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Returning player - need advice.

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Hatredboy, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Hatredboy


    I come back to SS, and I just notice my team can't play well.

    So... I just need your help!

    My current team is:
    Beatrice - Neraizel - Zhen Long
    S. Qiyou (ace) - P. Meiran - Linmay - Rudiel
    Magnus - Khirel - Kiki

    I would like to play mono ww or mono dark or just combination of it.

    My all players (from ww and dark) is:
    WW: Iree, Magnus, Beatrice, Rudiel, Khirel, Neraizel, Zhen Long, Black Tortoise, Linmay, Princess Meiran, Kiki, Enthia, Swimsuit Qiyou, Shanti, Kaidormu, Elizabeth, Vermilion Bird, Kirin, Silk
    Dark: Ashe, Zibroi, Lilith, Dale, Baltheon, Malcolm, Serestia, Black Daisy, Vitos, Avnore, Patricia, Alkyde, Lucid, Verister, Black Horns, Asakura, Ronald, Ravian, Lynbell

    Thanks for all answers
  2. DeltaRubee

    DeltaRubee i should probably give up on SS soon

    Earth :3
    Milky Way
    mono dark? forget it. needs so much investment just by looking the players you are maining on your team. closest you can get out of this is by doing dual, as the ace burst should make this more accesible to use for you different comps or to use waifus/husbandos.

    looking at your box. go dual. seriously not using not 1, not 2 but fucking 3 legends would be the stupidest you could make at this point since its obvious RNG is telling you to use them dark players to your advantage. not the best around the element but i think the team built should be on what should aim for instead.


    i left beatrice as is. i would suggest perhaps trying out a different striker option as shanti still does fine, ravian got good buffs to compete. unless you plan to stick with bea for waifu purposes. balth to use should be a nobrainer so out goes ZL.

    following up to mid my recommendation looking at it first is that its not worth using nearly all special players on a team in general, and qiyou is no exception, waifu or not, get rid of her and build ashe. tough options for CM but i think seres fits there fine. not much to say for RM but left there asakura as it seemed one of the more logical options out of the bunch

    as it goes for back i built it on 4 back since your front options are not strong, so its just best to build it defensively.left as is with the addition of Silk as you need someone to release the ace burst. better than nothing /shrug


    of course this is just my recommendation, so maybe someone with somewhat of more indepth knowledge of those two elements can craft it better, but i think i wielded out some of the main problems which was using the extra player benefit incorrectly and putting those legends to a use. good luck

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