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Next Legendary Predictions

Discussion in 'For Fun' started by Viticide, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Viticide

    Viticide Bronze

    As the title should make obvious, who do you think the next legends will be? Why do you think that? Anything you would like to see even if you don't believe it would happen? I figure with the 3 year anniversary coming up soon, and with having had some time with all the latest legends having EEs, now would be a good time to start a thread on this subject.

    As for myself, I'm going to assume BB will continue the trend of new legends being roles that their attribute does not yet have, so I'll automatically be discounting any roles which already exist for my own predictions. I'll explain any further reasoning for my guesses in each prediction.

    Attacker, male, Hellion Empire.

    I'm predicting male because Dark has the most female legends (and their only male even has a genderbend skin). If any attribute is due for a male legend, it's Dark. Hellion Empire because Cruzentes has 3 of the 4 current legends.

    But why Attacker and not Striker? Because Dark is one of the attributes with the most Strikers. Now, they are too one of the attributes with the most Attackers. However, looking at the state of Dark's Strikers vs Attackers, which see more play? Their Strikers. Lucid is one of the most common in the game right now, and Vitos performs well enough and likely suffers less play mainly because he's neither waifu (without skin) nor husbando material. Ravian is hurting but still has some loyalists running her, with many calling for buffs for her, and plenty of others are eager for Damien's EE which has yet to come. Then there's Rabian... yeah she's cute but definitely worse off than even Ravian. But what of Dark's Attackers? None really see play at all outside of mono and some hybrids (primarily Dark/WW if not running VF). Even plenty of monos don't run any of them. Looking to what Dark's needs are and what legend roles are still open, I see BB more likely going for an Attacker than a Striker for now. EDIT: Also forgot to mention that Dark hasn't gotten a new Attacker since Asakura, so it's been a long time for Dark.

    Defender, either gender, Heaven's Gate.

    Light is one of the only two attributes to have an even split of male and female legends. By that reasoning I see equal odds for either gender. Again, Heaven's Gate because Yggdrasil Guardians is 3 out of 4.

    So why Defender over GK since Light is one of two attributes to have only two GKs? Well, Light has both of these more defensive roles open while all other attributes however already have a legendary Defender. However, just as Dark Attackers are practically non-existent outside of mono, the same is true of Light's Defenders (although in this case it's more mono backs than mono teams). So while I'd not at all be surprised to see a GK legend, I think Defender edges out because, once again, one role is in a better state than the other.

    Attacker, female, Minerva Kingdom

    Thunder is the other attribute with an even split of genders, a bit surprising given Minerva Kingdom is female only. However, it is because of Minerva Kingdom that I see the next legend for them being female. Of Thunder's legends, 3 out of 4 are Metro City (this is becoming a trend...). I see their next legend being Minerva Kingdom to balance this and thus it will be female.

    Popular opinion is that Thunder is one of the weaker backlines, and by that reasoning you might expect GK to be my prediction, especially since I didn't predict so for Light. However, Thunder recently got Glayde who looks to already potentially be one of, if not the, best GKs at EE. Robin is much like Vitos in that he is good but unpopular because of his looks. Even Raklet has some niche use in her being capable of high crit resist. Nute suffers for being a special character will low base stats and an active blocker in a meta where being such is a weakness. Meanwhile Thunder's Attackers are like Dark's: unused outside of their mono. And even within that, the only one that sees really any play is Hildegarde. So I see Thunder getting an Attacker, but in this case I'll even predict it to be one that is good for the backline. Something along the lines of Shu, Mikael, or Yuri in being of some benefit to the back via totems or utility.

    Striker or Assist, female, Kartina Association

    Female because they have 3 out of 4 being male already, and the trend continues to hold that 3 out of 4 are also of one faction vs the other, in this case Nadir Holy Ground.

    This is the only attribute I don't favor one role over the other. Though both Khirel and Aiolos can be played elsewhere, they are still favored in the back while Jin is a GK and Duran a Defender who is entirely geared towards being a backline totem. This leads me to believe that the only thing certain is that BB will try to ensure WW's next legend is not a backliner, and the roles remaining to WW's legends supports this. WW has strong Strikers and Assists which see good use, including even plenty of assist presence in the mid thanks to Linmay (primarily mono) and Neraizel (more often in 1hko teams, but in mono too, and in both cases as CM). Because WW doesn't seem to particularly lack anywhere as a result of this, I can't feel confident in any predictions of whether WW will get a Striker or Assist next. But, if it is an assist, it could be in-line or forward passer. The only thing I'm not expecting is a long passer. If I were to lean one way or the other, I'd lean towards Striker simply because the last batch of legends had none.

