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Light Mono Light: any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Flamy, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Flamy


    By following the title: any suggestions for a mono light team? I have the following team set up and I'm looking for some advise.


    I'm a massive newbie but recently I started to play a bit more seriously. I prefer to keep my GK, Leah and Hercules.
    By searching some post in the other thread I found that Latios isn't a greater strike so right now I'm using Uriel to keep up with the Damage. Anyway I don't know the meta so maybe I'm totally wrong about it.

  2. Nawzu

    Nawzu Bora Husbando Staff Member

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    Galaxy League (2751)
    CoD 55 CoT 44
    Firstly, you still need to choose one striker to use at a single time. Latios is not as good since her healing skill becomes much weaker in PvP, but for now you can still use her as your striker until you build a new one (if you want to).

    Replace one of your strikers with Silla or Milky Way, also make sure you striker is on the left or right and not in the center, this is to avoid enemy teams that have more unit in defense center.

    I would suggest
    Ustiel - Sammy - Herc
    for your midline for now, Sammy is great for CM since she can be built to be very tanky and have high damage reflect so enemies will fail getting past her, Ustiel is kind of a place holder until you can find something better, I think Cassiel could work there

    Virgil(opposite enemy striker) - Chitose - Leah - Hyang Ran(infront enemy striker)
    for your backline

    I'm not so good with Mono Light but thats what I can think of for now
  3. Carreau


    I'm only a champions league monolight player so take what I say with a grain of salt about my knowledge. But I think it will be hard climbing later on with both leah and hercules on your team.
    If I was to make a monolight team I feel like chitose and shaman are absolute musts for your backline.
    I would run Ustiel - Shaman - Chitose, and your choice of Dynames or Virgil. Both work depending on what you want from them as your 4th defender and thats who you would put in front of the enemy striker. That gives you a pretty well rounded backline.
    As for midfield, with what you have I would go Leah/Herc - Sammy - Mikael. On paper I like leah more than herc but I never really used either of them so I'm not sure. I would also try to get cassiel to replace mikael.
    For your front go Sakiel - Milky/Celus/Silla - Whichever striker you like. Both of your strikers have short active cooldowns so I prefer to have milky with the longer more constant buff to take advantage of your strikers active than a single 10 min cd pass. But Silla works there if you prefer her and are planning on finishing the enemy goalkeeper quickly. Celus is a workable front liner if your just looking for a strong enemy backline debuff. Unfortunately that means you lose out on an extra passer but he can still work.
    Non of those choices are based on what kind of chains you would have just fyi. For ace I would go either sakiel or cassiel when you get him depending on if you either want more raw damage for your striker or if you need your team to be faster to make up for its short comings.

    That being said if you really really really want herc and leah in the same team I would go:
    Sakiel - Milky - Latios
    Herc/Leah - Sammy - Herc/Leah
    Ustiel - Chitose - Shaman - Dynames

    I personally don't like having someone without a decent buff for isillia on the backline because she can get bursted pretty easily currently. But this forces your midfield to be pretty weak on top of the fact light already struggles in midfield without certain units and legendaries. To make up for that you want dynames, his global heal on pass, and latios heal on shot, would keep your midfield and isillia in fighting shape. You also need your sammy to be the very tanky damage refelctor talked about above and basically just use her pass heal to keep herc and leah healthy and hope they can tear through the sides.
  4. Flamy




    My team got an upgrade based on some advice from a series of post in many forum.

    First question about what Carreau said: why does Leah get hate and disappointment? Hercules have a really low speed and he doesn't have any utility purpose other than smashing the middle field in early match and get smashed in the late game... But I think Leah is a good player, she have like 3000 hp and she have a decent speed (outspeed almost everyone, even enemy Uriel almost max skill [just to say: I don't think Ureil have that much speed but she is just a reference ;)]). So 3000 hp, 2300 dmg when she penetrate. I use her like a "Def to Attack" to just completely obliterate the mid column...

    Another thing: I don't think Ustiel have that much utilities... She can stand up max 2 penetration/shot/steal and her active skill is like pointless to use for the cost of it.

    In all the forum I always see Sammy get a lot of good point but I don't understand why... I mean, all people say she can tank (I know about her passive skill holding the ball) but I tried her and she can't tank even stand an assist steal... Other than that I don't understand the meaning of "damage reflector" of sammy.

    I'm using Leah as ace cause I think the hp boost and crit resistance buff my Isillia really well. Anyway I sometimes swtich with Cassiel to cover up my lack of speed.

    Sorry if I'm noob but I'm trying to get my mind clear so I really appreciate your help guys :)

  5. AquaXxX

    AquaXxX For Kiki's Sake!

    Yeah, i know Hercules is low on speed, stone could help him. Leah is good, yeah that sure does, everybody got their own favourite players, and no doubt, with her reworked passive, she's good.

