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Light Mono Light help

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Ferroh, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Ferroh

    Ferroh Felix is a waifu.

    I was planning to make a Mono Light Team in my other account and I was wondering if there’s any specific players for the backline or the team itself. I am using Hiro as striker, Sakiel as the ace.

    Preferably only list 5 star players, but legends are fine too. I have Beth, if you’re wondering
  2. Artimizu


    Doki Doki Spirits
    Champion's League
    hmm... heres a list of recommended players I came up with:
    5 stars
    Silla(front)- the only light assist I could think of and also the fact that Hiro needs pen since his skill set has none of that.
    Cassiel(mid)- provides quite a lot of reflex for your midline. Since Beth needs to attack to activate her reflex buffs, you definitely need other units that gives reflex buff besides her.
    Mikael (mid)- Also has reflex buff for the line. Provides spirit if he gets to attack. Your team will be needing a lot of spirit since you're using hiro as your striker.(I dont recommend investing things on him if you decide to get Duke later on)
    *for back line you have decide if you want to focus more on critical resist or damage reduction
    Elua(back/support)- Provides spirit over time without needing to do anything, also provides little damage reduction to the line.
    Chitose(back)- action speed, damage reduction based on elements, spirit gen(not much and requires attacking)
    Virgil(back)- Use him if your GK is Kei
    Kei(GK)- If you are going with critical resistance, use this guy with Virgil. Not only Virgil provides crit reduction debuff to enemy front, kei also has a crit resist chain with Virgil.
    Black Ivy(back)- Also has crit resist but requires her to move 3 times for that 45%.
    Hyang Ran(support/back)- Has a bloated skill set. She gives spirit, damage reduction, hp, and crit damage reduction
    I don't know much about Alexa but you can check her out if you want.
    Duke(mid)- You already have beth and hiro, get him for those chains. He is also a reliable ball holder and line breaker, as well as having a reflex line buff. If you decide to get him, replace mikael.
    Jibril(front)- Has a bloated skill set, providing a lot for the team. If you decide to get her, I suggest replacing silla, since Jibril provides pen through active

    If it helps you can check my team, I'm also mono light player. :run:

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