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Loki Superb Boss Strategy Thread (3/23/18 - 3/24/18)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Freemium, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Freemium


    Casuals (Looking for Active Players!)
    41 + 35 CoT
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  2. Philip35

    Philip35 Swaggy P

    Galaxy League

    Team Formation:
    Vivid Fear (SC) / Celus / Aslan (TW)
    Duke (ES)/ Victoria (TB)/ Felix (LS) [ACE]
    Aiolos (EBM)[Friend] / Pinol(FST) / Sammy (TW)/ Shu(SOB)
    Gk Isillia(El Repayon)

    Things to remember:
    1. The Enemy Frontline and Midline receives 100% Damage Resistance for 4 minutes whenever you use an Active skill.
    2. The Enemy team gains 50% Attack Power and 30% Decrease Resistance everytime they Attack.
    3. The Enemy Goalkeeper has an Active Block that Decrease 100% damage and Heals himself for 30% HP when activated. Also, it has a cool down time of 2 minutes and needs zero spirit to activate!!!

    With these in mind, We need to remove the enemy’s Buff stacks or else we won’t survive for very long. As for the enemy Goalkeeper, We can’t let him get his active block off. The GK however doesn’t heal when penetrated on.
    Our frontline includes Vivid Fear and Celus. Both of which are there because they increases the damage the enemy in the position receives. Aslan is there to further boost the HP of our Goalkeeper.
    Our Midline has Duke and Victoria because they both increases our Midline’s Reflex which is crucial when penetrating to the front. Felix is actually not really needed but because I don’t have any other global rainbow ace he is used only for his Ace skill and also because he himself has high reflex.
    Our Backline is the most important part of this team. Aiolos is a must have in this match because she removes the enemy team’s Buff stacks which is crucial for our survival. Pinol is there to deny the enemy team spirit to limit there movement. Sammy is there to heal our backline with a pass and also to hold Thousand Watcher to limit the enemy reflex stealing on our penetrations. Shu is also another must have player because of his Double turn attack and healing. Our Goalkeeper is Isillia because she is a healing Goalkeeper but I have done this match with my main using AU77 Glayde which actually is better than Isillia.

    Gameplay: Start by activating Shu’s Active skill up to three times if possible early on because we don’t want to waste a lot of time with the enemy having a huge damage resistance. Aiolos active should be used on Shu to Increases his critical damage. Use Isillia’s active while your at it to make her stronger. It is best to use all the active skills you want before the 10 minute mark. Now start to penetrate using Shu.

    Here are the number of hits you would need to do to shave the enemy team’s HP:
    Enemy Frontline = 6 times.
    Enemy Midline = 4 times.
    Enemy Backline defender = 6 times.

    When you reach the enemy’s backline with Shu. Shoot with Shu for the first and only time! This somehow does not activate the enemy Goalkeeper’s Block. Activate Celus' active skill to Increases critical damage of your team. Active skill CAN be used in your frontline. Then use penetration the rest of the way until the enemy Goalkeeper is dead then shoot with any of your frontline player for the win! Good Luck!

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