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Ardor Go Dual or rainbow

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Links, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Links


    Hi, i just started playing SS last week, and this is my current deck:

    Ignes-Metatron-Yong Hee

    This deck looks fine until i get khirel at the draw, and i thought to use him and change my team to WW-Dark. But, since i already invested my littre on Sharr i started to think about a rainbow team

    Here's my player:
    Sharr (6*), Yong hee, DQ, Gaphyl, Loyce,Taehoon
    Khirel, Miho, Darin (6*), Kura, Nono, Evylin
    Beta, Butcher, Nikita, Karpila
    Uriel, Mikael, Sakiel
    Baltheon, Metatron, Ignes, Lucid (6*)

    So, what do you guys think? Is it too risky to make a rainbow? Or do you have any advice for it? Thank you
  2. DeltaRubee

    DeltaRubee i should probably give up on SS soon

    Earth :3
    Milky Way
    better off dual, since you technically have built the dual team, except it needs work starting to get rid of the shitty 4*s and other work on some places asides it.

    nevantos out. considering you are heading ardor based backline its probably the way to go here. though i dont like the gaphyl/loyce combo, so id say gaphyl out as no one really uses him much. keep loyce she is alright though. anyways decent options to replace nevantos and gaphyl would be kevin/micki/chundo. out of them id say kevin should be there. micki does wonders especially in ardor as she has gotten attention recently, then again chundo is also with nice debuffs and will give something (AS/HP) also to the back.

    yong hee after his EE release sort of made me felt disappointed. i see a opportunity to improve the mid by doing tweaks. metatron relies quite much on the reflex and i dont see anyone much supporting here. this is where victoria comes in. solid choice, cant go wrong with her, this will only help to avoid counter nightmares with any player in mid. after that just shift Ignes in RM where she fits better, and Vic on LM where she also gets the most benefit.

    asides that id say test out running lucid over sharr. sharr is sort of outdated and still feels meh (maybe someone can tell me otherwise, since she got some sort of a buff, but i havent heard about her performance after that), but id consider lucid due to her well synergy with baltheon as she is practically a pass magnet.

    tl;dr my take is that you have pretty good potential to keep going dual as id say it looks better than what other options you have on plate from off color choices. id say follow this (or heck maybe even better by other forumer recommendation) and you are on your way shaping a good looking dual team.

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