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Legendary Spirit Stone Discussion (RNG Factors)

Discussion in 'Gameplay Questions' started by Shipwrecksos, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Shipwrecksos

    Shipwrecksos Bronze

    The instructions from BB are pretty basic when it comes to legendary spirit stone creation. I understand you need FOUR fodder uniques (all powered up to 15), FORTY spirit cores, and roughly 2 million gold each time you wish to create a legendary stone. I also understand that if all the "fodder stones" are the same as the main stone, the legendary property of the "main stone" will be guaranteed (no RNG risk).

    However, the RNG factors you encounter when the fodder stones are not the same can be a bit confusing. I know several of us are still learning the ropes on this feature, but would anyone know the answer to the following questions:

    1) Are the RNG possibilities limited to the options in the combination pool (including the main stone), meaning you're always guaranteed to get at least ONE of the legendary properties within your combination pool?

    2) Does the Main Stone's own legendary property also impact the outcome, or is it only the fodders that impact outcome? For example, If I have a Crystalized Crimson Jade, and I put 4 TW's as fodder, am I guaranteed to get the TW legendary trait, or is there still a chance that the CCJ stone's trait will come through?

    3) Are the RNG possibilities "weighted" so that adding more of one stone in the mix increases its chance? For example, if I add three PoME stones but just one Ermaltion stone, does that mean that I have a 60% chance to get the PoME (80% if the Main stone is also PoME) and a mere 20% chance of getting the Ermaltion property?

    Thanks for any help you can give on this!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
  2. Nawzu

    Nawzu Bora Husbando Staff Member

    Bora's Bed
    Galaxy League (2751)
    CoD 55 CoT 44
    I aint no BB Employee, nor have I made a LUQ yet, but I'll just say what I can infer

    The Main stone should not affect what the legendary property is, and its all based on the 4 fodder stones, so the LUQ property is from one of the 4 foddered stones. So if all 4 fodders are the same, it should be a guarantee for what property you will get. If it is based on the 4 stones, we can guess that each has a 25% chance to be the property, which can be multiplied with having more of the same fodder stone. And I believe that you cant use the a fodder stone that is the same as the main stone; no using PoME fodders when trying to make a PoME into a LUQ
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  3. Shipwrecksos

    Shipwrecksos Bronze

    Thanks for weighing in on this. I know it's still relatively early for people to test these things (most of us are lucky to have ANY legendary stone, let alone enough to theorycraft).

    Maybe more people will be able to confirm the information as time goes on.

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