    GK, female, Legend Tiger

    Literally the same circumstances as WW. 3 out of 4 are already male, and 3 out of 4 are The Champions (thus completing the trend that all legends for each attribute are 3/4 one faction vs the other, something I only now noticed looking into them for this post).

    Ardor is the other attribute to currently have only two GKs. But where as Light currently is more in need of a better Defender, Ardor is the other way around and is more in need of a stronger GK option. But at the same time, Ardor's assist aren't in a great state either excluding Renee. Nari is good for little other than spirit generation, both forward passers are special characters, and Lia is ok being neither super strong nor super weak. So I'd not be surprised to see a legendary Assist for Ardor. I favor a prediction of GK over Assist though for two reasons. First, I think if WW is to get an assist legend BB will lean more towards a GK for Ardor. Second, because of my prediction that Light is getting a Defender, and so I see BB wanting to make another legend GK since we have three Strikers currently to only two GKs. Meanwhile if WW instead gets a Striker legend, that too could sway Ardor to getting a GK as well because that'd be yet another Striker to the count vs GKs. The way I see Ardor to most likely get an Assist is if both Light gets a GK instead of Defender while WW also gets an Assist so that the count of legendary Strikers vs GKs is finally even at three each. While I generally prefer to avoid letting my prediction for one attribute be influenced by the other attributes, for Ardor I make this exception. This is both because of Ardor's need of both roles while I also believe BB would try to avoid doubling up on another set of roles in this batch, and I'm more confident of both Dark and Thunder getting Attackers than both Light and Ardor getting GKs or WW and Ardor both getting Assists.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
  2. icebarrier

    icebarrier Bronze

    draww (galaxy server)
    ima look back on this when they do release the next set

    Leader / Active Healer
    - bb capitalizing on light's usual healing, especially on passive heals. Something like healing the entire team on action (mega version of virgil/gaphyl), and their active heal not being bound to diminishes in pvp.

    - dark specializing on debuffs, their striker would turn the gks line buffs into debuffs (because lmao). In turn they'd turn debuffs onto them into buffs of the equal amount.

    Leader / Triple Totem
    - thunder specializing in being a beautiful version of ohko cheese. A mega version of veronica, just all 3 GLOBAL totems for stuff like AS/Reflex/Cdmg/Pen/CR/AP in those 3 passives.

    - probs with a built in quickstart/ic to self and just like jibril have a low cooldown on active.

    Assist / the 4th co op
    - surprise it'll go on the backline also. Maybe something stupider than khirel co op, taking damage when the gk inline is shot at to themselves instead of the gk as long as theyre alive.
    Plus they'll revive like silk.
  3. Sayano

    Sayano Retired

    51 colo, cot 46
  4. AquaXxX

    AquaXxX For Kiki's Sake!

    As i know, with the updates of 2 legendaries (which is Garriot (Defender, Light ), and Ashe (Attacker, Dark ) every attributes have only one player each from their role

    Ardor: Gk's
    The reason why
    ardor' s next legendary is Gk is, they already have William as striker, Jiho as defender, Shu as attacker, Nabi as assist, and Choi as leader. The last role that hasn't launched yet , is a legendary Gk's.

    Whirlwind: Assist
    Same reason as above. They have every role accept assist. There's Miri as Striker, Duran as defender, Khirel as attacker, Aiolos as Leader, and Jin as Gk's. They need assist to complete all the role that ww have.

    Thunder: Attacker, which i agreed to @Viticide
    Thunder already had Kirna, so their next updates must be attacker.

    Light: Gk's
    With the last updates of
    light attributes, Garriot the latest Defender of light, the last thing that left is the Gk's. (Becareful guys, this gonna burst a lot)

    Dark: Striker
    I know, that @Viticide already explained the reason, why is the next
    Dark legendary is attacker, and it works, So i confined that the next patch (or next, and next again) should be dark Striker legendary, their last role.

    That's my overall oppinion.
    Also, about gender,
    Ardor Gk's have a percentage of being 60% male and 40% female, because there's already 2 female Gk's and no male Gk's

    Thx for Reading. o_Oo_Oo_O

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