest to you."

    "Let's accept this for now", Skiery continues. "Jean and Muspel are taking care of Jabberwocky, while Sky is defending us from Alice. If it stays as it is, we are at an advantage..."
    But before Skiery can finish his sentence, a body suddenly dropped down from the skies.

    A lifeless body, covered in wounds from head to toe. A plugged wing, a destroyed horn and the last bit of blue thunder leaving the body. Lying now in front of them is the wounded body of Sky.

    Seeing his unmoving Contractor defeated in battle Skiery let's out a cry full of pain. Overwhelmed by his emotions he rushes towards his Contractor, but is almost blasted away by a dark pulse. Only the quick interference of Ozuros, grabbing Sky and him away from the danger, saved Skiery from being killed on the spot.
    Slowly descending from the sky, Alice makes her entrance. Slightly wounded with some damage to her clothes, she looks at Sky with cold and emotionless eyes.
    "Almost satisfying. As Oath Contractor we could have had more fun. Who is next?"

    Right as Alice issues her demand for a new challenge, Blade appears with her lightning from above, slashing down at Alice. Having formed a sword out of her mechanical parts and infused with her lightning, Blade takes Alice by surprise and causes her to defend with a barrier of dark energy. Seeing the cracks in her barrier from the force of the attack, Alice finally dodges the attack as she acknowledges the power of her new enemy.
    "I'll be your next", Blade answers. "I'll be your next and your last."

    Watching the whole situation from a distance Akeryu and Elaine are wondering what's going on and what they should do.
    "Elaine, why are there so many Oath Masters here right now?"

    "I don't know. This all escalated quite much from our initial assassination plan."

    "Are we siding with someone? Or should we retreat from here?"

    "I think our best course of action is waiting and seeing how it turns out. Without having enough informations, we are pushed back if this escalates any further. We might even reach a point where we're unable to interfere. In the best case scenario we can let them take down each other and just handle the remaining ones. If anything else happens..."

    "I understand. But still, doesn't all of this feel... manipulated?"

    "Yes, I think so too. The question is: who could manipulate all of this?"

    Arriving shortly after Blade, Brionac makes his entrance next to Ozuros.

    "Took you long enough", Ozuros scoffs while keeping his eyes at Xetael.

    "Yeye, not everyone can have the fused strength of their Contractor." Taking a look at his own target, Brionac continues: "Ozu, can you take care of your side on your own?"

    "I believe so... but Xetael is unnaturally quiet. They are scheming something."

    Five Oath Masters. Two Temporary Masters. Eight Contractors. These were the numbers he could see with the first glance. Numbers, that were more than just surprising already - but even so, he knew, that even more was coming. He could feel it - almost see it all in front of him. All seven Oath Masters here at the beach, fighting for dominance, fighting to kill, fighting to survive. That was the vision he could see - that he wanted to see. And now it was almost all in place...

    Looking at the situation Sayano kept holding Kyoko closely to his chest. Sky was defeated, Skiery distraught at the sight of his Contractor lying in front of him and Jury lost all hope with her mentor downed and her Master being overwhelmed with emotions. Meanwhile his own Contractor was still fighting off an eldritch abomination together with Skiery's other Contractor. He knew the situation was dire. While the two unknown factors of Brionac and Ozuros were apparently on their side, he couldn't be sure of it. And even then, anything was able to tip the scale of the fight right now...

    Suddenly Xetael returned to his maniacal laughter. Though Ozuros and Brionac were unfazed by his craziness, the effect on the other Masters was clear. With a flick of his finger Ozuros shoots a fire blast at Xetael, which is blocked by Jheet. Ineffective at damaging him, it still silenced Xetael for a second.
    "My my", he continues with his demonic grin. "That's not very polite."

    "Shut your trap", Ozuros responds coldly.

    "Ara? Didn't you want to talk just a second ago?"

    Staring down at Xetael, Ozuros made his intentions and mood clear. Realising that the fun was over, Xetael continued with his plan.
    "Alright, alright. Time for phase two. Jheet..."


    "Extreme Altera-"
    Before Xetael manages to finish his command, Ozuros moved with explosive speed. Grabbing him by the face, Ozuros dragged Xetael away with immense power, removing the two of them from the battlefield.

    Surprised by the speed Ozuros displayed, Jheet looks after his Master and his enemy. As the two almost vanish in the horizon, he suddenly looks back at Sayano with a purple glowing eye.
    "I haven't forgotten you..." Immediately as he said this, the purple glow expanded and started to cover his whole body.

    "Blade! Cut him down now!"
    With her Master's command Blade appeared before Jheet, proceeding to strike at him. Just as the sword is about to reach Jheet's neck, it is suddenly stopped by Alice interference as she blocked the attack with another barrier. To Alice surprise the barrier immediately shatters with the strike. Using the temporary surprise Blade instantly creates a second sword with her mechanical parts, going for a second strike before her enemy can react. As the second sword tears into the neck of Jheet, she feels a strong counter force pushing the attack back. Putting all her strength into the strike, she is finally pushed back by a purple energy explosion.

    "My apologies, Master. I couldn't stop him."

    Re-emerging from the purple energy, Jheet is overflowing with mana. With a staff in each hand, altered clothes and a winged crown he presents his class change:
    "Extreme Alteration: Apis Mode."

    A great deal away from the action Ozuros finally stops, hurling Xetael into the ground and crashing right onto him. Flat on his back Xetael tries to slash at Ozuros with his sword, but is stopped when Ozuros blocks the attack, twirls around his arm with his own and breaks it thoroughly. Dropping the sword due to the damage done to his arm, Xetael uses his other arm to point his gun at Ozuros head. Dodging the bullet by a hair's breadth, Ozuros catches the dropped sword and drives the blade through the gun and hand into the ground, disabling both of his enemies arms. Gather a large amount of mana he continues by cladding his right fist with his purple flames, striking down at Xetael's body, causing him to cough out blood and creating a huge crater with them as center. With his enemy finally incapacitated, Ozuros falls back and sits down right next to him. Going through his hair with his right hand, he leans back with his arms as support and says:
    "Now Xavy, no escape for you left. You will answer my questions."

    "You really think you can make me talk? Don't be stupid."

    "Stubborn as always. I thought as brothers you deserved one last talk before I end you. But fine, have it your way."

    "Brothers?! Stop it with your nonsense. We were never brothers."

    "Maybe. Maybe not. I always considered you to be the closest to a brother I would have. And if you hadn't done it, we would be brothers by now..."

    Two Oath Master gone. Only three enemies left. With Jury and Skiery still physical unharmed, the unkown Oath Master and the red-haired Saber class on their side, Sayano could see a flick of hope. The Saber class seemed to have more power than Alice and also gain more as time goes by, while Luka appeared relatively tame. The only danger came from the altered Jheet. Jury, Skiery and himself against Jheet sounded reasonable, doable. But once again, a new development changed everything...

    "Dark Sanctuary."
    Lifting his left arm in the air and pointing his staff upwards, Jheet creates an illusionary graveyard all around them. Summoning three gravestones from underneath the earth, they push through the ground revealing the names of the dead: Vendanna. Lynia. Nari. Directing his right staff at the stones, they suddenly start rumbling. With rising intensity they cause the ground to shake, until the gravestones explode one after another. Crawling out from the graves are the three dead people, reanimated to move according to Jheet's wishes.
    "Now... have fun with my minons. Rhahahaha."

    "This is unexpected", Brionac says visibly surprised. "To think that Jheet's EA would be a Caster class - and furthermore a necromancer. This could prove to be trouble... Ozuros mentioned he wanted to talk with Xetael first..."

    Still devasted by his loss of Sky, Skiery looks at her body without daring to touch her. Unable to get a clear thought, Skiery just stares at the developments in front of him. Suddenly he feeels a sting in his face as he hears the same sound two times.

    "Get yourselves together!", Sayano shouts after slapping Skiery and Jury across the face. "Skiery, is that all you're up to? Is all you can do is watch and cry at the loss of your Contractor?!"
    Turning his attention to Jury, he continues: "And you, Jury. You're Master is in this situation and you aren't doing anything? We had decided to fight, to support Kyoko. We always knew this was coming - and yet you're immediately lost after the first difficulty?! Yes, I understand the pain, yes I understand the feeling of losing hope after something terrible happened, but THIS is not the time to weep. This is the time to fight. And that is exactly what we're going to do to survive!"

    Just as he finishes his speech the undead Lynia jumps at him, trying to strike at him with a lance made of lightning. Holding Kyoko tightly Sayano jumps back with her, getting cut on his left arm and using a magic crest to counter her. Fully activated the crest activates a strong mana blast, supposed to keep Lynia at a distant, but instead Lynia just charges straight on towards Sayano. Dashing right against Lynia Jury summons her Tray Shield, blocking the ongoing attack and forcing her back.
    "I'm sorry Saya, you're right. This is not the time to grieve."

    Not leaving any room to rest the undead Vendanna also attacks, but is pushed back by Skiery who also recovered his state of mind.
    "Alright. Time for revenge."

    Rushing in again, Lynia forces Jury to completely focus on her, not letting her support the Masters. With no regards to any safety Vendanna also jumps right in, completely seizing Skiery's attention. With the two defending them Sayano notices the presence above them, ready to strike. Creating a massive fire blast, Nari hurls it down, causing Sayano to panic for a second. Pouring the majority of his mana into a shield crest, but his powers proved to be minimal compared to that of a Contractor. Just in time another defensive shield activates, completely shielding the Masters from the blast.

    Finally reuniting Jean and Muspel arrive at the battlescene, having defeated Jabberwocky and taking him out of the equation.
    "Master, I apologise for our delay. The monster was more of a threat than expected."

    "He got me good", Muspel adds, bleeding all over his body and having his right wing shredded. "Damn thing could change his size and become even faster."

    "Muspel try to recover a bit." Looking at Sky lying on the ground, Jean has feelings of regret. The threat is clearly not over yet."

