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New Player - Team Advice

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by deckgamez, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. deckgamez


    Hey all,

    Just started playing again and just got past rank 30, I got Jin as my Legend. I'm a little bit lost in how I should structure my team and which players to focus on. I'm really liking Ravian, but have read mixed reviews.

    I've watched a few videos (thank you anavn) but I'm still a little bit confused. Below is my current team and the players I've got. I know its early stages, but I just want to make sure I'm on the right road.

    Please help me :)

    SS1.jpg SS2.jpg SS3.jpg SS4.jpg SS5.jpg
  2. Querry

    Querry Champs

    Ravian . . . Needs some help. But if she's bae then she's bae. Pulling Jin suggests WW/Dark as a team plus you already have Silk for the ace.

    Armel - Shura - Ravian
    Pinol/Meiran - Lynbell/Xing/Alkyde/Niarose - Vivid Fear
    Magnus - Silk - Miho (eventually replace with Kiki)

    Supp: Lindbergh/Alice (when she comes back)

    You'll notice the biggest thing is what CM you want. Each unit plays pretty differently so it's gonna be a matter of who you pull first/like more. It's worth noting that Lynbell has found some succes as high as champs.

    Kiki has an affection chain with Jin which is very nice, but you need to have superb bosses to actually unlock the chain. Miho is a solid unit to use in the meantime.

    The second the superb boss Alice comes back you should gun for her. Sink them resources cuz she is excellent in general. Till then, Lindbergh is solid. Good skills, nice stats. Can't complain.

    Honestly it's still very early in game for you and you aren't married to Jin. Keep playing, keep pulling, and you can ask again when you got more units
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  3. deckgamez


    Awesome reply Querry, really appreciate it. I'll keep working at it

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