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Has the game or fanbase died?

Discussion in 'Everything Else!' started by Vert GreenHeart, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Artimizu


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    I agree, BB's marketing strategy is totally counterproductive. They had all these referral events, rank rewards, quests going on, but they did not realize where the real problems is(or they just decide to ignore it) and why new players would not stick to playing the game for long. It's not that normal gamers are retarded, they just don't realize the fact that the only way to actually progress in this game is to be patient and grind everyday so they end up quitting somewhere around rank 30.

    A friend of mine left the game because evolving a card at her rank was far too much unless she is using my ace. But not even then, she was never able to evolve her card, since there was never something like 'ensured 5 star elemental' for winning the match. She can only use my ace once after awhile for a CHANCE to get 1/10 5 star elementals to evolve. She tried for a few weeks in doing so. She gave up doing that because she never thought the game would be this 'hard', nor it requires a lot of time, patience, and putting in some effort in understanding the mechanics within this game. She just wanted to play for fun and nothing serious. But unfortunately, this game don't welcome those players.

    The truth is, without grinding everyday, they could not get better because of the lack of resources to invest in teams, or to buy legends. I highly doubt a normal gamer will stay for long in a game like this unless they have alternative reasons simply because this game just isn't friendly to those who plays for a little bit every once in awhile and have fun. It's either play hardcore everyday and understand whats going on or forget it. BB definitely need to figure out a way to make the grind less intensive and less time consuming. This game needs far too much grinding while the reward to it is not as rewarding as it should be. And also, making the game a little more 'beginner friendly' like giving out free EE tickets, gatekeepers(or anything that helps a new player progress faster) as some kind of quest reward can help. They gave out all those crystals and 5 star player boxes, but how can a new player invest in those new cards they get when their team does not have the ability to grind for it in the first place?
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