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Weekly challenge matches (proposal)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Grace, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Grace


    I have a proposal to make the game a bit more diverse, hope devs will do something like that eventually.

    The reason to it is simple - the main problem of most mobile games is that they get repetitive. Same for soccer spirits - first you take ages to power up a team, then you use that same team over and over again.

    Devs did a good job with coliseum of trials - it was the first attempt to force players to try different lineups for rewards. This gives people new goals and makes game more fresh because we start using more different players (some require pretty heavy investments though).
    If club matches work as I understand and we could control teams of our friends this will be another huge step forward - now you will have access to 10-29 more fully functional teams (half of them would be Silla-Luka front but whatever) and that would keep things fresh for a really long time.

    So... getting to my proposal. What if we had weekly challenge matches similar to trial matches, that would be based on specific players? For example, win a match where you need to have Lucian and Roina on your team (friend's players still count, so you would really need to have one of those, then find second from friends). Highest match difficulty should not be more than the stones match ones, so it should only be about having right players at more or less decent level, not crazy power leveling.

    This is just the concept, all details of course are flexible. For example, every week there can be 5 'tier 1' matches (where you need 2 specific 5 star players), 3 'tier 2' matches (4 specific players) and 1 'tier 3' with 6 players (hopefully not more than one legend or season 2 player for any requirements though, getting any one from friends should be doable).
    Rewards? Anything, that's not the point really.

    What would that achieve for us? Something new to look forward too every week, some more rewards, one more reason to collect different players and to talk to friends.
    For devs? A cheap way to keep people busy and to motivate them to increase player lodgings/obtain more cards.
    Sound good?
  2. icebarrier

    icebarrier Bronze

    draww (galaxy server)
    i kinda like my carrot on a stick though
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