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Team Advice

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Sakurasora, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Sakurasora


    I actually dont know what direction and kind of team I should build with these players I have right now (page 1 to 6 screenshots below). Do you guys have any suggestions? You can ignore the team that is set now, it is just temporarily.

    Ps: here is a Google Drive link for the images because upload does not work.
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  2. Snorcle


    hmmm you have actually pretty good units.


    You can try something like that strategie is Lucid does insane amount of dmg when she receives a good pass. Luckly you have best passer in the game which is baltheon. Also karpilla provides good pass adn attack power buff to lane also armel gives little bit pen you missing. Overall you should kill any GK about 2 shots.
    Your cm is naraziel cz she has overall nice body. Also when you penetrate with her you can pass the ball to Lucid right away which is pretty good for you. Victoria and vividfear are the best units you have for keeping the ball. You dont want the ball on your backline cz it is pretty weak. You have good GK but dont have any players that sup your GK. Bdw it is okey to use Alexa or Zibroi instead of Glayde. I build this team with just players you have. For my opinnion Alexa is way better GK also zibroi is pretty okey too.
    You can try to build backline like this;


    or even greedier


    You really need good raibow ace.
    I think you can use Vivid fears ace cz you are heavy on dark/ww side or arme ace for more pen to your lucid.
    Also you can use Baltheons or mikeals ace which is rainbow ace but its not pretty good rainbow ace tho.
  3. Sakurasora


    I will definitely try this thanks!
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