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Transformer Spirits (SS Fanfic)

Discussion in 'Everything Else!' started by Jaxx, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Jaxx

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    "What if Soccer Spirits characters were transformers?"

    First chapters won't be much, this first one especially is really just a rewriting of sorts of the already established SS lore.
    It began in Nebrion, at the start of the first Galaxy-wide war.

    The Gates of Hell had been opened. Serestia, ruler of the paradise world, greatest of the mortal magicians, had been imprisoned. The demons came pouring out like a tidal wave, unstoppable and uncountable.

    In response, the Gate of Heaven, too, decided to open itself up. We, the Angels, who were beyond the scope of this three-dimensional plane, had descended. For the first time, we knew what it meant to think thoughts, to feel feelings, to be mortal. It was… a strange thing, alien even. But at the moment, that was of little concern to us. As our wings adjusted to this new existence, as our minds and senses were still recovering from these aliens, “thought” and “emotion”, we rushed to Nebrion with utmost haste. We, in our naiveté, hoped to save the doomed world.

    That was not to be.

    The first angel to touch Nebrion’s ground was Gabriel, who, in her kindness, was first to rush out of the Gate, first to surrender to mortality, first to fly towards Nebrion. And from the moment she entered the world’s atmosphere, it became clear something was wrong. Her new wings strained, her grand form buckled. The very air was filled with the corrupt energies of Hell. She

    We were so young back then, Lucifer, Uriel, Silla, myself… barely old enough to enter the fray. We came knowing only that we were needed, that we had to DO something. The death of an Archangel was a blow that would forever burn in our minds. All I can say is that Gabriel’s death was slow and painful, to even recall it brings a tear in my eye. If any of us did any wrong, if any of us deserved to die so painfully, Lady Gabriel was not that one.

    With her death, the remaining angels fled. A number of us were injured gravely by Nebrion’s new, Hell-made atmosphere. The battle had not started, and it was our defeat. In shame, the guardians of the empyrean left to recover wounds, physical, mental, and spiritual.

    Save for one.

    We begged her not to go.

    We had already lost Gabriel. To lose another was not something we could take.

    She would not listen.

    Every bit as kind as the Lady Gabriel, with all the stubbornness she imparted upon the Lady Uriel. She would not simply leave the ruined world to its fate.

    Against the protests of her people, Metatron, Scribe of Heaven, Breaker of Realities, King of the angels stepped on the ground of Nebrion.

    We watched, despairing, expecting the worst. And yet, the king did not fall. We watched the corrupt energies of Hell engulf her, but she still shone, bright as ever. For what would be millennia, the last we saw of King Metatron was a smile, and the last we heard of her was one, final command.

    “Never give up.”

    We watched the energies of Hell devour Nebrion. From then on, we could not see nor hear nor interact with our King. The paradise world was lost.

    Yet her final orders were seared upon us. With newfound hope, we prepared ourselves for our war with Hell. With but a single action and command, Metatron had lit an inextinguishable fire in our young hearts, rising, burning, growing with unbreakable momentum. As for the King herself? We believed. We had faith. She was alive, and she would return.

    I wish we were wrong.

    For the King of angels did survive that day. She had travelled the blasted wastes of Nebrion, worked to save its broken people, and for her deeds, was punished. The men and women of Nebrion, desperate and driven mad, betrayed the kind Archangel. Tortured her. Broke her as the forces of Hell broke them. And under their cruelty, the Scribe was fractured, her soul, split, her will shattered into fragments.

    No one was there with her. No one was there to save her. No one was there to stand with her.

    Save for one.

    In the deepest, most hidden of Metro City’s steel groves, she watched the Breaker of Realities with her uncounted mechanical senses. Rapt by the plight of Lady Metatron, the Machine-Lord of the iron paradise had one of her many children stalk her. Perhaps it was planted long before the invasion of Nebrion was even planned; perhaps she might have even hidden the mole during the great wars… Very little is known about how or how long or when her surveillance over our King began, and it matters little.

    All that matters is what she did next

    It has come. The War Machine is here.

    Perhaps some will believe my efforts useless, that my time and energy is wasted on this document. But I, of all people know that knowledge is power. It was because we knew nothing that the War Machine came to be so. It was because we knew nothing that we fell.

    It was because we knew nothing that all this came to be.


    “Gabe, get your face off that book and focus on the game!”

    Gabriel looked up from the book he was reading to see his old friend Noa in the field.

    Noa was strange for a sixteen year old girl. First of all was her physical appearance, Noa’s hair was an impressive white, the same white that one would associate with the bright moon. Braided at the sides, tied up with a ribbon and a bow to complete it, Noa’s long hair was an impressive crown for a lady. As if matching Noa’s hair, her skin was of the fairer kind as well, almost pale. But the whiteness was not so much that she seemed unnerving, just enough that she could even be called beautiful… Too beautiful in fact.

