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light ardor team help..

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by YameteNiiSan, May 17, 2018.

  1. YameteNiiSan


    Hi guys, I've been playing soccer spikes for 2 years now, and I've never understood correctly how I should do to create a good team...

    I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on how I should build my light/ardor team.

    Below are all my players and my current team.

    thanks in advance

    and sorry for my poor english...:alone:

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  2. pudgy penguin

    pudgy penguin

    I would switch out Bora for Kyoko, Bora is just not in a good spot for strikers in general. You could also build Renee to replace Elaine up front and have a 2 passer front.

    For your back, I would go full light back and replace Lia and Erica with Hyang Ran and Black Ivy. That should give Isillia a bit more survivability. Alternatively, you could put Shu in the back as a line breaker in place of BI and maybe run her mid instead. Victoria would also be a nice addition to your team and would slot in lm.

    Hope this helps!

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