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Please help me with my team direction

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by TunaNyan, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. TunaNyan


    Currently I use dark-light team, but I don't know that it'll be good enough. I have some decent players that I can switch to mono dark. Right now I'm sitting in Silver. It's sad that I only have 1 Legend.

    Here's my player pool.

    • Striker: Ravian, Lucid, Damian
    • Defender: Metatron, Orses, Lynbell, Lucifer
    • Assist: Verister, Niarose
    • Leader: Avnore, Armel
    • Goal Keeper: Zibroi
    • Assist: Silla, Sammy, Sky, Parabellum
    • Leader: Milky Way, Virgil, Ustiel, Celus, Mariel
    • Attacker: Hercules
    • Goal Keeper: Isillia
    Other 5*
    • Striker: Sharr, Kyoko
    • Defender: Kaidormu, Nerua
    • Assist: Cashlove
    • Leader: Princess Meiran, Jean
    • Attacker: Butcher, Lukia, Sage
    • Goal Keeper: Irre
    Invested players: Ravian, Metatron, Isillia, Milky Way, Silla, Virgil
    I planned to use Lucid or Damain on pvp team.

    Please give me some advise. Thank you
  2. Terrorcrest


    You could have Lucid, Silla, Milky/Armel in the front, then Sky, Metatron, (Attacker of your choice), and in the back Verister, Ustiel, Virgil, Orses/(Or Nerua, but you're probably going to use Metatron's Ace) and of course your GK should be Isillia, but that's just my opnion :p

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