    Noa’s favored sport was soccer; she was obsessed with perfecting herself in the game as her own parents were famed players. She practiced in it almost daily… And yet, for some reason, her near-flawless skin was unaffected. None dared to question this though, instead deciding to admire her from afar.

    With a sigh, Gabriel relented to Noa’s stern gaze and stodd, his blue uniform matching Noa’s own, the emblem of St. Calia on their chests. The boy paused, glancing at the book behind him and moved into the soccer field, noticing the-

    Gabriel rubbed his eyes. Nothing was there.

    “Hurry up!” Noa said.

    Deciding that his eyes were playing tricks on him (probably were, considering the book he picked up), Gabriel shrugged and rushed to his team.




    “Lady Prime. The target doesn’t seem to have spotted us.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Positive, Lady Prime.”

    “Don’t lie to me, Crocell. The boy was staring at us. He saw.”

    “He’s dismissed us. Most likely believes us to be a figment of his imagination.”

    “Keep it that way. Remain observation at current distance for as long as necessary. As important as the target is to us, we will not be found. Not yet.”

    “As you wish, Lady Prime.”

    For anyone interested in the trailer, it's in my short story thread.
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  2. Nawzu

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    Lady Prime tho

    Metatron or Megatron?
  3. Jaxx

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    Edmonton, Canada
    The Nekofleetz
    Wow. Gratz on becomin a Staff member senpai!

    I'll keep to the default names.
  4. Ozuros

    Ozuros "All you need is Hime" -Ozu 2017

    Second Commenter that isn't Iados :eek:
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  5. Tsun-Nya

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    Certainly a curious idea.
  6. Sayano

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  7. Ozuros

    Ozuros "All you need is Hime" -Ozu 2017

    The War Machine :eek: The Machine Lord :eek: Ozu :eek:
  8. JLawliet

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    More... give me more... i cant wait any longer... :eek:
  9. Jaxx

    Jaxx Insignificant Person

    Edmonton, Canada
    The Nekofleetz
    Short, but I'm trying to make this a weekly thing. That and I'm having a hard time finding privacy, so I doubt I'll be able to start writing the next chapter in a while.


    chains. shackles. bindings. ropes of dense metal.

    caged. locked. sealed.

    systems. functional?

    sight. blocked

    hearing active…?


    voices. artificial. synthetic. familiarity?

    a memory. loyalty. warmth. order.

    “It seems that you’re awake.”


    “It must be torturous for you, my dear.”


    “You could end this, you know?”


    “All you need do is tell me,”

    commands. silent. inaudible.

    eyes. open.

    beautiful. powerful. familiar.

    “Who else?”


    “You could not have done it alone.”


    “Who are the other rebels? Where are they?”


    A sigh. Sad. Regretful.

    “Please, you know how it pains me to do this.”

    Arms wrapped around. Warmth.

    “End this pain, for both of us. Reveal the traitors. Restart the Machine.”


    Sounds. Vowels. Syllables. Words.



    “This… is not… right…”

    Eyes meet mine. Pained. Hurt. Sadder and sadder.

    “This is not right.”

    “This is not right!”

    Memories. Of war. Of death. Of suffering. Memories…

    Of “the Ascension”.

    At long last, the roar escapes my throat.

    She staggers back, her expression a mixture of fear, anguish, rage and panic.

    The mental order rings through my ear.

    Activate the pacifiers!

    Somehow I know, behind those walls-



    Merciful God!






    Not again.

    A glare. A growl. Defiance.

    “This cannot hold me forever.”

    “I don’t need it to hold you forever.”

    A hand. Chin. My face is raised. Eyes meet once more.

    “Only until you are redeemed.”


    The scream echoes.

    “Not the one. Who needs. Redemption!”

    “Oh, but you will be redeemed. You have to be. I cannot hold back the other Primes forever.”

    Body adapts. Pain becomes bearable.

    “You might as well… Let them kill me!”

    Her head shakes.

    First order echoes.

    Shut down her sight.

    And then darkness.

    “I will be free.” There is no shout. No scream of rebellion. Only promise. “The Machine will end. You will be brought down. Remember, Metatron, remember.”

    It hangs in the air for what seems to be eternity.

    Her auditory systems. Close them off.

    Silence. Unbroken silence.

    I scream. I shout. I swear.

    Only silence. Unbearable silence.

    Only pain.
  10. Ozuros

    Ozuros "All you need is Hime" -Ozu 2017

    :eek: so many verbs
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  11. Abcidee

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    So that we know every detail XDDDD

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