    Watching the reunited group fighting off the undead threats, Luka and Alice have the same opinion.


    "Yes. I'm also getting bored by this."

    "Let's turn it up a notch?"


    Agreeing on the same thing they both say in unision: "Extreme Alteration. Boost Mode."
    Covering herself in her dark energies, Alice immediately reappears in a red dress with white patterns, hovering a big colourful present with her left hand. Lifting the present up she starts to chant a spell, using the present as catalyst. Seeing the chant as opportunity to strike, Blade dashes towards Alice, interrupting the chant as Alice dodges the incoming attack. Realising the potential danger from the finished chant, Blade keeps up the pressure, continuosly keeping Alice at bay, barely leaving her a moment to react.

    Using the occupation of Alice as chance, Brionac moves in and strikes at Alice with a silver dagger. Blocking it with her hand clad in black mist, the two of them engage in close combat. Using a module of Blade's armory he switches between an impulse gun, an electric taser glove and a mechanical dagger. Holding against that, Luka is using dark enchantments around her body to block and deflect the various weapons. With his surprise attack failed and the following scuffle not producing any result, Brionac backs away again.
    ("Something is going on here. Luka is completely different, so calm and reserved, while Alice didn't use any barriers since her boost anymore...")

    Tapping the communication device in his ear, Brionac declares. "The situation is getting out of hand. We're going in full force now. Blade: Extreme Alteration: Wadjet Mode."
    With the command of her Master, Blade activates her overhaul module. Building a mechanical ring on her back, it immediately charges up as it is completed. Glowing in a bright light, the ring powers up her whole mecha suit, reforming her single mechanical parts and creating five drones flying around her. Boasting her new black equipment Blade directly locks on to Luka with a drone, preparing for the attack.
    "Blade Dance: First Shot."

    "Who the hell would want to have any relation to you! Brothers?! Don't flatter yourself. You're nothing more but a degenerate, lousy impostor."

    Sighing Ozuros listens to Xetael's ranting. "Do you honestly think I betrayed you?"

    "Betrayed?! Don't put yourself on the high horse. I never trusted you in first place for you to betray me. I allowed you to be in my presence to use you... but I give you that, you were faster in using me."

    "Xavi, stop it. You and I both know it's not true."

    "DO WE NOW?! All I know is that some pest was clinging at me, non-stop bothering me until I accepted its pitiful existence, only to find him backstabbing me THE MOMENT I moved my eyes from it!"

    Sinking his face into his hands, Ozuros remembers the first time he met Xetael, met her... but it didn't matter anymore. Only one thing left to do and all would be over. Going through his hair from the front to the back with his hands, Ozuros ignites his purple flames, covering both arms with his Contractor's power.
    "I am sincerly sorry that you see it this way. See our friendship this way. In the end I will always consider you as my brother, but what you did... is unforgivable. And I will correct it now."

    "Dark Sanctuary."
    Hearing the two words Ozuros suddenly finds himself inside an giant field of death and carnage. Taking a quick look at the surrounding he dismisses the change of scenery as fast as it appeared and raises his fist. Striking at Xetael, he is stopped as dozens of skeletons break through the group, grabbing and holding him back. With their overwhelming numbers they try to pull Ozuros down into the ground, during which an uncountable number of gravestones appear as a ring around him, each featuring a different name.

    "Took you long enough!", Xetael shouts at Jheet.

    Hovering in the air, the Contractor summons more skeletons who help his Master and take him away from the danger.
    "My apologies, hahaha."
    Focusing his power on the gravestones he summons dead Contractors left and right, who all immediately rush towards Ozuros. Annoyed by the amount of minions bothering him and seeing all the additional undead enemies, shuts down his flames and gathers an enormous amout of mana inside of his chest. Compressing the power he adds more and more mana, causing his body to glow. As more and more undead join the fray, Ozuros vanishes underneath a pile of skeleton and Contractors with only the strong light of his body visible through some open spots. Suddenly, the shine disappears - inducing a single second, of pure silence. During this one second, it was as if time has stopped. The colour of the area completely disappeared, any motion was reduced to nothing, any sound was null and void. Following that one second, were only two words:
    "Galaxy Star."

    "Blade Dance: First Shot."
    With lightning speed the shot flies at Luka, who can barely react to it. Shielding her Master Alice jumps in the way, finally putting up one of her barriers and deflecting the shot. With the momentum still at her side, Blade instantly follow her first shot with the second and third shot, ramping up her power with every shot and additional drone she uses. With the additional power of the successive shots, Alice's barrier is torn apart, allowing the shots to hit Alice and actually causing damage.

    "Impressive", Alice notes looking at herself being harmed. "I didn't expect that from you. But... playtime's over."
    Opening the cover of the present in her left hand, a cold air suddenly appears in the whole area. Sensing the incredible amount of dark miasma, everyone's immediately alarmed. Setting up defensive shields and barriers, they are all expecting an immense danger coming. Throwing the present high up in the air, it suddenly stopped in mid-air. Like an explosion a giant black arm springs out of the opening, finding its way to the ground and clawing its fingers into the earth, creating huge craters. Seeing this enormous pillar of death, all hope vanished.

    Realising the whole situation spiraling out of his ability to control, Brionac finally calls in reinforcement.
    "We can't wait any longer. Start the operation!"

    Receiving the plea for help, the hooded man jumps out of his chair and instantly turns towards Nawzu.
    "Nawzu, you heard him! It's time!"

    "Alright, let's go." ("Bora, we'll have to improvise. Start your spell!")

    Feeling the darkness surrounding the beach herself and hearing Nawzu's command, Bora activates the mana she's been slipping into the water, creating an overwhelming force as her power. Lifting tremendous amounts of the water up, circling around her, she creates a giant water hurricane, rivaling the size of the colossal black arm and throwing an enormous shadow over the whole beach, darkening the whole area. With her preparations finished and her spell ready, she calls out her attack:
    "Burst of Stream!"

    ("Breath.... breath.... you can do it... just... breath...")

    Trying her hardest to grasp for air, Kyoko is watching at the disaster in front of her. A giant monstrosity from another realm, the titanic wave closing in from the beach and far into the mainland was a blinding flare followed by an unfathomable explosion.

    This was absolute chaos. She was shivering all over her body, her mind scattered, images from her dreams were flashing on and off her mind and with one of her dear friends having fallen, she should have lost all hope. But she didn’t. Something, someone, was keeping her from giving up. Embracing her the whole time, keeping her safe from the undead and defending her with his own body was an all too familiar boy. A boy she never saw as anything but a cute younger brother. Until now. Leading the group, defending himself and others and raising morale - this boy had turned into a man. A man she could trust, a man she could have faith in. And before she knew it, her shivering had finally vanished.

    Tapping on Sayano’s chest Kyoko signals him to let her down. As he releases his grip around her petite body, she runs her fingers over his arms, stopping at his hands. Looking him in the eyes, she had regained her composure. Leaning in she thanks him sincerly...

    Deep into the mainland another battle came to its conclusion when Ozuros used his ultimate skill: Galaxy Star. With the power mirroring that of an exploding star, Ozuros created an extreme flame blast, enormous enough, that even Nawzu’s group can see it with their bare eyes. The unbelievably bright shine of the flare was illuminating everything, even the tiniest dust speck flying through the air. Utterly laying waste to anything in its vicinity, it destroyed the Dark Sanctuary and all the skeletons and undead inside of it. Standing proud, strong and solemn in the centre of the blast zone, Ozuros has his eyes pinned on the only other thing surviving his attack: his sole target, Xetael.
    With over half his body covered with wounds from the flames, he is barely able to move. Using the last of his strength he sneakily summons his gun, keeping it hidden from sight.

    Jheet on the other hand was very careful now. With his illusion broken, he was visibly weakened; and seeing Ozuros full power, he knew he couldn't take him head on. If he wanted to have a chance, he needed to do it the old way - assassinate him from the shadows...

    Spotting Jheet up in the skies Ozuros walks straight towards Xetael, acknowledging the presence but essentially ignoring the enemy Contractor. With every step he takes, he can feel his revenge coming closer to an end. Only one strike was needed. Xetael was already on there verge of dying, but that was not enough. He wanted to have his full revenge. He wanted to see Xetael’s dying face, his last moments. He wanted to properly end the one who was once his friend. And so he was right next to Xetael. The last words were spoken, the right to beg for mercy never existed. As such, Ozuros raised his hand. Gathering his fire he creates a colourful rainbow flame, a last present.

    Just as Ozuros is about to attack, Xetael pulls out his gun. With all of his remain energy he pulls the trigger three times, hitting Ozuros in the face, shoulder and abdomen. With the devil's grin Xetael sees himself victorious, until he suddenly hears a word.
    Recovering his body from the wounds with his flames, Ozuros is standing above Xetael without changing his expression in the slightest. Completely healing his body, he only has one word left for his old friend: “Farewell.”

    “Burst of Stream”. With her powerful skill Bora enters the battlefield, by moving the enormous water masses of her domain. Contend to change the outcome of the fight and eliminating their target, she charges into the field preparing to attack.

    “Do we move in too?”, the rose haired girl asks her master.

    Gritting his teeth the cloaked man denies her question.
    “We can't. Until it's absolutely necessary we must not reveal ourselves. Or else, the whole plan might fail. But…” Looking at Nawzu he continues: “...we shall trust in our comrades.”

    Watching the incoming demise Jury is preparing for the worst. If that giant wave were to be another enemy, they would stand no chance. With the assistance of Jean and backup fire from Muspel and Skiery, she had finally finished the undead attacking them. But the problems didn’t stop there. While the additional help from Brionac and Blade was certainly good, it wasn’t enough. Alice and Luka were too matched for them, which left the demonic monster slowly coming from the dimension portal to Jury and her group. But the weakened state of the others and the way she was right now…

    Suddenly, she can feel a small hand grabbing and holding her hand.
    “Jury, you’re not alone.”

