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Team Help

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by x01000010, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. x01000010


    Current team:

    |Constance E ST5 3Sup|Milky Way E|Baltheon|
    |Guinevere E|Nari E|Eden E ST5 1Sup|
    |Morgana E|Cassiel|Mimi E ST5|
    | |Ogre FSup| |

    Bench: Erica, Kevin, Bora, Enthia, Mira, Patricia, Malcolm, Valkia

    I was running Erica as GK but have replaced her with Ogre as someone recommended. I used my maintenance tickets and pulled a few new 5 stars. Who should I put in from my bench? I also have Beatrice available to scout. I know that I need a good striker, but will she fit with what I currently have, or should I wait for another striker, and if so then who?
  2. Bacon is fluffy

    Bacon is fluffy Diamond

    lolhida (it was a throw away account OTL)
    As a long time Beatrice user, she's not bad at all. She has problems with damage because she either can't crit or doesn't have enough stats to make her crits hurt as much as others.

    She's easy to set up for rainbow, but is strongest in mono whirlwind. If you do play her, you won't regret it because she'll take you to the top. However, there are easier choices, such as leventor and William if you get them at level 30.

    Sharr is better in this meta because of the Jin and BT.

    Vitos got a huge buff and is now really strong.

    Hiro is better now that Nerua isn't run as much as she was before but he has problems similar to Beatrice.

    So yea, you got a lot of choices. Beatrice is part of my harem team and am doing fine, but I can tell you that she's got her issues.

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