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Thor Superb Boss Strategy Thread (12/8/17 - 12/9/17)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Freemium, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Freemium


    Casuals (Looking for Active Players!)
    41 + 35 CoT
    Link to her first appearance.

    A little late to the thread, but this one's a bit of a pain, thanks to all the spirit-steal when your opponent acts. Have your PS stones locked and loaded!

    I managed to beat this one by throwing a bunch of legends at it:

    William (7*, mspu, TBxDB, ACE) / Hamerus (6*, 1 spu, EBM) / Celus (5*)
    Jiho (7*, mspu, FTS) / Serestia (7*, mspu, TB) / Chundo (6*, 4spu)
    Princess Meiran (6* 2 spu) / Jibril (7*, mspu, PS) / Aiolos (7*, mspu, EotS) + Askeladd friend (PS)
    ----- Lucian (7*, mspu, PoME) ------

    Chundo's there for the chain; he's never going to touch the ball, so substitute him out with anyone who gives you a useful totem.

    Regardless of who wins the toss, the ball will end up in your backline before you can move. Just pass the ball around to abuse Jibril's kit, thereby healing your GK & hopefully building some spirit.
    Once you have enough spirit:
    1) Get Meiran's active up.
    2) Askeladd active pass -> William Active. (NOTE: You don't have enough spirit - without changing player immunity - to use Hamerus' active pass.) OHKO.

    ...doing this fight really reminded me why I need to cave and just buy myself an Askeladd...

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