    Turning around Jury sees her Oath Master, finally recovered from her trauma with a confident expression - which was also slightly reddened? Jumping straight at Kyoko and embracing her wholeheartedly, she presses her Master on her own body. Whispering into her ear, she says:
    “I’m so glad you are yourself, again.”

    Returning the hug of her Contractor Kyoko answers softly:
    “I’m sorry that I made you worry.”

    In the privacy of their hug, Jury continues with a little smirk:
    “Say… what’s with you reddened face? I don’t see Sayano anywhere either…”

    Slightly surprised and embarrassed Kyoko’s cheeks turn deep red, as she loses a bit of her refound composure and pushes her Contractor away.
    “It… it’s nothing. Saya is checking on Skiery and Muspel...”

    Intruding in their conversation Jean lands next to them, blocking a stray blast from Alice’ and Blade’s fight.
    “My apologies to interrupt your moment, but we are still in the middle of a battle. And by the looks of it…” He points at the giant wave having arrived at their location, “... we are out of time.”

    Looking down from her postion above her domain, Bora confirms her order one last time:
    “Nawzu, I’m ready.”

    Looking at the cloaked man Nawzu nods at him before giving his command:
    “Bora, strike it down!”

    Releasing her full magic power, Bora creates five vortices using half of her massive wave. Condensing the five vortices she creates ever spiraling water spears, rotating with such speed, that the water appears to be solid. By using her hand she moves the spears along the direction she’s pointing at. Raising her arm she moves one spear in an arc above her head, about to attack. With her magical eye fully released, she pinpoints the weak spot of the demonic abnormality. Using absolute precision, Bora rains down her spear right into the perfect spot, piercing right into that monster. After a second of silence, an utterly terrifying shriek is heard, echoing through the battlefield and causing massive pain and tremors.

    Enjoying the painful sound of her about to be summoned being, Alice looks around her. With most of her enemies covering her ears or being somewhat occupied by the sound, she suddenly has a change of heart. Using the short provided break she moves to Luka and gets some distance between them and their enemies.
    As soon as the cry ended, she starts whispering to her Master and proposing a new plan.

    Hearing the new proposal of her Contractor, Luka’s face visibly changes, from a little entertained to absolutely thrilled. Agreeing to the new plan with no hesitation, Luka just smirks as she imagines the coming situation.

    A safe distance away from the action Elaine and Akeryu have settled for a decision. With Akeryu completely retreated she left her Contractor to independent actions. With a completely finished setup, Elaine is pointing her sniper rifle at her original target, Kyoko. Carefully watching through the scope, she is supervising this battle, waiting to intervene at the right moment.
    (“Elaine, you’ll have free reign to decide. Do what you think is right.”)

    Looking at the current situation, Brionac is getting a bad feeling.

    (“Something doesn’t feel right. Just now Alice and Luka had the perfect moment to escape, yet they decided to stay. Is this a trap? Is the monster they are about to summon that much of a threat?”)

    “Master”, Blade calls out to Brionac, “My fifth shot is loaded. What are we going to do? I could shoot Alice, but with her speed advantage I might not be able to finish her…”

    Suddenly another extreme cry resonates from inside the present box. This time even more terrifying, Bora immediately answers by firing her second and third spear into the monster. To everyone’s surprise no immediate reaction came, causing everyone to be even more anxious.

    “Nawzu”, Bora contacts her Master again, “something isn’t right. My attacks should drain that monster of its power, but it feels like that thing isn’t losing any of it.”

    “This isn’t looking good”, Nawzu worries over the situation. “Brionac, what’s your evaluation?”

    “I’m not sure either”, Brionac answers distraught. “This is getting out of hand more and more. We have to make a decision. Either stop that monster from being completely summoned... or carry out our original goal. Blade has her fifth shot loaded and combining it with Bora’s attack, we should be able to take down that monster before it arrives. But with the way everything is going right now, our best call might be trying to kill the real target...”

    “Extreme Alteration: Happy Hour.”
    While Nawzu’s group was still discussing their next move, Kyoko had made her move. Activating the Boost Mode of her Contractor, she makes a clear statement about their coming actions. Standing her ground right next to Jury, they are standing in between that monster and her comrades. Activating her Rune magic, she prepares to attack that monster together with her Contractor.
    “Rune Magic: Annihilation Blast!”
    “Happy Hour: Soup Laser!”

    With both attacks hitting the same spot on the monster, a large wound is opening, leaking out purple blood like fluid. But even though the damage was greater than the first or second attack from Bora, no cry was following. Instead, after a short delay, a heartbeat was audible. A heartbeat coming right from the supposed arm of the monster.

    Unclear of what happened, the attackers halt for a moment, watching carefully before acting again. Suddenly Alice bursts out in full laughter.
    “Finally! My creation is about to be born! And nothing can stop it anymore!”

    Hearing Alice’s announcement everyone immediately made a decision. Using their full power Blade, Bora and Jury immediately went with their strongest attack, crushing the monster’s arm with their combined strength, resulting in an enormous explosion, followed by an extremely thick smokescreen. While temporarily weakened by their use of their strongest attacks, Kyoko and the others on the ground felt their feet suddenly being surrounded by a black swamp.

    Searching for Alice with her magic eye, Bora realises that Alice and Luka have retreated from the battle. Unable to find them, she looks at the remains of the monster and is shocked by her discovery.
    “This can’t be…”
    Without delay Bora rushes to use the remainder of her domain to create a massive water sphere around her, to act as a shield around her.

    Just as the smoke is clearing, Ozuros has returned from his fight with Xetael. Holding the dead body of his former friend by his neck, he looks at the situation and is terrified. Instead of the sight of the monster arm, all he could see now was a glowing red core, pulsing and beating faster and faster. Shouting out with maximum volume, he warns those he had allied with.
    “What are you doing?! Get away from there!”

    Almost simultaneously to Ozuros’ shouting, the red core reached it’s limit. Compressing into an almost invisible size, it immediately enlarges again, expanding vastly with extreme speed and creating an abnormal explosion, about to cover the whole battlefield.

    Bound by the black swamp and unable to escape, Brionac looks at his own demise. Accepting his end, he apologies to his Contractor and allies.
    “I’m sorry, we got played.”

    As the explosion is about to reach him, a last spark of hope reaches him. Channeling all of her power as well as the Mana from her Master, Jury is using her last resort and activates her final and ultimate skill.
    “Ultimate GLUTTONY!”
    Focusing all her power into her mouth, she draws in the whole power of the explosion into her, sapping it from its destructive power and keeping it in bay. As she continues to drain the energy of the explosion, she is slowly diminishing its overall explosion range and forcing it back.

    While Jury succeeds in protecting everyone from the explosion, Brionac and Blade almost freed themselves from the swamp. Seeing his ally about to escape by himself, Ozuros notices another person in need of help. Jumping in and landing right by her side, he takes a look at the heavily wounded person. Checking her vitals, he notices her barely clinging to life, but alas not being dead. Just as he is about to help her, he hears a dreadful sound: the sound of a sniper.

    From her secure spot away from the explosion range, Elaine had made her decision. After watching carefully about everything that was going on, she clearly knew who her most dangerous enemy would be. Using everything at her disposal she had prepared for the important shot.
    ‘Critical Intuition’, Strategic Behaviour’, ‘Limit Response’ and most importantly, ‘Agent Sight’.
    With the effect of all of her own buffs, Elaine was ready. Carefully targeting the throat, she looks through the scope. Wind, the force of the explosion, any unexpected situation, none of it mattered. With all of her preparation, her shot would hit exactly what she wanted: and so she did. By pulling the trigger Elaine started the final moment of her target. Soaring through the air the magic bullet flew in a perfectly straight line. Not changing the direction in the least, her stationary target was too occupied to react, no, to even notice the attack. And then, it was over in a second. As the bullet penetrated Jury’s throat, her “Ultimate Gluttony” immediately stopped. And with it, the explosion had nothing stopping it anymore.

    Engulfing Brionac and Blade before they could escape, they were completely eradicated. And even though Bora had used so much to protect herself, she couldn’t stay unharmed by the sheer force of the attack. On the other side, Ozuros could do nothing but shield the dragon girl with his own body, hoping for the best.

    With blood flooding her mouth and lungs, Jury was unable to even understand what was going on. There was nothing she could do anymore. In front of her the apocalyptic explosion, behind her Kyoko and her friends. Knowing that she was the last defense for her Master, she was devastated. Not because of her own death, but for failing to protect her. The sweet little girl she had mistakenly drawn into this whole mess. This failure would be the last thing on her mind, the last thing she saw, before dying. No. NO. This was unacceptable. She wouldn’t accept this end, she mustn’t accept this. She had only one breath left. One breath before she would die. And she would not waste it. Channeling her power once again, drawing from every fiber of her body, no even more than than, even drawing from her surroundings, she gathered the power for one final time. One final skill she would be able to do, before leaving this planet. Ignoring the blood, ignoring the open hole in her throat, she had to do it.

    Sucking in her own blood as well as the remainder of the explosion, Jury manages to massively weaken the explosion, before being turned to ashes by the consumed energy inside of her as well as the outside force of the explosion. Vanishing into thin air, she left a clear path behind her, dramatically less affected by the destruction than the rest of the explosion range.

    Following the explosion, an absurdly large crater is left. Though the explosion was supposed to destroy everyone and everything, one man got on his knees. Burned nearly to death, with almost no strength left, he manages to let out one word: Efflorescence.
    Casting it on almost the whole explosion range, he tries to recover and heal his allies that were caught in explosion. And while he could save the dragon girl he found, he could not help his original ally, Brionac, or his partner. Looking over to his newer allies, he has realises that even of them he couldn’t save all - only three people were left. Carrying the girl he slowly makes his way to the survivors.

