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Light/Dark team players reccomendation

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by ElAldoX, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. ElAldoX


    I've finally decided to make a Light/Dark team thanks to AquaXxX's answer to my last thread.
    But I don't really know which players should be in the team.

    Muspel and Virgil are untouchable from their positions as their performance is really good.
    Hiro is in a lot of chains and has a 30% dribble chain when paired with Muspel.
    Ustiel gives a quite good line buff and is in a Muspel's chain that increases 40% his defense, so that might be really useful, but I don't really know if she can play well as a side CM or she should be the support player.

    But I don't really know how should my team be.
    The only players that must be in my team are, as I said before, Muspel and Virgil.
    The others can be replaced with any other.
    I would be thankful if you helped me figuring out which players would fit better in my team.

  2. I3lackBro

    I3lackBro Bronze

    I viewed Ustil as a backline totem but if you could buff muspel so that they struggle to pen through him that would be cool.

    Sakiel is a good passer

    Pinol/Alica would be better to put in backline instead of Niarose

    I don't really see Sephirot fitting in your team, don't know how well she does. Skorn as well. If you want you could use MW and switch Shura with Silla
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  3. ElAldoX


    BTW Muspel is my best player.
    That's why I think Ustiel should be in the line with him.
    Her line HP buff and Muspel's chain with her will improve Muspel's tankyness.
    I guess I could try to use her as a CD or as the Support player, but I don't really know if I should.

    I really need to change Niarose, I know.
    It's just temporal until I get a better CD, Pinol looks quite good for me.
    I got Orses recently, so I may give her a try and see how well she performs.

    If Sakiel is a good passer, I guess I should try to draw her.
    I saw her chains include Ustiel and Muspel, so it would be a really good change, as Shura's chains are quite bad for me ATM.
    Meanwhile, I could try using Silla, as you said.

    Sephirot it's not that bad.
    Her chains are good, as they include Hiro and Virgil in two different chains.
    Also, her kit is really interesting.
    The only bad thing about her is that she can't handle too much damage.

    Skorn gots a chain with Virgil.
    His kit is crit based, so he can deal a ton of damage.
    So it might be good to improve his stats and make him my team's ST instead of that 6* Hines.

    MW could be awesome, as her kit is great, but her chains are quite bad.
    And yeah, I like to have some chain per player.
  4. e23


    Welcome fellow Light and Dark player to the twilight zone! Joking! But looking at your team. I'm only gonna cover players that are not legends. So for your front, I agree Sakiel is a must have. Ustiel is much more better in the back and even more better if you run a light GK. Instead look for players like Dale, Mikael, Cassiel, Crocell any light or dark attacker. On your right mid I'd personally go for players like Alice, Black Horns,

    Since you like using Virgil, might I suggest looking for a light GK (Alexia (top), Isilla, Kei) and should you decide to use a light GK Chitose and Hyang Ran is a staple to have. You should run a 4 man back and if you decide on light GK your support option should be Ustiel, Virgil, or Muspiel. Why Virgil you ask? Because of one player who has an ace for Light and Dark players and is useful for a light GK. I'm talking about Black Ivy. You can put her where Virgil is and you can still use Virgil for a support if you want. Now if you wanna keep your current GK, then yes having Patricia is a must. One other unit I recommend for you to look for is Lindberg, not only does she give HP to your dark GK but she also has super play so expect her to get the ball out from the back. She basically can do a better job than Virgil in my opinion. And once again Hyang Ran can also join that backline for the meaty HP buff (And to replace Niarose). And finally in your support you can put in Milena, I find her very good at what she does.

    Now as far as legends well...don't think I have to tell you which ones you need since it's mostly obvious. Front...you should know the common legend front line. Mid. You can run Duke - Meta - Beth, Duke - Seres - Meta, Duke - Meta - Seres, Ashe - Meta - Seres it's up to you. Backline...Garriott, GK. I think you know who I'm talking about.
  5. ElAldoX


    I really want to use Kei as my GK, as he is in lots of chains and he is amazing when paired with Virgil.
    Now I just have to wait until I get him.
    The only bad thing is that Patricia wouldn't be that effective.

