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Need Help Team Building and Advice!

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by AriyNap, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. AriyNap


    Hi everyone, I'm AriyNap and I need help with team building.

    My current PvP team:
    Team Ability: (L) 15795

    Vitos (*7, +160) | Veronica (*5) | Silla (*6, +160, Ace)

    Linmay (*6) | Valkyrja Beth (*6, +160) | Vivid Fear (*6)

    Kevin (*6) | Princess Meiran (*6) | Elua (*5) | Silk (Support, *5, +3)

    Isillia (*6, +160)​

    • Every Player with +160 is staying on the team.
    • The main idea with this team is to have Linmay and Elua pass the ball to the front line and keep resupplying the spirit gauge.
    • My biggest concern is the Veronica, but besides the 4 +160s, everyone is interchangeable.
    • Vitos has Encompassing Soul and Teranox's Blood available, while I heard that TB is the premier Striker spirit stone, I find ES has more synergy with Vitos due to the increase critical damage and the HP recovery works well to make up for the health lost when he shoots.

    Roster (some EE, no problem with evolving):

    Sharr, Nari, Elaine, Lucius, Victoria, Sage, Sue, Gaphyl, Death Queen, Angela, Renee, Erica, Elise, Lemy, Jacob, Yuri, Kyoko, Tyler,

    Shanti, Vermilion Bird, Furion, Kiki, Saramir, Magnus, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Neraizel, Irru, Black Tortoise, Kirin

    Nikita, Robin, Freyja, Swimsuit Luka, Vayne, Altair, Cynthia, Iggy, Blade, Beta, Chiffon, Lynia, Haru, Lukia,

    Hiro, Ustiel, Virgil, Leah, Sammy, Dynames, Black Ivy, Luri, Net, Milky Way, Hercules, Kei, Skorn, Crocell, Uriel, Latios, Anael, Mariel

    Lilith, Pinol, Jeunese, Hamerus, Malcolm, Ravian, Black Daisy, Jheet, Zibroi, Alkyde, Patricia, Verister, Damien, Lucifer, Dale, Shura, Fontus
  2. Snorcle


    You can go light/ww i can see very good player at your least if you wanna go rainbow with silla ace you can concider put victoria in a team and change veronica to elaine. You should deffinetly use magnus in your backline since he is busted. Also you can use gaphyl too because he is best healer right now. But you shouldnt go rainbow pick 1 or 2 element and build around it. Hamerus is very good passer you want to keep isillia but hamerus is better. If you want to use isillia you have to find chitose and shaman.

    Vitos - Hamerus - Shura Damien is better than vitos but use whatever you like :D

    Dale - Black Ivy( Ace) - Beth

    Pinol - Verister - Patricia - Virgil (ex) you can change ex as your wish but he is good healer and pretty solid line breaker
    - Zibroi - Personnally i use isillia too but without chitose and shaman she is pretty weak you will get one shot every leventor zibroi works better with patricia etc.

    If you can find Lindberg include her right away and if you able to purchase some legend etc go presty

    You can build very good Ardor/Light too

    Kyoko - Elaine - Renee

    Victoria - Sammy - Erica (you can use beth here too just i want to let you know erica gives pretty good buff to angela and beth is not a good legendary sadly)

    Kevin - Gaphyl - DeathQueen- Yuri(ex) <- You use ex magnus aswell he is off colour but it is worth to try. You can Search for good ardor legends for this team

    I think your light ardor team is best you can do You can climb to Diamond(maybe more) very easily if you invest enough.

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