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Open GuiltyPleasure (lvl76, Global)

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Gpuff, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Gpuff


    PLS JOIN!!! We don't care if you are C rank (none of us can get past diamond actually), new or a glayde user. If you are in another club, quit and join ours! (I know its very tempting). Our club is very guilty, and not so pleasurable, but we do have good rewards, and edgy jokes. I don't mean to brag or anything, but we did place top 56 on the first day of club matches this season, and two of our members have gotten first on colosseum for a whole 20 mintues before. So we are basically one of the best clubs in this server.

    Jokingly aside, we are grateful for any newcomers to our club. We have been trying really hard to make it active again, and things are looking brighter. If you are looking for a club that has alot of room for more potential growth, then maybe you should consider giving us a shot. :)

    More info dump:
    Meeting room - lvl 5
    Practice field - lvl 5
    Shop - lvl 5
    Dining room - lvl 4
    Player lodging - Who cares about the players amiright?

    Active players:
    Gpuff - dats me
    FallenPrince - dats not me
    kn1ghtz - still not me
    madeyez - still not me
    TrillBill - still not me
    dguyfbjtft - he's bad at this game
    Xpandi - also bad
    LilRabbit - He's slightly better, I guess? Idfk
    TraeJae - ech
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