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Returning User: Help with Dark/Light Team

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by roghozin, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. roghozin



    I returned playing the game about 2 months ago and have finally decided to ask for help on my team.

    | Shura 3spu | Jibril w/ EBM | Ravian lvl70 MSPU |
    | Beth | Metatron 4spu w/ Judgement Radiance | Malcolm |
    | Kevin | Chitose w/ Crystallize Crimson Jade| Anael | Mikael 3spu w/ SHoT |
    | Kei MSPU w/ El Repayon|

    The unique stones on Meta and Chitose are temporary until I get their recommended stones.

    BL - I have Black Ivy right now on scout and would eventually like to have Hyang Ran so I have a Light Backline along w/ Chitose and Mikael.

    FL - I know Ravian isn't really recommended at the moment however I have invested in her, and am completely in love with her EE art so i'll keep her for now. Is Jibril CF good for her? I am trying to stack crit rate on her and Jibril/Shura passive does that for me. Currently, Jibril has been an amazing addition to my team since she has been healing my Kei but I have only seen recommendations for Alice...Serestia..etc on forums..

    ML - I really have no problem with my mid. I'm saving up my Dstones for Duke but that's gonna be for a while or my gold when his scout comes back. I have been tryin to decide if I want to keep Malcolm tho. I have a Dale that I might want to replace him with or a Cassiel since they just gave him that coercion skill and he has a nice skin haha.

    I mostly play for the Galaxy League PVP than for it to be a PVE team. I'd like to keep Ravian however eventually I may invest in an OHKO striker possibly Damien. May I get some recommendations to what I should remove/get into my team? Preferably more 5star recommendations than legends.
  2. roghozin


    Addition: I also have BoS. I was wondering if it's better to make Jibril built as a passer than what I aim to do her with as a totem ( 6* MSPU 3/5/5/5). I only have one EBM, should I put EBM to one of my BL like Hyang, Chitose etc?
  3. DeltaRubee

    DeltaRubee i should probably give up on SS soon

    Earth :3
    Milky Way
    ok here we go

    1) ravian isnt really that good of a state nowadays, mainly gets outbeaten by damien who wrecks havoc and lucid who is still solid as a brick and still seen fairly enough while ravian on the other hand uses quite dedicated users
    2) hammer>shura. hamerus is really a better of a choice since she offers more to the table
    3) beth is also in a bad state legend wise as she sits on lowest tier really, but still can be doable. cant comment anything much else on her since i dont know that much insight apart she is not that good at the current meta
    4) probably want to consider building light element backline since bringing in two or more elements dont help that much. not to mention the backline seems bad as mikael is decent at finest and anael is also weak sauce. considering bringing in hyang ran and possibly BI
    5) noticed mentioned the uq on meta is temporary...from what ive seen most people are rolling on meta battalion, so youre most likely off with this pick unless anyone else has a theory for a better one to bring to her.

    hope this info helps
  4. roghozin


    Yeah, I have decided to gradually build up another striker (Damien or Lucid) but not my main priority right now. Is Beth still viable? Should I replace her with a non-legendary 5 star? I have a Jheet which can make me have an all dark midline with Meta and Malcolm/Dale? I'll scout Hamerus when I can however I may not be able to power her up right away but she may be a good addition as my passer when I've built another striker up along with Jibril.

    I have BI and Hyang Ran right now but I just need to EE them however they will complete my backline Hyang, Chitose, BI and Mikael. The only reason Mikael is still there is because I have gotten dupes of him and he is my only penetrator that has 145%CD and 120%CR and my only SHoT user. However I do see MW or Ustiel being recommended.

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