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Dark I did something but im not quite sure it ll work

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Snorcle, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Snorcle


    As the tittle suggest i build some kind of mono dark team but league is pretty new right now so i couldnt test this out enough. So, im not quite sure this team would work.


    This is the team so let me talk about the stones little bit and the idea behind my team.
    As always im trying to make my presty as tanky as possible in mono dark without building C.Res team. You can ask me but why. My answer is i dont know maybe i should turny my team into rainbow when i got my jiho :D

    So, I at the starti wanted to place verister to my team because she gives sweet hp and reflex buff to whole team also she gives concidrible amount of ab recovery. Well at the end i find my self placing verister into mid and metatron to backline. It makes more sense cause verister would buff my whole team from mid and metatron can steal enemies attack power also can rez players while pen at some point. Furthermore she has great body. Afterthat, i though why i dont to try combo metatron with milenaa both can steal ab and attackpower from enemy. Also mileana gives extra hp to my whole backline. With this way my presty should tank the hits also i should control the enemy teams ab and prevent them shooting at the first place.
    while all this happening vitos could kill enemy goalkeeper at some point. It was my thought process. Still im waiting for milenass EE. Also im not sure about her i can replace her with alice or pinol :S

    Most of the stones are pretty styre typical. However i tried some stuff with my team.
    I rerolled my vitos and placed WC+SOB to him with 2 pen stones.
    Baltheon ashe and hamerus are pretty typical.
    I placed frozen spear tip to my serestia until i make my ebm legend with spear.
    Verister with TW. After all she is just a totem.
    Mileana with wiseman to give give more Crit rate to my vitos,
    Lindberg with eye of the storm.
    Patricia is %40 coop.
    And i used metatrons will on my metatron but im not quite sure what to use on her :S Maybe essence of greed for more Spirits ???
    And last presty is with elrep+dm

    What is your thaught about my team. Also do you have any player suggestions. Or maybe i shouldnt even bother to try such kind of thing and go 4 front with dammy or vitos. Or C.Res team :D
  2. AquaXxX

    AquaXxX For Kiki's Sake!

    I'm arguing that Milena could replace one for Alice or Pinol. They're still considered as the good player, each from their side and position. Alice give slowness point for opposing enemy, and this may be your chance to preventing enemy striker's to put single crit shot at your Pres beside on giving her self more action speed. Milena do nothing except Hp and CAR.

    In Pinol's position, he can drain any incoming spirit and benefiting your line to act first as he decrease ab. We can see a huge advantages on ab control, especialy in the mid. No spirit = no active + more survivability in tanking shot's.
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