    Saved by her Contractor and healed by Ozuros Efflorescence, Kyoko is the first to stand up again. Looking around her she can only see Jean and Sayano, barely breathing but alive. Turning back to the place her Contractor was having her last stand, Kyoko has completely lost her will. Tears are flooding her eyes and running down her cheeks, as she grieves over what she just saw. She knew this was going to happen. She knew Jury was going to die to save her. But she never wanted to accept it, to actually see it. And now that it happened, she didn’t know what to do.

    Watching the massacre from afar, the rose-haired woman has lost her temper.

    Completely enraged the cloaked man also lost all his will to remain hidden, but the presence of their awaited helper was finally here. Begrudgingly accepting the decisions they made, he holds back his partner.
    “It’s too late. We have failed already. It is not up to us anymore. Nawzu, what is Bora’s situation?”

    Shocked by the events Nawzu takes a moment to realise what happened, but is immediately pulled back as he grasps his Contractor being hurt.
    “Bora. Answer me. Bora, where are you now? Are you okay?”

    Desperately awaiting the answer, Nawzu is finally relieved as she manages to answer his call.
    “I’m… I’m still alive. The force of the explosion pushed me deep into the ocean. I’m able to shield myself from the water pressure a little longer.”

    “Stay right there”, Nawzu answers. “I’ll come and get you.”

    “Wait just a second, Nawzu.”

    “Wait for what?! My Contractor is hurt and I need to get to her.”

    “He has arrived. You too have an obligation to watch how it ends.”

    As Ozuros walks to his allies, he noticed a red glow in the distant sky. Just a moment later a man arrives, landing in front of the group. Wounded on his complete right side, he looks at the survivors. Seeing only the five of them left, he resents his own inability to arrive earlier.
    “My apologies”, he says with an ice-cold expression as he looks around them. “I failed you.”

    Unclear of what the man is saying or even his agenda, Ozuros is carefully watching him. Arriving next to his allies, he lays down the girl next to her friends.

    Before Ozuros can ask what the man wants, he suddenly ignites a flame in his hand. Understanding that this man is dangerous, Ozuros immediately goes into the defensive.
    “Who are you? What do you want?”

    Finally conscious again, Jean interrupts.

    “He is… Choi, the Ruler Contractor of the Hero of the Void.”

    Walking closer towards them, Choi dismisses the question.

    Alarmed Ozuros and Jean immediately move into his path, preparing to fight him off. But before they can do anything, they are both suddenly restricted from moving.

    “Command: Refrain from any interference.”

    Shocked by the power to bind him Ozuros shouts:
    “What is this? What’s going on?”

    Bound even stronger than Ozuros, Jean is barely able to answer:
    “This… this is... the unique ability… of the Ruler class… being able to command other Contractors…”

    (“Interesting”), Choi comments on Ozuros ability to freely talk. (“An Avenger class. If he wasn’t so heavily wounded, my command might not be affecting him at all. But just to be sure…”)

    Walking up to them, Choi raises his hand and sweeps Ozuros out of his path, knocking him out and removing him from battle. Giving Jean a cold stare into his eyes he walks right past them, now standing in front of Kyoko.

    “Don’t you…. dare”, Jean shouts at him. “Don’t you... dare.... touch her!”

    With all of her friends down and even her own Oath Contractor dead, Kyoko is defenseless as Choi draws closer. Having completely accepted any kind of fate, she closes her eyes and waits for her end - but before he can reach her, one person is left standing.

    “I will not let you pass...”, Sayano says, blocking the way and shielding Kyoko with his body.

    “Saya…” With tears in her eyes Kyoko begs for him to let it go. “...get out of the way… please…”

    “Never”, Sayano replies with a big smile on his face. His wounded body was aching everywhere from the damage he took by the pillar’s explosion, his legs were so weak, he could barely even stand. And yet he stood there, in front of the one person he wanted to protect the most.
    “I love you, Kyoko. And the only way he will ever get to you is over my dead body.”

    With an even colder expression than before Choi looks at the scene in front of him. Hearing Sayano’s words, his confession, changed something. A weak smile arises as he grabs Sayano’s shoulder with his left hand. Staring right into his eyes, Choi is completely satisfied and says:

    Uttering only this single word, Choi completely silences the remaining people watching the scene with his following action. Changing his expression in a split second, Choi releases all of his rage as he punches through Sayano’s body and ripping his heart out in the process. With the last breath leaving Sayano, he openly crushing the heart in his hand.
    “Die, Astoria.”

    "This is it, we're leaving."

    Concerned the rose-haired girl tries to stop him: "Are you sure you want to do this?"

    "Yes," he answers her with full determination. "I will not be anyone's plaything."

    "Let him go", the cloaked man responds, still looking at the aftermath of the beach conflict. "He made his decision."

    "I appreciate your understanding." Holding his Contractor in his arms, he prepares their transportation seal in front of them.

    Still weakened from the blast, Bora looks up to her Master.
    "Nawzu... you know..."

    "Sheesh. Save your strength, I'll get us home first."
    As the seal is completed, he turns back around to his up to that point partners.
    "This is farewell."

    Not turning to him, the cloaked man has one last question:
    "Will we be enemies the next time we meet?"

    Stepping into the seal, it starts to light up and begins the transportation. With his back turned to them, Nawzu answer:

    Just as Nawzu and Bora left the place, Choi arrives. Wounded and weakened he looks at his allies with a saddened expression.
    "I failed."

    "No", the cloaked man responds, "we failed.

    Walking and jumping in joy Luka is extremely excited about everything that happened.
    "Hahaha I can't believe they fell for it! Attacking the pillar with their full force not realising it was supposed to explode in the first place~"

    "Indeed. They seemed to be too worried about the arrival of my present to properly access the situation."

    "Such a fun day~ If only I could have seen Xagy's death... that's kind of a bummer. Him dying without me having done anything... well, except for telling Jheet to not intervene anymore."

    "You sure have a twisted love for this guy", Alice responses to her Master's ranting.

    "What? No~ If anything I'd love to kill him. That reminds me though..."
    Turning to Jheet, Luka shows her typical crazy smile for when she has one of her special ideas.
    "Jheet! Since you can put dead people under your command, you surely can revive Xagy so I can torture him more right?"

    With a devilish smile Jheet looks at Alice.
    "I thought I already hit the jackpot with Xetael... but you are actually eclipsing him."

    Back on the beach Kyoko is staring at the dead body of Sayano in complete apathy. This whole fight, this whole day... it was just too much. So many friends, so many dead. She was simply unable to accept any of this. But the way she was, the way she is, she never stood a chance. She was simply too weak. Too weak to protect, too weak to act, too weak - to change her fate. Reflecting on everything, she didn't know what to think - until she suddenly heard a sound coming from a distance.

    Arriving at his desired place, Nawzu makes a stop with his Contractor still in his arms. Taking a few steps, Bora starts to talk to Nawzu telepathically.
    ("Nawzu... you are aware of the truth right?")

    ("Yes, I am. I didn't want you to say anything in case someone was listening to us.")
    Looking up to the sky he hears the same sound as Kyoko was hearing. A sound similiar to that of an announcement, marking the arrival of further people. And just like that, four blue meteors are flying past their position, each with a different location and purpose. Seeing the result of their actions of this day, Nawzu accepts the truth.
    ("This is far from over.")


    Hiding in the bushes a tall, buff man is watching the new Contractor and her Master. Under his dark brownish hair he is donning a large red tattoo through his right eye, which is partially covered by his high-tech glasses connected to his own Contractor. As he watches the two he is simultaneously taking video evidence, to record their strength and abilities.

    "So this is the last of the new Oath Contracted."

    "I still don't understand it", a female voice suddenly appears from his earphones.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Why are you the one spying on them? I should be the one to do it."

    "Can't have my angel put in danger now, can I?"

    "I am a Shielder class. It is literally my job to be in between you and any danger."

    "Don't sweat the details. Do you have any information on these two?"

    "My database is rather low on intel about those two. Here's what I have", she is creating a visual aid for him through the glasses, "the dark tanned girl with silver hair and the cat ears is named Silk. Looking at her special aura though, she's quite likely a..."

    Just as they are talking about her, the emergency sounds goes off from his earphones. Pointing out the location of danger, he immediately turns around towards it only to face Silk right in front of him. Drawing his trusted battleaxe, he is striking back at her as she reaches out her arm to attack him. Blocking her attack with his full force, he is still pushed back several metres from her simple punch.

    "My, my, that was one hell of a punch."

    "This confirms my assumption. She's a Berserker. Considering the thickness of her dark aura, I would say her mad enhancement is EX ranked."

    "How are my chances of fighting her?"

    "Chances of victory are at 15%. I can't support you all too much from my current location."

    "I'm liking these odds. On my signal, can you temporarely bind her?"

    "Yes, that should be possible."

    Dashing straight towards Silk, he swings his axe over his head and strikes at her. Blocking his attack with only one hand by grabbing the sides of his blade, she is reaching out with her other hand to strike at him. Channeling mana in his left arm, he activates a shield to defend against the attack. Managing to withstand the force of the attack, he uses the chance to carefully look into Silk's eyes before giving the signal.
    "Bind her, now!"

    Activating her defense formular, she creates a hexagonal cage around Silk, stopping her from any movement for a short time. Pulling away his axe, he turns around and retreats immediately with full speed. Calculating from Silk's previous speed during her attack, his Contractor keeps up her defense just long enough, so the distance between them can't be closed in any reasonable time anymore. As she defense drops, Silk's Master comes to her side, upset that the one spying on them got away.
    "Tse. And I thought I could get some informations about Astoria from him."

    Walking back to the base where his Contractor awaits him, he begins to evaluate the data they have gathered.
    "Well, that was a nice little encounter. Considering all the other Oath Contractors, this Grail War will turn out quite interesting."

    "Certainly. Though I don't think they will be the ones to win. The Master appears too inexperienced."

    "I wouldn't be so sure about it. There's something like beginner's luck after all. Speaking of, what's the name of the Master?"

    "Her name seems to be Sachiko."

    "Sachiko huh? I wonder when we'll cross paths again..."