    I don't really think Black Ivy would be that good in my team as her chains are quite bad.
    Virgil would do better - Chains with Kei and Hiro, a really high dribble, line heals and line debuff.

    Lindberg wouldn't be that good too, as I want a light GK.
    Also, bad chains.

    I got Pinol 2 days ago, and he is awesome as RWM.
    But I could also place him in other position as he is quite capable of it.
    His chains include Patricia and Virgil.
    Also Niarose, but she doesn't fit too well in my team.
    She could be the support player BTW.

    Ustiel in back could be quite interesting.
    I could replace Niarose with her.
    The only thing I don't really like about that is that she doesn't get any stat boost for being in the back.

    Cassiel and Crocell could replace her quite well, as their chains include Muspel and Muspel's chains include them.

    It's obvious that Hines MUST be replaced and I have to get Sakiel as soon as possible.

    I guess Ashe, Duke, Metatron and Garriott (Also maybe Jibril) are the best legends that I could use.
    Too bad that the only legends I have are Bell, Aiolos and Jin.

    This would be the all 5* team in my mind:

    Sakiel - Hiro/Dark totem player - Hiro/Dark totem player
    Cassiel - Muspel - Pinol
    Patricia - Ustiel - Crocell/Niarose (Supp) - Virgil

    Including legends, I guess it would become something like this:

    Jibril/Hiro/Dark totem player - Jibril/Serestia?/Hiro/Dark totem player - Jibril/Hiro/Dark totem player
    Duke - Muspel - Ashe
    Garriott - Metatron - Ustiel (Supp) - Virgil

    I don't really know how to make the FW effective on the legends team.
    Also, I don't know which dark totem player I should use.

    But yeah, that would be the teams I'm aiming at ATM.
  6. AquaXxX

    AquaXxX For Kiki's Sake!

    Hi @ElAldoX , I see you confuse about chains. As a same beginner, i can say that strenghten your main player with chains is good, but not truly effective.
    Pairing a player with other just in chain case is somekind of lowering your team overall potential.

    1) Sephirot, a good long-range shooter , and more than able to overcome much much damage output, but your mid become so untanky, and not good as you expect. Muspel can't shine if enemy always breaking your line. Changing Sephirot with another buff or debuffer is good opinion to help your Muspel.

    2) Yes, Ustiel got no bonus at back. She's one of most character than getting wrecked, but if your GK is low on hp, its a good things to try right? With some effort, she'll break line with no big problems.

    3) To control AB playing, Pinol still a good choice if you got no Serestia or Metatron at mid. Indeed that he'll do some flawless play with your team later.

    4) You can try to use Skorn, he dealt so much damage, and his active is pretty good either. But if you planning to take him on front, maybe you want to think twice. As much is my observation, an attacker won't do much things at front. They can't steal the wall backline of your enemy due to poor reflex. They'll easily counterattacked with enemy backline when performing a penetration. They'll mostly just passes the ball and use their hold the ball active.

    5) If you don't have any legendary character, just try to get some. From lights, you can effort Duke at mid, or Serestia to backup your Muspel. Metatron is the other choice. You can try Ashe, if you want some variation.

    6) Hiro is a good striker, if you can put much penetration stat on him. Just some notes.
  7. ElAldoX


    Of course I don't want to strenghten only my main player with chains, as what I want to do is to do it with most of the team.

    1- Yeah, Sephirot is quite good, but already got replaced with Pinol.

    2- I'll move her to the back definetly.

    3- Pinol is doing quite good right now.

    4- I agree with that. But I don't really know if he'll perform that well as he is easy to pen if he doesn't crit due to low reflexes.

    5- I plan doing that, but it's pure luck.

    6- I'll do that, then.

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