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Light - CoD woes

Discussion in 'Colosseum' started by Teruyo, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Teruyo

    Teruyo Pitiable Illegally Dumped Object

    Specifically CoD 34. Anyways, I need help getting past it. Current team:
    Silla - PS
    Elaine - EBM
    Sharr - TB
    Victoria - EBM
    Sammy - TW
    Duke - Fontus
    Anael - Addiction
    Yuri - Metawill
    Angela - Presty (will be switching to Magma soon)

    And my SSHerder:

    I need advice on who to keep, rearrange, etc. because I'm not likely to keep getting 40 stones weekly anytime soon when I'm within 17% right now.
  2. Azrael007

    Azrael007 Galaxy

    What problems are you having specifically? Killing the enemy gk?

    One thing I do notice is that past CoD ~35 a real healer (Virgil/Miho/Gaphyl/Avnore/Freyja) is very useful for grinding them out with shots. Replacing Anael with one of the mentioned people would help a lot.
  3. Teruyo

    Teruyo Pitiable Illegally Dumped Object

    Mostly breaking through the line and being slower than the opponent.
  4. Ichiroz


    If it is of any help, here is the team I'm using and this is not the same team I'm using for pvp.

    I put Lynia in front for the extra attack, speed, and reflex for my line. Even though my Sharr will not OHKO their gk especially when he uses active (and especially when they constantly co-op), Lynia gives my Baltheon an extra reflex boost to be able to steal the ball back and pass back to Sharr. Another player I tried for left front was Vivid Fear. To tell you the truth, VF surprised me here a lot. Her reflex buff and debuff along with her debuffing damage reduction allows my front to sustain better.

    Mid is where I have 2 forward passer because I have trouble penetrating to the front. I realized that one forward pass was not enough as Sharr won't OHKO the GK. When the enemy brings the ball back to my backline, I am able to penetrate to midline but stall there as Linmay's active will be on cool down. Cue in Sammy's forward pass. Silk is there to tank Eden (I think Eden is here) and also to boost my line reflex. Both Sammy and Linmay will also be healing my line as an extra.

    In the rear, I removed Kevin and replaced him with Cynthia mostly for her speed debuff. If I'm not mistaken, the enemy's striker is Latios? If it is Latios then i dont have to worry much about her damage much, and Cynthia helps me steal and penetrate Latios to bring the ball to the mid. Meiran is there to pass the ball to increase my team's speed and attack. Virgil to heal and increase spirit.

    In regards to unique stones, I actually do not have much. Lynia glab, Sharr TB, Silk PoME, Cynthia glab, Virgil WoM, and Isillia PoL. Also, my TA is only 9,000ish. I find that COD 35 is easier than COD 34.

    Tldr; heal, spirit generation, double forward pass were keys for me.
  5. anavn

    anavn Light Dark for life !!!

    CoD 53 CoT 44
    I saw the team shoud have 0 probs then saw duke using fts saw my blood boil. Use encompassing soul on him and use him as cm and both sides only have the job of passing him the ball. Wrecking ball formation works perfectly up to cod 43 cos they got 2 mid line healers but you still far from that.
  6. Teruyo

    Teruyo Pitiable Illegally Dumped Object

    Yeah I gotta replace Fontus eventually. Which is a matter of whether to go Dark for it or go Ardor for EBM in the backline.

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