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Guides Soccer Spirits Player Tier List

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Ghost, May 4, 2017.

  1. Sayano

    Sayano Casual

    51 colo, cot 50, CoI 62
  2. Yuz

    Yuz Cracked

    Global:Yuzuru KR:Tokido
    Milky way
    I spent 2 hour making this coz I decided to click on a alert that someone replied to a thread and lost all my progress...

    This is a list made by me and a few others

    It's filled with all strikers (Excluding legends).


    Sharr (A-)
    Increase damage is *insert pinch emoji* But falls flat on the other stats, Crit damage and pen is pitiful, lower then average crit chance and someone please murder the guy who thinks 3 of the same stone slot colors is a good thing when they were making the stones system. She's slow and is really heavily dependent on a pass from an assist. Still one of the best PVE strikers though (S in PVE) (A- in mono)

    Bora (A-) High crit chance and crit damage, 0 pen but have access to D-bone (not sure if SoB is more popular though) Bora can also prevent enemy heal actives with the spirit steal and pretty much make the defender infront of her disabled if she manages to make use of her ab regen utility . (A- in mono)

    kyoko (A+) Average crit rate, built in pen, built in crit damage, built in RPE, Cold heart (0.5) Blue slot for more pen fun. Pass dependent. Overall a well balanced striker. (A+ in mono)


    Kirin (C)
    C for cancer.
    High Crit damage and crit rate. Low drib without pass and lacks pen. Paralyze is just disgusting and shouldn't even be allowed. I wish all kirin users out there to have a really really good day :). Real rating (S-)
    (S A+ in mono)

    Beatrice (A)
    High Crit rate, Built in pen and have above average dribble. Build her correctly and she can do her job as a striker well. not much else to say since I've never used her before, neither have I ever gotten her... (A in mono)

    Shanti (S,S+)
    Built in Pen totem, hits like a truck with sundering wind, Give her WC to do even more damage. Lacks crit. Her speed stat is pretty high. Has many team options. Get elchitusa and build mono, get balth and build ohko or just set balth next to her and shred the enemy back. has access to 3 different stone colors. Not sure to give her a S or S+ since we couldn't decide on the score. (S+ in mono)

    Irru (C-)
    2nd lowest power stat of all non special 5* strikers(295). Lacks Pen. Only source of crit rate is his EE passive debuff. Crit rate gen passive is just utter trash. 10% crit rate every 3 min which can be all lost upon death. no one will wait 30 minutes for you to stack your crit. let alone even survive long enough to stack that much. Dragon bone helps with pen and crit but it's still not enough. wind caller will really only help if stacked up. if you want to use a utility just use kirin. At least it will be your opponent catching cancer, not you. (C in mono)

    Furion (C)? High crit damage decent crit rate and have high recieve pass. Lacks pen and first passive (Rush) doesn't help with his shots. Using a long shooter is pretty challenging with the game AI. But seeing how well someone used it in pvp I'll say it's at least a A- in PVE.


    MX82 Iron hero Lord Vann (Our lord and savior)
    "Lord Vann has the greatest backstory in SS because he's concerned with the more important things in life. He's not trying to win some intergalactic soccer competition that nobody actually cares about or become a rival to Sam.

    Instead he's focused on building his harem. #respect" ~A redditor
    He's like the most generic utility striker I can think off. the Crit damage totem is amazing but lacks pen. then again mono thunder running pen ace is everywhere now. Real rating (B+ outside mono) (A in mono).

    That one striker no one knew/ignored but is actually good Griffith (A)
    Awful crit. She's literally the thunder version of sharr with less crit chance but with a free Glab (without the drib). Pair her with a WC and I don't think you even need crit to do damage. (S- in Mono)

    That other striker I've not seen in an convo for a while blade (B+)
    Works well only under certain situations. Horrible in mono thunder. Needs a baltheon to make use of her 70% RPE passive. Awful crit damage. 3rd lowest power stat of all non special strikers (297 power). (B- in mono)

    Why is thunder filled with meme strikers EA08 Vayne (D)
    Last Passive is basically non existent. only good passive is specialised shot, EE passive boost Attack, Speed and Reflex. Basically what irru would look like if irru wasn't a utility. (C- in mono)


    Hiro (A)
    Decent Crit rate and High Drib but lacks pen. Heavily dependent on Passes too and is slower the other strikers. Difficult build path, if building crit damage you'll lack pen, if building pen you'll lack crit damage. Crit damage is Average but overall he's still not good enough to be made as an end game striker. Would had been A+ If he had Extreme instead of Assuarance. (A- in mono)

    Latios (A-)
    latios is the epitome of utility. While she barely does damage her heal on the other hand is what make her shots annoying. slowly as you try to kill the enemy every latios shot heals the team by 15% in pvp where you will soon lose damage trades in long matches. High Crit rate and crit damage. works well when paired with SoB. A somewhat big downside is she have 3 yellow slots(A+ in Mono)

    Uriel (A+)
    A Striker that works extremely well with the right team set up. You can pressure enemy with unit's that either fast or have a form of ab regen along with "determination" Crit chance is above average and she has decent Crit damage. Also have access to green stones. (A- in mono)

    Celine (C-)
    I got no idea what does that active do ._. has increase damage passive and a Crit and RPE passive too. lacks drib, pen and crit damage. No EE. (C in mono)


    Damien (S+)
    Broken. All he lacks is crit and some pen. Ardor's GK nightmare. Lowest Power stat of all non special strikers (286 power) but balanced out with his second passive. Second passive when put against a 5 man back would produce a fatal shot. (S in mono)

    Ravian (A)
    Skill set lacks Crit damage and pen but some damage is covered by gravity down. Spawn has a chance for a second shot if counter passes. Spawn also works great against GK with %health damage barrier as Gravity down instantly chunks 20% HP. 3 purple slots (S- in mono).

    Rabian (B-)
    A Utility version of the already utility unit ravian. Gravity down is in the active now and she gains parasensory. High reflex passive for steal and parasensory for coverage if counter fails. Not recommened for Pvp usage since she her only damage comes from her active. 3 purple slots (B- in mono)

    Vitos (A)
    His skill set covers all striker necessity Dribble, Crit rate, crit damage and pen. Downside is he trades health for damage. Has a red slot that gives access to Red Cdam. Overall a powerful striker but overshadowed by other Dark Strikers like Damien, Lucid and even Ravian who all work better then Vitos in mono dark. (A+ in mono)

    Lucid (S)
    Popular Striker in season one, Still one of the most popular striker till today with the solar eclipse buff few many patches ago. Paired with baltheon to pretty much murder everything. Has high crit and pen. one of the fastest striker. Insane RPE. (S+ in mono)
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