    1) Why Hercules is low on speed? Want to make him worked faster? Use his ace. It is said more "action speed" and "critical rate" and well suited for Hercules. While your Uriel get another benefits, and shoots more often, right? Thats the solution. Hercules could use 2 dark action speed, 1 light dribble, and Paradise of light/ Prayer of Saint to strenghten him. Action speed is, and you demanded it, drible is a dribble, and max hp and att pow is better. Action speed and attack pow with attack is another reference (Or change it to Thousand Watcher, if you want a REAl damage reflector, i guarenteed)

    2) Leah is good, but wanna know why people still called her a "Selfish player"? She don't buff her line with Hp, and only buff's global action speed. Its not fully selfish palyer actually, but people still called her selfish anyway, beacause another player had initially more than 1 in line buff passive that'll benefits backline more, that's all. I don't have any stone recommendation for Leah, but Artio's Foot/ Earths Cry/ Eye of the Storm, light crit rate, light defense, and green crit damage is okay i guess.

    3) Yeah, you can't pick Hercules's action speed, and hp and crit resist ace's for Isillia at once, just pick which you like. And you need it the most

    4) Edit: and yeah i forget about Cassiel,
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  6. Carreau


    The best thing about soccer spirits is everyone is usable. Everyone isn't viable, and there are obviously optimum strats but you can really run almost any 5 star you want. Also sorry for wall of text incoming.

    I actually think Leah is much better than Herc even though they both kinda fill the same role because she at least has a global totem to help out the team and a better ace for defensive purposes. Totem being the buff from her third passive. Her ace is also better and it is good for helping to keep issilia alive like you stated. I think Leah and herc get hate because they are selfish players. Meaning they don't buff the team, they only buff up themselves. After Leah's rework she is less selfish but people tend to go more for a high crit damage type of selfish player like crocell or skorn if they run one.

    A good backline should have some who can take the ball from your defense to your forward, if that's leah for you that works. Most of your defenders should out speed your opponent front line because of your line up. Chitose gives your line a 25% action speed buff and dynames gives the enemy a 25% action speed debuff. 50% swing in speed.

    As for Ustiel, I like her in the backline because she gives a good hp and defense buff to everyone in the line including your goalkeeper. She also heals on action like virgil but only for herself. Her active is meh, but extra attack power is always nice when its lasts for 15min and when its activated it will revive dead allies with 1 hp. Not a big deal but it helps and can save you from a 1v1 with their striker and your goalie. For the most part it's just how you build them. Ustiel is my line breaker for taking the ball from my defense to my forwards and she pretty much runs over anything in front of her and she isn't even build all that well because I lack a good unique stone for her.

    If your feeling too weak on goalkeeper you have a lot of backline that isn't directly buffing issillia up. Dynames isn't buffing gk but has great utility and a heal pass. Leah is buffing her but its global so she could just as easily be in the midfield. Virgil also isn't buffing you up, he is just debuffing the enemy, although reduced crit rate is good especially early and he has a minor heal. Chitose is giving your gk her hp buff(30%) and action speed and reflex which we aren't talking about here. The reason a lot of people use ustiel as a backline and why even some rainbow teams have shaman is the buff they give. Ustiel gives hp(30%) and def(25%). Hyang Ran, the shaman, aka Shaman, gives hp(40%), and some decreased damage received whenever someone in the back faints. That's a lot of extra hp on your bench for your whole back including Leah if you can fit her back there. But it's all about what you want your backline to do. Whether it be crit resist, big debuffs, utility, just lots of raw hp and defense to try and survive as long as you can, damage reduction, a little bit of everything, etc.

    If your worried about spirit, dynames pass and virgil to a lesser degree should be generating some. Ustiel can as well and shaman generates a decent amount when allies die. Sakiel should be giving you a lot on her passes as well (Make sure her prism slot is red pass and her unique should be silent cold if you want more buff for your striker or prey's sentence if you need more spirit generation).

    For Sammy, its all about how she's built if you want her to be a tank/damage reflector. She isn't a tank in the having 3k hp sense. She's a tank by doing an abusrd amount of damage when shes attacked while taking a lot less damage and winning through that way. Especially with the way the AI plays her. She will mostly pass even when she has good hp. For my Sammy she runs thunder watchers, red reflex, green action speed, and red reflex prism. This also givers her a lot of crit resist and reflex to win the 1v1 and Thunders gives her a huge attack power buff when attacked that goes well with her damage reduction skill when attacked. Basically she gets attacked and the enemy just kills itself into her is what damage reflector means.

    You got super lucky being able to grab Cassiel so quickly. He's pretty important in my opinion for light midfield because midfield is all about reflex and he has a line buff and enemy debuff for it in his kit. If your feeling slow and don't want to give up Leah as your ace try and find muspel. One of his skills is a global action speed buff for light players and he is a good midfielder.

    Personally I don't dislike herc or leah I just think they both fill the same role so its hard to build a team around both. I like having a buff or debuff for the enemy of some kind on almost every player so everyone helps each other or has some kind of utility to the team. But that's just my play style.
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  7. Sayano

    Sayano Casual

    51 colo, cot 50, CoI 62
    ^ What he said. The ultimate goal should be to have every single card. Even the "shit" Ones. They'll all be useful one day. Never recall or anything like that either. It's a scam. I can't give any recent examples cuz I stopped playing a while back. But there was a time where Elaine and MW were ultra meta, they got nerfed and everyone recalled. Then a few months afterwards they got buffed and became meta af again. And no one had them. The instant refund is nice, but recalls are almost never worth it.

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