    Running down a dark alley a man is trying to escape by any means. Not caring about the reason, not caring about the actual person, all he knew was that his life was at stake. And that he needed to flee. As he is trying his best to get as much distance between him and his pursuer, a lone, short girl is following him. Clad in a black leather jacket and all around dark outfit, she is walking after him in a calm and steady manner. Her long black hair was slightly waving in the mild evening wind, which also covered parts of her cold expression. While her right hand was donning the symbol of an Oath Contract, it had a pitch-black colour, instead of the usual red. Her left hand however...
    Escaping deep into the slums of the outer area of the city, the man is finally stopping. While he had preferred to run further, he was at his end. The blood that was flowing out of his head wound has made his vision cloudy, as he had to keep wiping the blood out of his eyes. The many small cuts all over his body made him feel the blood loss and keeping him dizzy. And the big wound on his left leg left the trail which made it easy for his pursuer. Realising his last moment drawing closer, he pulls out his two trusted daggers. ("One last time...")

    Finally she had arrived where he was waiting. Raising her left hand she creates a rune in front of her palm. As she is drawing power to form it, the red symbol of an Oath on her left hand was glowing, as if it gave her power. Walking towards him with her rune firmly pointed towards him, she asks him one last time:
    "Tell me where he is. Tell me anything you know."

    "Hahaha", the man was laughing with his remaining strength. "I told you, I'm an information broker. Pay me and you might get what you want."

    "Hmpf. Very well, I'll give you your payment."

    "Do whatever you want, I already made my peace. You however, will continue to suffer. The loss of any Contractor is painful, I know that from first-hand experience. But the loss of an Oath Contractor..."
    Stopping his talk is a runic blast that blasted his right arm away.


    "Ahh, did I hit a nerve? Surprising, considering you even made another..."
    Once again he is interrupted, as a gravitiy rune above his body is pressing him into the earth.

    "I said silence! You know nothing about me."

    "So be it." Biting into the poisionous capsule inside of his mouth, he decided to end his own life before she could react to it. With his last breath he says: "Good riddance."

    Clicking her tongue she forfeits this person as another failure. Turning around she notices her Contractor having arrived and watching what happened.
    "Was it really necessary to kill him?"

    Walking past him, she doesn't meet his eyes and dismisses his concerns.
    "He refused to cooperate", she says bluntly. "Also it was he himself who took his own poison."

    "He was at death's door by the time I arrived. Did you consider the possibility that he didn't know anything?"

    "No, he certainly did. He was trying to protect him. And anyone who protects that monster, can die for all I care."

    Looking at his Master walking further away from him he is doubting her words. ("Monster, huh? And that while the rest of this world is considering him as hero...")
    Directing his gaze up to the stars he says to himself: "What am I supposed to do?"

    "About that I have suggestion", a voice suddenly appears out of nowhere.

    Surprised and alerted he prepares for an incoming ambush. Looking around he is trying to locate the enemy to prevent an attack out of the dark, but to his surpise, the person showed himself right in front of him.
    "Will you hear me out, Jean?"

    Holding the hand of her beloved Luka is enjoying their evening time together. Sitting as a couple in a throne room they are watching emprisoned Contractors fighting each other. Cuddling closer to Xetael she asks: "What do you think? Isn't this a wonderful sight?"
    Clicking his tongue he responds: "What do I think? I think you are a crazy bitch and should be..."
    With a snap of her fingers Xetael’s head us suddenly sent flying, cleanly cut of from his body with blood gushing out everywhere.
    Annoyed she responds: "Xavi, that's no way to talk to a lady. And now you're all covered in blood again ~"
    Wiping of some of the blood that hit her face she licks it off her fingers.
    "Not that I actually mind..."

    "Luka", Jheet calls out to her. "The victor has emerged. It's a woman."

    "What?! I was so sure it would be a man today~" Walking closer to the fighting pit she takes a look at the woman.
    "Fine, you won the bet. You can have her for your Sanctuary."

    Letting his devilish grin out he answers: "Always happy to hear that."

    As Luka and Jheet are talking a dark miasma suddenly appears. Grabbing the severed head of Xetael it reconnects it to his body, stitching the neck back together. After a few seconds Xetael suddenly reawakens, as if nothing happened.
    "You must be thrilled to kill me over and over, aren't you?"

    With her cutest possible expression she answers him in full joy: "I am."

    At the border town of the Nazir kingdom and the Hoeryong lands a sudden panic arose. Fire was spreading everywhere, engulfing buildings, pathways and humans alike. Hidden in the chaos one girl is delightfully watching from the top of a building as the cries of pain echo in the whole town. With her white and red dress fluttering around in the air, she reaches into sling bag, pulling out three different kinds of throwing knifes. Channeling her mana her purplish eyes change into an even deeper, stronger purple. At the same time the red parts of her dress turn purple while her knifes are charged with the same coloured energy. Spotting a man with burn wounds running for his life, she decides for him as the perfect target.
    Taking a step forward she jumps down from the roof and intends to get her pray. Like a bird she closes in from a blind spot to deal the decisive strike. Just as she reaches the perfect moment, her body is pierced as a person with a lance-like object pushes it through her and rams her into the ground.

    "Seems like I found the culprit of this whole mess", the girl in a partial knight armor says. Driving her weapon through the girl in the purple dress she also pushes it deeper into the ground, pinning down her enemy.

    Looking straight into the armored girls eyes, the purple eyes of the pinned girl flare up a bit. Suddenly her body dissolves into a flame, escaping her caught position.

    Pulling her weapon out of the ground again, the armored girl murmurs: "Now where did she go?"
    Feeling the sensation of imminent death she suddenly dashes away from her current position, only to find it bursting up in a pillar of flames as soon as she moved.

    "Not bad", the girl says, pointing the remaining two knifes in her hand at her new target. "I'm glad you're offering yourself up to entertain me."

    Taking up a battle stance the armored girl responds: "I am the dragon knight Beatrice, Oath Contractor and Saber class. Who are you and what are your intentions?"

    Smirking the girl answers: "I'm sorry, my master forbid myself from revealing too many informations. Knowing that I too am an Oath Contractor will have to suffice. Oh and also...", dissolving herself in flame again, she reappears right behind Beatrice, "
    I'll hear you cry soon."

    Back at the former Rescuers' base of operation, Kyoko, Jean, Sky and Ozuros are discussing their new informations.
    "As we feared most of the people are too loyal to him to give us any information", Kyoko begins. "While not all of them had any concrete information, none of them were going to disclose any of it no matter what."

    Agreeing to her impression, Sky joins in.
    "The underground brokers I met with also didn't want to give away any information. Though in this case, it appeared to me like it was simple fear of retribution, should it come to light, that they helped us.

    "Same goes for Brionac's network. While I found a few information about Choi here and there, most of them were outdated or just split into so many parts, recovery could take months."

    "This can't go on like this", Kyoko adds. "How can we let this monster live while Saya is..."

    Grabbing her hand Sky calms her down.
    "Don't worry, we'll find him soon enough. No man can escape his judgement."

    Sighing Ozuros murmurs: "Judgement, eh..."

    Noticing the silence of her Contractor, Kyoko asks: "Jean, are you alright?"

    "Ah yes, my lady. I was just distracted for a moment."

    "I see. Anyways, we need to make up a plan for tomorrow."

    While the group is discussion their plans, Elaine had followed them to this base and watches them carefully. While the groups priority was clearly on Choi, she knew that they would want to take revenge for Jury sooner or later. And that made them a threat...

    As they finished their discussion, the group split up and got ready to go to bed. Still watching them Elaine has noticed something unusual - while Kyoko, Sky and Ozuros were getting into their beds, Jean seemed to have different intentions. After he made sure his companions were asleep, he went out again. Seeing how he left his group without any warning, Elaine concludes this to be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him.
    Following him back to the town where he was today, Jean is going back to the place where Kyoko killed the man. As she realises the potential danger of a trap Elaine weights her options and decides to follow through. But the scene she found after following him, made her speechless.

    "Took you long enough, Jean."

    "What do you want, Choi?"

    Elaine couldn't believe it. There he was. The person they were looking for. The one who was like a shadow, impossible to be traced, only seen or heard of in rumors. Ruler Choi, Contractor of the Hero of the Void.
    And now he was right here in front of Jean. What was going on?

    "What do you want, Choi?", Jean asks with a cold voice.

    "Let me make it brief: Astoria is still alive."

    "What?! What are you talking about? You killed him in front of our eyes."

    With a stressed expression Choi takes a deep breath: "...I failed."

    "You what?"

    "You heard me. I failed. I failed to exterminate Astoria."

    "And how did you come to that conclusion?"

    "We found evidence that managed to surpass our wildest expectations. Everything that happened since Astoria and Kyoko arrived here- no, even the fact that they came here, was all a part of Astoria's scheme."

    "Do you know how absurd that sounds..."

    "Do you remember when you first met Kyoko? Wasn't there something strange?"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "The existence of a summoning circle."

    "They were summoned to participate in the Grail War. Why should that be strange?"

    "Because it doesn't make any sense. Potential participants are chosen and summoned by Gaia, the Will of this world. There should be no summoning circle since there is no need for one."

    "But that would mean..."

    "...that the summoning circle was created by a third party."

    "Wait, first of all, there was no summoninc circle. I would have noticed it."

    "Are you sure about that? Remember what happened: Kyoko and Astoria arrived here, they were immediately attacked by Jheet and you came to help and fight of Jheet right?"


    "So when would you have time to look for something like a summoning circle you wouldn't look out for in the first place?"

    "Even then, a summoning circle who can summon people from another world should be massive. How could I miss something like that?"

    "A destroyed circle leaves nothing but a burnt mark where it's drawn. Any attack with enough power to destroy the surrounding ground could easily hide it."

    Thinking back to that moment, he remembers Jury blocking Jheet's initial attack, which scorched the unprotected area. ("Can this actually be true...?")

