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Need some insight

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Honne, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Honne


    Hi everyone! It's me again with some more questions.
    Since I last posted, the RNG gods blessed me with two more legends, Metatron and Duran. Since I'm still pretty low ranked, I have been just experimenting teams and focusing on PVE. These questions popped up while I was at it.
    First, Duran. I don't know how to use him to his full potential. I though that I should follow the IC stone route, but I have seen some other threads on this forum suggesting SHoT or FTS... I'm pretty confused on what should I focus. He seems to be a very versatile unit.
    Also, about Damien: does him synergize better with Celus or should I continue using Armel? I read that Celus is a riskier choice, but very rewarding too; or should I scratch that and just use another in line passer?
    And finally, I would like to receive some insight about some good mid-line totems or debuffers, to synergize with Dale and Metatron. Vivid Fear does a pretty good job as a line-breaker, but two line-breakers on the same line is too much for me, I guess. I thought switching her with Alice, Avnore or Aslan, but I'm not too sure.

    If needed, here is what my current team looks right now:
    Armel - Jibril - Damien
    Dale - Metatron - Vivid Fear
    Patricia - Duran - Hyang Ran - Malcolm

    Thanks in advance!

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