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Light Kei or Alexa?

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Patapus, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Patapus

    Patapus dankscoper

    big fan of active block but alexa's kit looks super interesting
    side note, is gaphyl worth a scout?
  2. I3lackBro

    I3lackBro Bronze

    I believe Kei is actually better than Alexa given that she struggle to stack her passive. Gaphyl is good but not really needed for anything and is easily replaceable.

    Would like for you to post your team to give a better judgement
  3. ElAldoX


    I had a look at both GK to give my personal opinion.


    Kei's kit is made to have a great sustain and to be able to resist high amounts of damage.
    It's focused on the active block skill and 1v1.

    His active block is really nice as his 3rd passive improves his defensive capabilities when using it.
    His 1st passive is a line critical rate nerf, good to reduce their damage output and try to avoid those massive damage crits.
    His 2nd passive gives a defensive buff to Kei when the teammates in the line are attacked, giving him some chances to survive in a 1vs1 situation.
    If you like active block, you will probably enjoy using him.

    If you like active block skills, his build at level 60 without any power-up should be: 4/1/3/5

    Finally, his Ace skill gives a ton of HP to Light players.

    Alexa's kit is made to resist a good damage amount without the need of an active block.
    It's mainly focused on her foward pass.

    Her foward pass is great for offensive plays and is easier to use it thanks to her 2nd passive.
    Her 1st passive is good to avoid a OHKO as it increases the defense when they make a pass.
    Her 3rd passive it's just great, improving her GK capabilities without the need of something else.

    She can be built in some different ways.
    If you want an offensive GK at level 60 without any power-up: 4/2/5/2
    If you want a defensive GK, it should change to: 1/4/3/5
    And finally, the both offensive and defensive build: 3/3/3/3 (+1 skill point to spend on your choice)

    Her Ace skill gives a good amount of HP to light players and increases the pass effect.


    Kei's stats are way better at lower levels, but Alexa ends up beating him in all stats except vitality in max level.


    You should use Kei if you trust in your other players' ability to steal the ball and bring it to the CM or FW.

    And if you don't think your defense will be able to counterattack, you should use Alexa so you can bring the ball to your FW with your active skill.

    In general, I would say Kei is better.


    It depends on you and on your team.
    He is quite good IMO.
    Good Ace skill when playing Ardor/Light and some buff skills.
    He is also good in some positions.
    It's up to you to scout him or not.

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