    "You seem to realise the possibility. Let me continue then. Why were you three the first to find or arrive at Kyoko's and Astoria's place of summon anyway?"

    "Why is that a problem?"

    "The Rescuers. The group led by Sky and Skiery was a part of a first response task force backed by many people, including us. And you saw Sky's power and speed. Why would she be so late, that she only barely managed to save you from Jheet?"

    "But that could be mere conicidence."

    "Maybe. But in combination with the last clue it simply fits too perfectly."

    "And what clue is that?"

    "The fact that Jury was under Astoria's control the whole time."

    "Nonsense!", Jean screams out, thinking of his fallen comrade. "It was hard enough to believe you until here, but now I'm supposed to believe that too?"

    "Calm yourself", Choi answers with a oppressive demeanor. "Let me piece it together for you. How was Jury beaten so easily during that encounter? A shielder class with the direct link to her Master, losing the fight against and unboosted Assassin. And just when she lost and all seems over, suddenly Sky arrives with perfect timing to save them? No. That was all a part of his plan. A plan that worked perfectly, because Jury and Jheet were both under his control."

    "I don't believe you. And even in the case it was all actually true, for what purpose? Why would he do all of this? Why keep up such a charade?"

    "To draw me out. To draw us out. He wanted to see how we would react, what actions we would take. He lured us in, making us think we could finally end him. And he succeeded. I can't say for certain what he's going to do next, but his goal is clear. He wants the Galaxy Grail."

    Silent and frozen Jean is out of words. It seems so absurd. No one could plan all of this and have it succeed. But the connection is perfect.

    "It is hard to believe. We barely believe it ourselves. But we can't ignore all the evidence. Fact is, Astoria arrived here with Kyoko. Ask her about it when you can. I'm sure she can confirm the summoning circle in one way or the other."

    "So what now? What do you want? Why are you telling me all of this?"

    "I need you to do something, but before that...."
    Picking up a pebble Choi throws it up for a second. Catching it in midair, he immediatly flicks it towards Elaine's position. Catching fire the small stone acts like a projectile, taking on enormous speed and becoming a deadly weapon.

    Shocked by the sudden attack, Elaine is unable to dodge it and can only watch as the pebble flies right by her, surprising her even more. Walking out of the shadows a man appears, who is surrounded by an extreme heat shield, which melted the small pebble before it even reached its target. As he heads towards Choi the immediate surrounding starts to melt with every step he takes.
    Hesitant Elaine has to make a decision: with him coming closer, fight or flight? But could she really do either of those?

    Reaching her position Ozuros didn't bother with her at all. Walking straight by her, he seemed almost unaware of her existence at all. As if she was an existence he didn't need to worry about; no, he couldn't afford to worry about right now. His mind was focused, his body ready. Ready for a fight that could take all he has. A fight against that Choi, a person of infamous strength and unknown abilities. And in the worst case... he would have to fight Jean too.

    Jumping down from his position Choi meets him eye to eye, almost like a gesture that he acknowledges Ozuros as a worthy enemy.

    Continuing his walk towards him with fiery eyes and a clenched right fist Ozuros says: "We've been looking for you, Choi."

    "Here I am."

    Suddenly Ozuros hesitated. What was that? His words didn't match his voice. Or rather, it was the exact opposite. It was like he didn't want to fight at all.

    "If you don't want to fight, you might as well listen to what I have to say."

    Curious about Choi's refusal to fight Ozuros decides to abide. What could be so important...


    "So you're telling me that Astoria is alive? And that your actions were justified? Let's assume you're saying the truth: why would you tell us?"

    "... It's Kyoko. I- we believe that Astoria survived through her. By making her a host for his soul, he managed to preserve his existence in this world."

    "That's ridiculous! You're telling me Astoria is alive inside of Kyoko? And I'm supposed to believe you?"

    "...Jean", Ozuros calms him, "I actually don't think it's too farfetched after all."

    "What?! You believe him?"

    "Just think about it. Didn't you say she changed after Sayano's death? Like she was a different person?"

    "You can't be serious! Of course she would change after something like that."

    "Her eyes", Choi interjects.

    "Her eyes? What do you mean?"

    "Did you notice something about her eyes? A faint purple glow, or a strange aura..."

    Recalling the times Kyoko was talking about Choi, he couldn't help but gasp. Every single time there was just the faintest of glows...
    "It's impossible. It's not true. It can't be true!"

    "Is it really that unbelievable for you?", Choi asks, wondering about the extreme rejection.

    Flaring up with power Jean is grasping at straws. "IT IS! Because if it were to be true..."

    "...you'd have to target Kyoko." Releasing all of his power Ozuros prepares for battle. With his massive heat aura he tries to keep Choi in check. "I'm not going to let you kill her based on your assumption."

    Looking at both of their intense reactions even Choi started to chuckle. "Calm down."

    "Calm down? Why should we?"

    "Cause if I wanted to she would be dead by now."

    Taken by rage Jean dashes in and unleashes a massive flame punch towards Choi, only for him to block it without flinching.
    "Just hear me out. The reason why I'm telling you all of this is because I don't intend to kill her. None of us do."

    Not letting down his guard, Ozuros questions him further: "If that's the truth... why did you tell us? What would that change?"

    "I want you to visit a certain person. The supervisor for this Grail War, the mediator. He can tell you all about what to do how you could win the Grail."

    "Win the Grail? Why would you want that to happen, if you really believe Astoria to reside inside Kyoko?"

    "Because it's the only way to be sure. The whole ordeal on the beach proved that he should not be underestimated. But with the Holy Grail right in front of him..."

    "So you want to make us into bait?", Jean asked after calming down a little.

    "You may see it as that. Nevertheless I do think we should be agreeing as we all want to keep Kyoko alive."

    "Yes that's certainly true. But that's what irks me: why would you want to keep her alive?"

    "That's because..."

    Suddenly Jean's oath crest is flaring up. Surprised by the sudden activation he gets down on his knees. With visions of their base being attacked flashing in and out, Jean starts teleporting away.
    "Ozu... hurry back."

    Irritated by the sudden attack and the whole situation about Astoria, Ozuros is getting agitated.
    "What's going on... Choi, I believe we won't meet again so soon?"

    "Not in the least." Taking out a piece of paper, he hands it to Ozuros. "Take that. It has all the information you need right now. Especially how to reach the mediator."

    "Very well. Until then."
    Using his flame powers to boost his speed Ozuros hurries back to the base.

    Left back alone Choi lets out a deep sigh. ("When will all of this end...")

    Seeing Choi all alone with Jean and Ozuros having left, Elaine decides it's time to leave too. Turning around she intends to dash away, only to suddenly hear Choi shout: "Don't run away. I need to talk to you too."

    “Come out, Elaine. I know that you’re here.”

    Revealing herself Elaine stepped out of her cover.

    “What do you want from me, Choi?”

    “Tell me why you are following them.”

    “Oh? Why do you care?”

    Disappearing from her sight Choi suddenly reappeared right in front of Elaine. With his left index finger he lifted her chin, forcing her to face him directly.
    “I wasn’t asking.”

    “...alright. I was checking on them to know whether my master was in any immediate danger.”

    “That’s all?”

    “That’s all.”

    “I see”, Choi removed his finger and turned away from her. “And here I thought you tried to find a way to heal Akeryu.”

    “What do you know about this?!”, Elaine suddenly shouted, forgoing her usual calm demeanor.

    “Akeryu… your previous master is suffering from burned-out mana veins, am I right? It’s quite a common result of what happened.”

    “Common result? Previous master? What are you talking about?”

    “You didn’t realise? Your Oath has been broken. She suffering because of it.”

    “What do you mean our Oath has been broken? How can that be?!”

    “Take me to her”, Choi responds calm. “I’ll explain it to both of you.”


    Scorched earth, the smell of burned flesh, debris as far as the eye can reach. Walking through the remnants of the battle, he's amazed at the sheer scale of it. Arrows with iron heart tips everywhere, curse marks on dead bodies, the ripped head of an undead dragon. This was a battle involving multiple parties with heavy investment... and it already ended?

    While he made his way to their base, Ozuros was on high alert.

    ("Since Jean was called back, about 20 minutes went by before I arrived back here. Assuming that in their surprise Sky and Kyoko needed some time after the attack started before they used the Oath Command, all in all it took maybe 30 minutes - and that was enough for all this destruction to happen?")
    Suddenly he heard two female voices arguing with each other. As he sneaked up on them, he realised the danger coming from those two. Having covered his whole body in a flame shield, he tried to eavesdrop on them.

    “Ugh I can’t believe they wanted us to find this stupid memento of her inside this giant pile of rubble”, the blonde girl complained. She clicked her tongue and raised her leg to kick a rock in front of her away. The rock she hit flew into one of the remaining walls of the previously existing building, causing it to crumble and fall on the girl next to it.

    With a swift and elegant motion the silver haired girl spun around her spear left and right, as she carefully flung away all the pebble and pieces of the wall falling on to her. Stopping her spear behind her back she grabbed the wrist of her spearhand and gracefully continued her walk, searching on the ground for the pendant.
    “Don’t complain”, she answered calmingly. “If you hadn’t launched that massive attack at the end, there might still be a base we could use here.”

    “Hey, I think it was proper retaliation after that brunette suddenly attacked me.” Going through her hair with both hands the blonde girl fluffed up its volume before shaking her head to let it land on a natural position she liked. Suddenly her voice started to change tones. Her voice became more soft and sweet. “It was her fault for messing with me...”

    (“Brunette? Could she be talking about Sky?”) Ozuros thought about his options. He could have either continued to eavesdrop or went out to confront them. As he was still prepared for a battle expecting one as soon as he returned, he decided for the latter and went out of hiding. Just in that moment, the two girls in front of him vanished.

    Taken by surprise Ozuros suddenly heard a soft whisper.
    “...so are you going to try, too?”

