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Rainbow - General Team Advice

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by KR7, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. KR7


    Galaxy League (2603)
    CoD 55, CoI 57, CoT 35
    Hi guys!

    Actually i'm running a rainbow team and i've recently got my two lucky days in a row pulling Serestia with milleage draw, Metatron with monthly 5/6* player box (All Stars) and Metatron again :mad: with crystals (i don't know if i can talk about bad luck for the last one, probably not :D ).
    Before that, i was running Cynthia as LM (a disaster! specially in pvp Galaxy League cause of her Active Skill) and Neraizel as CM for Miri's dribble chain.

    The First question is: what do you think about this formation? Is it solid enought?
    What to do for improve that, specially with stones setup?

    | Miri | | Jibril | | Baltheon |

    | Serestia | | Metatron | | Nabi |

    | Jiho (Ace) | | Nerua | | Duran | | Hyang Ran (Support) |

    | Glayde |

    I'm not sure about Stones for Miri, Nabi, Metatron and Serestia. With the actual setting the Nabi-Baltheon-Miri combo is good but probably a Nabi with Battalion can be more useful in general. About Miri, i don't know if with Wind Caller instead of SHoT she can do more damages or not.

    Actually i have:
    Miri -> 7* | MSPU | +160 | Shaking Heart of Thunder, double Red Crit Damages, Green Pen+RPE | Teamwork: Attack Power |
    Jibril -> 7* | MSPU | +160 | Yellow Reflex, double Red Pass, Green Action Speed | Teamwork: Pass Effect |
    Baltheon -> 7* | MSPU | +160 | Purple Action Speed, Purple Reflex, Blue Pass, Red Pass | Teamwork: Pass Effect |
    Serestia -> +3 SPU | +160 | Lightning Speed, Purple Steal, Red Reflex, Yellow Reflex | Teamwork: Action Speed |
    Metatron -> +1 SPU, +1 APU | +160 | EoG, Yellow Defense, Yellow HP, Red Decrease inflicted damage | Teamwork: Action Speed |
    Nabi -> MSPU, +1 APU | +160 | Double Red Pass, Purple Action Speed, Prey's Sentence | Teamwork: Pass Effect |
    Jiho -> +2 SPU | +160 | Blazing Essence, Blue Crit Rate, Purple Pen, Red Critical Damages | Teamwork: Attack Power |
    Nerua -> +4 SPU, +1 APU | +160 | Frozen Speartip, Yellow Reflex, Red Decrease inflicted Damage, Green Steal | Teamwork: Max HP |
    Duran -> MSPU | +160 | Encompassing Soul, Green Steal, Blue Crit Rate, Purple Steal | Teamwork: Attack Power |
    Hyang Ran -> MSPU | +160 | Mark of the Bond, Yellow Max HP, Purple Steal, Red Decrease inflicted Damage | Teamwork: Critical Rate |
    Glayde -> 7* | MSPU | +160 | Star's Tears, Green Decrease inflicted Damage, Double Purple Max HP | Teamwork: Max HP |

    Neraizel -> +2 SPU, +2 APU | +160 | Judgment Radiance, Green Critical Damages, Yellow Critical Rate, Yellow Reflex | Teamwork: Critical Rate |

    Others Legendaries and Superb Bosses:
    Leventor -> 7* | MSPU, +1 APU | +160 | Glabaris (sometimes SHoT), Blue RPE, Double Red Crit Damages | Teamwork: Attack Power |
    Jin -> Dense Magma, Double Green Decrease inflicted damage, Purple Max HP
    Odin -> 6* | Purple Pen, Yellow Dribble, Blazing Essence, Red Crit Damages
    Yeon -> 6*

    Others Unique Stones:
    Protection of Mother Earth,Encompassing Soul, Heart of Minerva (x3), Shaking Heart of Thunder, Teranox's Blood, Residue of Madness, Battalion (x2), Shard of Balmung, Ermaltion, Wind Caller, Lightning Speed (x2), Garden of Red Flame, A Wise Man's Trail, Flight of Neo Human, Calm Icicle (x2), Judgment Radiance (Neraizel), Blazing Essence (Odin), Dense Magma (Jin), Glabaris (Leventor).

    I have enought materials for upgrade one more player to 7* too, but i don't know who can be the better choice :(.
    The Second question is: what is the 7* priority between Serestia, Metatron, Nabi, Jiho and Duran?

    Last thing! Theorically, in some months i can pick another classic Legendary player with dimension stones + Aslan (if she appears).
    For legendary pick i'm thinking about:
    1st option: Askeladd that can replace Hyang Ran or Nerua
    2nd option: Presty (or eventually Kirna if she became Classic) instead of Glayde
    3rd option: Shu, Khirel, Bell or others
    So...the Last question is: in your opinion, which Classic Legendary player is better to pick for improve this team? And where to put Aslan if i'll be able to get her?

    Thanks :)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2018

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