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Ardor Returning player, need help in progressing

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by AshDragon, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. AshDragon


    Hello, I decided to come back to SS after an extremely long hiatus, and I've been messing around with my players but I want to know what direction I should be taking my team since my knowledge of the game is literally years old.

    My current team:
    Death Queen/Kevin/Shu/Avnore(support)

    Other players I've invested in are:
    Ardor: Angela, Lia, Jacob, Lucius, Jacob, Renee, Melissa
    Whirlwind: Kiki, Magnus, Vivid Fear, Silk, Shanti, Saramir, Evylin
    Thunder: Freyja, Guinevere, Luka, Cynthia, Ariel
    Light: Sammy, Valkyrja Beth, Silla, Milky Way, Isillia
    Dark: Dale, Verister, Jeunese, Ravian, Malcolm

    First off, is my current team still relevant? It's been a while lol. Before my hiatus I was working on transitioning Angela to replace Lucian, although now I know there's a legend ardor gk around.
    Is there anything I should be doing to improve my team (other than leveling and getting superbs and the like), such as keeping on the lookout for certain players or switching attributes since I'm Ardor/Whirlwind at the moment?
    Also this may be a stupid question but why do some of the character borders sparkle? There are regular ones but every so often I find a player that has a sparkly thing going around their border and I don't know what it means.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Selfox


    if you want to go ardor ww you should probably take out serestia bc dual ace is worth it
    sharr or kyoko - renee - melisa
    victoria - neraizel, linmay, or lia - kura (ace) her ace is suppperrr good
    saramir grandeur magnus miho

    tbh angela kinda sucks rn taehoon the new ardor gk is pretty good and lucian is okay too since the active block gk buff
    lookout for any legendaries like aiolos nabi miri
    the sparkle on the character borders just mean they have a skin equipped

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