    As soon as he heard those words, his senses suddenly shifted. He had entered something akin to a mental state of trance, his sight became blurry while he slightly tripped and dropped to his knees. His mind was still spinning around, when the blonde girl suddenly appeared right in front of him, reaching out for him. Captured completely by temptation Ozuros stretched his right arm, trying to grab her hand. When his hands reached hers, she suddenly pulls back, giggling a little and pointing at his still active flame barrier around his body.

    Ensnared by her voice he slowly dropped the barrier as he also tried to touch her again. As his fingertips touched her hand, his barrier also died out. With his defenses down she closed in. She touched his face with both hands, givng him a sweet smile and going in for a kiss. Just before her lips touched his, she is suddenly grabbed by her choker and pulles away by her partner. Naught but a second later Ozuros signature flame erupts from inside his body with his command Efflorescense.

    “That's not nice luring a girl in like that”, the blonde one complained.

    “Neither is putting me under a spell”, Ozuros answered unfazed.

    As she welcomed the sudden encounter she pressed her index and middle finger softly against her lips. Before she can go any further her mouth and hand is suddenly covered by her partner.

    “That's enough, Lucid.” She grabbed Lucid’s hand and pulled it away from her mouth.
    “You are master Ozuros, right?”

    “What if I were?”

    With a slight chuckle she responded: “My apologies for the sudden attack. My name is Miri and this is Lucid. In the fight that just took place here our masters joined forces with your companions. We're here to escort you to our hideout.”

    “Doesn't this sound awfully suspicious”, Ozuros wondered out openly. “My base is suddenly attacked when I'm away, I return to find nothing but the aftermath of a fight and then I just happened to meet two beautiful ladies who just decided to come to our aid?”

    “It does sound suspicious when you say it like that”, Miri responded with a serene smile.
    She pulled out a little necklace. A sparkling gem with a purple glow inside. “Other than escorting you back, we were also sent to retrieve this item for Mistress Kyoko. It seems like it was a present she received from someone important.”

    “And you're showing me that to believe your story?”

    “I hoped to achieve exactly that”, Miri continued with her serene smile.

    “Do you really think that would be enough to convince me?”


    “You're a real optimist then.”

    “I am", Miri continued with her pace.

    Her honest smile, her calmness and direct approach - all of it made Ozuros very wary. It felt out of place. It was something he didn't see in that way ever since coming here; maybe not even in his old world.
    “Alright then.” Having realised she was going to keep pressing on like this, Ozuros accepted their invitation. “Let's see that base of yours.”

    “Wonderful. Lucid would you prepare the seal?”

    “Fine, fine.” She walked over to Ozuros and came closer again. With a shred of doubt he looked at her as she leaned in to whisper into his ear:

    “Let’s enjoy ourselves another time, okay?”

    -new hideout-

    “So this is it”, Ozuros mustered the new base. “An underground facility with a restaurant as cover?”

    “That’s correct”, Miri answered walking ahead, as she opened the door for them, causing a little bell to ring. “Though it is only meant as a cover, my master holds pride that our restaurant serves delicious food just like a real one does.”

    Entering the door, Ozuros was surprised by the appeal of the restaurant. The decoration, the aesthetics, everything had a certain unity. The furniture gave the room a homely feeling, the wooden bars a rural charm and the smell was simply delightful.

    As reaction to the sound of the bell a man came in through the kitchen door.
    “What’s this? We have a new customer? Welcome to the Golden Whale! Choose whatever you’d like to eat, I’ll make it. The taste is naturally guaranteed!”

    Overwhelmed with this overflowing approach Ozuros turned to Miri.
    “Who’s this guy?”

    “May I introduce to you my Oath Master, Rem, chef and owner of the Golden Whale. Master Rem, this is Master Ozuros, the companion of Mistress Kyoko.”

    (“So this is her master…”)

    “Rem!”, Lucid interjects, “I’m starving~ Could you make me a light snack?”

    “Certainly”, Rem stretched his arms to prepare for cooking. “How about our new friend? What would you like?”

    “Thanks but I don’t need anything. Rather than that, I’d like to see the others.”

    “Ah of course you do. Miri would you show him the way?”

    “Of course, master.”

    Arriving at Jean’s room, Ozuros entered alone as Miri excused herself to give them privacy. Lying in bed he saw Jean covered in bandages, severely beaten up with wounds all over his body. Right at his side was Sky, who fell asleep at his bed, also wounded though not as bad as Jean. He touched both their hands and activated his skill Efflorescence, partially undoing the damage they took.
    With the sudden heal Sky woke up from her rest.
    “Ozu… your back.”

    “I’m sorry for not being there.”

    “It’s not your fault. They clearly waited for the right chance to attack us.”

    “Who attacked you?”

    “Luka and Alice returned… together with Xetael and Jheet.”

    “What?! I killed him. How can this be?”

    “I don’t know… I believe he might have been revived through Jheet. It felt odd though. Xetael wasn’t acting like he did before. He felt more... restrained.”


    Caught in a coughing fit Sky swayed a bit.

    “Sky, go get some rest. I can watch over Jean.”

    “I’ll do that then”, Sky agreed.

    After she left the room, Ozuros sat down next to Jean.
    “Are you awake, Jean?”

    Slowly opening his eyes Jean responded.

    “Tell me Jean, what happened?”

    Her cry of pain echoed through the air. Scratching at her own right arm she left bloody marks all over it, trying anything to relieve herself of the pain in any way possible. Banging her forehead against the wall, she started to hear the sound of steps.
    “Who… who is there?!”

    “Master, it’s me.”

    “Elaine… ugh. How was your scouting trip…?”

    “About that…” She turned around and waved him nearer. “I brought someone who might help you.”

    “I…isn’t that…?”

    “Choi. Ruler class and contractor of the Hero of the void.”

    “...interesting…” Visibly shaking Akeryu tried to pull herself together and face him properly.
    “...you think you can help me?”

    “I might be able to.” Grabbing her bloody right arm Choi checked for the mana flow. Confirming the damage he continues: “It’s as I thought. The mana veins in her right arm are completely destroyed.”

    “What do you mean…?”

    “Choi said it’s a result of our Oath being broken”, Elaine answered meekly. “I don’t know how it could happen, but…”

    “It’s not your fault”, Choi responded. “This isn’t a result of your actions, but rather a result of what happened to you.”

    “I don’t understand…”

    “Back then at the beach, you were still there when I arrived, right?”

    “Yes, why?”

    “When I pierced Astoria’s body and ripped out his heart, I thought I was ending it once and for all. So when I crushed it in my hands and felt a slight shockwave coming from it, I didn’t realise the truth. It wasn’t the effect of me killing him, but the effect of his own skill. One of his most fearsome and destructive skills. We’re calling it “Oath Breaker.”

    “Oath Breaker…”, Elaine remembered being hit by a barely noticable shockwave. “It can’t be…”

    “I guess you remember being hit by it”, Choi continued. “As I said, it’s one of the worst abilities he has. Once hit by Oath Breaker, any kind of contract between a Master and Contractor are immediately broken. In case of an Temporary Contract, the result isn’t all that noticeable, but for an Oath Contract, it’s deadly. The Master who has lost a Contractor that way will have the mana veins in their body slowly scorching away, as you can see with Akeryu right now. If it isn’t taken care of, the scorching will continue to spread all over the body, leaving horrible burn marks along its way. Eventually, it will leave you so weakened, that it will even claim your life.”

    “This can’t be happening!”, Elaine shouted out distressed. “There has to be something we can do!”

    “There is”, Choi answered. “Or rather there was. The most effective solution which is also the simplest one is to redo your Oath. With your Oath renewed, the damaged veins can be revitalised and depending on the progress of the scorch even completely healed. That’s what you should have done, that’s what Nawzu did as soon as he noticed his revoked contract with Bora. The problem in your case is that you are too late. All the Oath contracts are filled already.”

    Enraged Elaine pulled out her gun and pointed it at Choi’s head. “You… you’re lying… you don’t know what you are talking about!”

    “I wasn’t finished”, Choi grabbed the gun and pointed it away. “You have one option left. You can force a Temporary Contract on top of your Oath.”


    “You can form a Temporary Contract to replace your Oath. It won’t restore the damage and you obviously won’t participate in the Grail War as Oath Master anymore, but it will at least stop the scorch.”

    “...I feel like there’s another downside following…”, Akeryu interjected still in pain.

    “The pain…”, Choi turned to Akeryu. “The pain you’re currently feeling might stay. Some Master get relieved of the pain, but some other… they stay in constant pain.”

    “...I see.” With a painful smile she looked at Elaine. “What do you say, Elaine? Will you once again for a contract with me, even if only a temporary one?”

    “What are you saying”, Elaine answered with small tear in her eye. “Of course I will.”

    Close to the old base where the fight between Kyoko and Alice happened there was a little lake told to diminish the pain of people who’d bath in it. Surrounded by a few rows of trees with beautiful treetops, it had an isolated and calming nature. The crystal clear water looked like it had never been touched or dirtied in any way, as if no one dared to cause this place any harm. After taking heavy damages during that fight, she went for the lake to deal with the loss.
    As she soaked her wounded body in the pristine water, the pain became less, but the wounds didn’t heal any faster. She waited for her Contractor to return, who followed Kyoko’s team secretly to their new hideout.
    (“Maybe I should have taken my clothes off for a better effect…"

    Suddenly she felt somebody in her vicinity. Initially assuming it to be her Contractor, she realised it to be someone else entirely. With nowhere to hide she prepared herself for a potential fight.
    As he drew closer she took a deep look at him. While most of his body was covered in a dark cloak, she saw his eyes shimmering in a deep red colour. He didn’t seem to have noticed her presence. He walked straight at the lake, taking the bandages off his right arm. Without the bandages the burn marks all over his arm were revealed, as he reached out for the water and touching it with his fingertips. After he felt the effect of water on his fingers, he removed the hood off his head, splashing some of it on his face. The same burn marks on his right arm were also covering the right side of his neck and his face. Looking at him shocked her a bit, which cause her to make some noise.
    Looking for the origin of the sound he finally took notice of her. In a slight panic she yelled at him. “Who are you?!”

