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Team Advice

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by A.S.A.S, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. A.S.A.S


    Hey guys..
    Need some advice for my team here..
    My current team is..

    Silla,milky way,hiro
    Duke,Black Ivy,Hercules
    Support : Ustiel

    Been playing and stopping and playing again for a while now and not sure how to proceed..ive been doing the basic such as superb train my main team to 6*(hiro&isillia are 7*)..
    Im planning on doing a hybrid team with light and 1 other element dpend on my next legendary that i can get(hopefully lucky)

    My benched players are:
    Death queen,Nari,Kyosuke,Bora,Sharr, Lucius, Kevin, Melisa, Lemy, Yuri
    Evelyn, Ernesto, Vivid fear, Furion, Saramir, Elizabeth, Rudiel, Neraizel, Irru, Zhen Long, Black Tortoise, Kiki, Kirin
    Guinevere, Nikita, Nerua, Cynthia, Vanity, Karpila
    Kei, Uriel, Leah, Alexa, Dynames, Elua, Crocell, Cassiel
    Orses, Niarose,Asakura, Phil, Zibroi, Vitos, Ignes, Black Horns, Armel, Shura, Ronald, Ravian, Avnore, Gerrard.

    So based on my available players, what light hybrid can i go for or should i stay mono and scout another core player?
  2. Lunette

    Lunette Writes too much about small topics.

    Earth (probably)
    Light is in general one of the stronger monos. Not as strong as WW but it has decent players for every position and is very fast. The main problems they have is that they need very specific players to balance out their lack of firepower and a easily accessible midline, both of which can be compensated for with legends.

    Mid shouldn‘t be much of a problem for you. Duke is strong, BI works well but Hercules is mediocre. Cassiel would be far better (due to his totems) and Sammy would be the standard CM player.

    In your backline, Mariel should be replaced with Elua because 1) she‘s better and 2) Hiro has a chain to her. Alexa is the current OP GK (besides Presty and Glayde in rainbow) so she might be worth looking at, even though Isillia is plenty strong.

    Your front is the main „problem“. Sakiel and her pen ace are almost a must due to the lack of pen power in light strikers and Hiro is decent but nothing when compared to other strikers.

    If you want to stay light, these players are worth looking for:
    -Sammy because of her global revive
    -Hyang Ran because she‘s extremely strong (if something is standard in rainbow it‘s basically a must)
    -Sakiel because of her ace
    -Latios can be incredibly annoying when combined with Isillia and enough offensive support. Global heals for a strong healing GK and stacking CR/CDmg is no joke.

    If you were to choose a hybrid team, your main goal would be a stronger frontline. Every element can offer that but I‘d say the top candidate would be dark. Dark wouldn‘t require a new player for the ace (BI) and you already have Armel, Shura and Vitos who are all strong frontliners. Hamerus/Damien might be other interesting options.
  3. A.S.A.S


    Thank for the reply.. Elua is gonna replace mariel for sure..which is more useful, mikael or cassiel to replace hercules?? Im thinking of mikael but open to advice..✌✌✌
  4. Lunette

    Lunette Writes too much about small topics.

    Earth (probably)
    If you have a preference, just pick one, both of them work. They do have slightly different roles though:
    -They both have a triple stat totem; Mikael has HP (and CRate/reflex), Cassiel has AP (and CRate/reflex). Cassiel also has a reflex rebuff totem instead of Self-DR/spirit generation.
    -Cassiel’s self-buff is more defense-focused with CRes and CAR. Mikael is aiming for more offense with his AP/CDmg
    - Mikael‘s active exchanges Cassiel‘s double action for DR.

    My own opinion (based on my priorities):

    The game is currently extremely totem-heavy with the only two players that always focus on self buffing being the striker and the GK. While both of those guys have a decent totem, Mikael has HP in it, which is a very niche stat. Sure, it helps a little bit with survival but the majority of midlines don‘t care much about a little bit more HP. On top of that, Cassiel doesn‘t only have the better totem, he also has a second one. And Duke is extremely bulky on his own, he doesn‘t really need more HP.

    Mid is a reflex-zone, where you focus on reflex superiority to get/keep the ball from the enemy when they/you try and penetrate to the front. This can also partially be achieved through CAR, which protects you from enemy CAs but doesn‘t help with CAs on your side. Cassiel can fit in perfectly with his totems and his passive allows him to reach maximum CAR (60% + 30% from role bonus) without any stones. Mikael would need to sacrifice his prism-slot and even reroll one of his slots to dark to reach that kind of CAR, while Cassiel can fully focus on damage (and even recovery to stay alive longer).

    Because of those thoughts, I think Cassiel would be the easier option to use. He comes with good totems, simple builds (damage and maybe a little reflex/defense) and an incredibly strong ace. Mikael could most likely reach similar levels in power with enough investment but I dare assume that he will always be less useful than a Cassiel with a similar degree of investment.

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