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Dark Krishina

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by e23, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. e23


    So I just started using this player and her stone slots are very interesting to me. I run a Krishina - Patricia (EMB) - Hyang Ran (MotB) - Pinol (CI) and Presty (ST). So what's the best way to use her in this backline and what stones should I give her?
  2. FelliLoss


    You have two options here, either make her carry an EotS or go with an offensive unique.
    The line you have relies quite highly on Pinol to get out of the back, would be better to have 2 units to do that task reliably. In higher leagues this will give you a huge problem.
    So even if EotS would be more beneficial, in your line I would go for an offensive unique stone.

    Alternative: replace Hyang Ran with Lindberg as new offensive unit and use EotS on Krishna.
  3. Viticide

    Viticide Bronze

    Krishna shouldn't really be built for support imo. If you have a backline already with more than enough linebreakers (2+) then fine but only then. Really she should be focused on being a linebreaker. No point rearranging a line to fit in a linebreaker just to run Krishna as a support when she can already linebreak herself. You waste 2/3 of her passives turning her into a support player. She wants to attack, especially penetrate. I've been running mine all-out dmg and she does a solid job breaking through from back to front. She'll only get better with EE. I want to get mine a FTS though because she does not have great reflexes and getting CA'd is my biggest problem with her right now. The only other issue I have is that sometimes, due to whatever series of events, she ends up having her active available and using it on the enemy mid where I don't want her doing that.

    My bigger concern for your line, however, is whether or not you have enough crit resist to make her and Presty with ST worth doing. I don't know your league in PvP and just this back will be fine for lower leagues. At higher levels, however, unless your team is also running a crit resist ace and at least another player for it (like Alice, Serestia, or Black Ivy anywhere on the team or just any other crit resist player in the back) then your GK is going to have too little crit resist to work. With Pinol (his crit rate debuff is his weakest defensive contribution), Shaman, and Patricia you have solid grounds to focus on DR and crit dmg reduction instead. In that case going for someone like Lindberg in place of Krishna would help more. However, with that line Presty would prefer ER or DM over ST.
  4. e23


    I run a Light and Dark Team, and my ace is of course...Metatron (don't hate me!) My team is as follows.

    Balth - Jibril - Vonchi
    Duke - Meta - Alice
    (You can guess the last row)

    Benched players: BI, Lindberg, Shura, Armel
  5. AquaXxX

    AquaXxX For Kiki's Sake!

    Well, at least, you have Alice.

    No big problem i guess, since you run (almost) full legendary team.

    Hyang rang is okay, but im afraid of Krishna's leader AI, though leader AI is a dumbest AI in the game, so you must prepare your Krishna for all possibility.

    Putting FTS will make her a well ballholder or maybe line-breaker, but that's all.
    EoG makes her a great spirit generator.

    But maybe, considering to put your Lindberg over Krishna would be better for your backline.

    Like @Viticide said

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