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Patch Notes [2/26]

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kazu19, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. PaxMilitae

    PaxMilitae This world needs more Noa

    Couldn't agree more, especially about the part I bolded. My GK, for example, went from obsolete to mediocre, to solid and now back to obsolete. After getting into Galaxy League consecutive times, I couldn't reach on the previous season and, on this one, I'll be actuallly HAPPY if I manage to reach CL. This game's PvP can be one hell of a rollercoaster (unless you're one of those that don't REALLY like the game and only go for easy wins *cough*cough* Mono Legend and Mono WW *cough*cough*), but hey, it's part of what makes it fun.
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  2. Nawzu

    Nawzu Bora Husbando Staff Member

    Bora's Bed
    Galaxy League (2751)
    CoD 55 CoT 44
    It seems it's pretty much over, thank you everyone for not making this drama go too overboard.

    Just a reminder
    Let's not discredit any achievements, knowledge or attempted help from each other.
    If you or the other party digressed from the main topic and dont wish to continue a topic, make sure you clarify politely.

    Now let's just bury the hatchet and not continue that tangent. Unless you've already done so, then good.
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