    With a slightly confused face he answered.
    “I am… Veus.”

    “I am… Veus.”

    “Veus…?”, she thought about the name. It sounded very familiar, but where would she know it from?

    “And who are you?”, he asked, clearing his face from the water.

    “...i am Sachiko.”, she answered as she stood up. With her feet only covered up to her ankles in the water, she could reasonably move if necessary.

    After a quick check on her he decided to approach her. “Are you alright? Your wounds seem to rather severe.”

    “I'm fine, don't worry.” A little scared by his approach she backed away, only for her feet to slip.

    Losing her balance she fell backwards. Before her body even hit the water, however, she was suddenly carried by Veus, who left a visible trail behind him.

    (“What amazing speed…”)
    “Th-thank you”, she responded. As she was already carried by him, she decided to let him help her.
    “Could you be so kind and help me to the shore over there?”

    Veus nodded and moved her to the shore. Looking closer at her wounds, he noticed one being deeper and still slightly bleeding.
    “I think you should be careful about this one”, he advised her as he kept checking on it.

    Still in doubt about their coincidental meeting she questioned him.
    “Why did you come here?”

    “I… I don't know”, he answered with a saddened smile.

    “You don't know?”

    “I probably came because of these scars", he pointed at his right arm. “Considering you seem to be here for your own wounds, it sounds plausible.”

    “What do you mean ‘probably’?”

    “... I was told I have a special case of memory loss. I sometimes lose the memories of my life up to a certain…”
    Mid-sentence Veus suddenly jumped backwards. Not a second later the spot where he stood was crushed under force of an incoming attacker. Shrouded in a black aura her purple eyes stared down at him. She opened her mouth and let out a terrifying howl, clearly aimed at Veus.

    “Wait!”, Sachiko stopped her Contractor, “he's not an enemy.”

    Though she kept the glare at Veus she started to calm down following the command of her Master. Even with all the bloodlust directed at him, Veus barely changed his stoic impression.

    “I'm sorry for the sudden attack”, Sachiko apologised. “This is my Contractor, Silk.”

    “Don't mind it”, he answered. “I-....”

    Right then Sachiko felt a shift. It was as if the space around them got warped. The fresh air surrounding the water became heavy, dense, as if suddenly infused with a tremendous amount of mana. She looked at Veus, who stopped talking. When she looked at his face she noticed the change. His rather stoic demeanour started to look like emotion returned. Though the one difference that caught her attention in particular, were his eyes. The deep red colour they previously had were completely gone. Instead they now shined in a strong, bright blue.

    For a while he stood there without a word. He looked down on his hands that were still a little wet from him touching the water. After he confirmed what he suspected, he turned around to Sachiko. At the same time as he locked eyes with her, the air around them became lighter again.
    “....I’m sorry for bothering you.”

    Surprised by his new tone, she answered:
    “No, it’s alright. I didn’t mind at all.”

    “That’s good then.” Following his answer, he realised something as he abruptly turned his attention elsewhere.

    “Is everything alright?”

    Yes... it’s fine. My apologies but someone is waiting for me.”

    “Wait I-...”
    Before she could even finish he jumped away and was gone. As she looked at the place he just stood, she realised that it was the first encounter she had in this new world, where she didn’t have to fight. It was a pleasant thing for her.

    Not too far away from the lake Veus landed in a little green field. The roses that bloomed every here and there gave it a unique appeal - and a very familiar one. He enjoyed the fresh smell of the field, so full of live. Yet, he started to sadden again.
    Choi, Serestia… it’s been a while.”

    “Master”, Choi responded, as he walked towards Veus with Serestia by his hand. “You’ve regained you’ve memories.”

    “Same as always”, he nodded. “I’m sorry for what happened at the beach.”

    “It wasn’t your fault”, Choi answered. “We knew the chances were low, yet we took it anyway.”

    “It’s in the past now. Serestia, how are you doing?”

    “I’m alright. The link is still there, so you don’t need to worry.”

    “Is that so.” He sat down on the field, feeling the grass with his fingertips.
    “Alright Choi. What’s the new plan?”

    A giant black figure floating through the sky. Its giant legs taking one step after another like moving on solid ground. Built on that enormous monster was a unique base; an ever-moving, always protected holy ground. Even for him, one of the first to be summoned masters for the faked Grail War, who spent most of his time enjoying and exploring the new world, it was a first experience.

    “I’m still surprised that you’d be on our side.” He walked down the steps that divided the great throne room. The green beret on his head moved up and down according to his movement, until he stood in front of his new guests. With a formal greeting and a slight bow he welcomed him. “I’m Ray, the master of this place. Let me properly thank you for your assistance.”

    “It wasn’t much”, the man replied. With his partner by his side he appreciated the warm welcome.

    “I wouldn’t say that”, a third party intervened. Entering the throne room were a young man with spiky brown hair and a blonde girl with twintails. Her irregular glasses were especially noticeable, with the right frame and glass being in the shape of a heart with a scope going through it. “Without you our retreat might have even been impossible.”

    “War”, the man with the beret said, “are you and Griffith alright?”

    “Yes, don’t worry. Thanks to our new friends and their illusion, we were able to escape without taking any serious damage.”

    “That’s good to hear. Well then…”, he turned back to his guests, “...while I do appreciate your help, I do have to ask: why are you helping us?”

    “To be honest, it didn’t have to be you. Your alignment just happened to fit the most with us.”

    “Is that so?”

    “At least that’s what we heard. Your target is Kyoko right?”

    “That’s right”, War confirmed. “According to our sources she has the most potential and bears the biggest potential threat in the Grail War.”

    “Even compared to us?”, he answered with a smirk.

    “Yes”, Ray replied. “Don’t underestimate our sources. You aren’t interested in winning the Grail yourself, correct?”

    “If I’m not interested in the Grail, what am I interested in then?”

    “We know what happened at the beach, or rather, the False War, as it was dubbed. Considering your actions back then and your own statement just now, I think your interests are clear. You want…”

    Right then the doors of the throne room are blown open. As if a wild whirlwind arose out of nowhere, the whole area was swept with fresh air.
    “We’re back”, a cheerful man announced. Walking in he is closely followed by the armored knight, wielding her two lance like swords at her sides.

    “You’re late, Jas.”

    “Sorry, sorry, we were held up by a rather persistent girl. What did we miss?”

    Sighing to his troubles Ray answers. “As you can see, we found some new friends. Let me introduce to you…”

    “I know who he is. He’s not exactly unknown. Which begs the question, what are you here for?”


    “We are about to arrive, Master.” Sitting on the front part of their vehicle Miri confirmed their current position. “Please prepare yourselves.”

    “Thanks for notice”, Rem answered. Looking at Kyoko sleeping in Jean’s arms, he turns to Ozuros. “Shall we wake her up?”

    “Just a little bit longer”, Ozuros answered. “As she is right now, it’s best if we can let her rest as long as possible.”

    “I can’t believe this turned out this bad”, Jean thought to himself. He held his petite master in his arms, as she shivered all over her body. Every now and then she would mumble in her sleep, calling out a certain name: “Saya...”

    “Stay strong”, Rem said, putting his hand on Jean’s shoulder. “She’s depending on you.”

    “He’s right”, Ozuros added. “I’ll check up on the others, take your time and get ready.”

    Walking out of the masters room he thought about the past week. Everything felt so contrived. The attack on the hideout, the perfectly timed save by Rem’s team, and now the knowledge on how to help Kyoko’s mental state…

    On the other hand there was the whole matter with Choi. Reaching out to us, telling his absurd theory and expecting us to trust his words…

    To make matters worse, the information from both sides coincide. The Church and the supervisor of the Galaxy Grail War is where the answers lie.


    “...No. No! I refuse!”

    “Get a grip on yourself! We can’t let them win like this!”

    “You can’t mean it! Did you forget what they told us? I can’t lose you too…!”

    “Wake up! If we don’t do something, we’ll all die!”

    “But… but…!”

    “I understand. I really do. But I can no longer watch it all play out in front of me. I’ll go. I have to. It’s my fate. And I’m ready to confront it. Whether you will help me or not.”

    “No… don’t…!”



    Waking up clutching Jean’s arms, Kyoko frantically looks around.

    “Jean..! We have to…”

    “Master, calm down. Everything is fine. You were just-....”

    When she finally looked into his eyes, Jean froze. No matter what information, no matter who said it, he was going to stay by his master. That was undoubtable. Even so, what he saw before him made him shudder.

    Kyoko’s eyes always looked special. Unlike her black hair, her eyes had a very bright, brown colour, that gave a feeling of warmth. That’s why when Choi mentioned something about her eyes, some kind of aura around it, he immediately dismissed it. He already knew about it. He never gave it another thought, even with everything that was going on. However, what he saw right this instant, caused him to remember it again. A faint purple glow is what he was warned about- but this?

    It wasn’t just a glow. It wasn’t a little amount of aura around her eyes. It was a intense, extremely bright purple radiance, with a terrifying, chaotic aura emitting everywhere. Just a tiny glimpse of it made Jean want to fall back. His whole body screamed to run, or prepare to fight for his life…

    “Jean!”, Rem shouted abruptly, taking Jean by surprise and diverting his attention from the threat his body perceived.

    “Are you alright? It felt like you were suddenly preparing for a fight.”

    “...no”, Jean answered, looking back at Kyoko. To his surprise, all signs of the purple shine and aura were gone without a trace. What just happened? Did he just imagine it? No, he clearly felt it - it was too much for just that. An illusion? Impossible, with all the surrounding members of their group. But Rem didn’t seem to notice the light of her eyes...

    Realising himself clutching his master as she was holding onto him, he lessened his grip and removed his arms. While he was extremely confused about the situation that just occured, he knew his priorities.

    “Master, how are you feeling?”
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