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What do you guys think of the current content?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Élanvital, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Élanvital

    Élanvital ~DrunkBishop~

    I mean aside from players.

    Story mode, CoT, CoD, CoI, League, Live PvP, Manager Dispatch.

    Just my opinion incoming, I don't want it to sound a matter of fact-ly. > . <
    Honestly this is just a rant haha. But I'd like to know your opinions. I hope I'm not the only person with these sentiments.

    TL;DR: At the last paragraph.

    I liked it in the older days (like 3~4 years ago) where it was much less... complicated.
    Sure, it's much more repetitive. But it was much cleaner too.
    Just Story mode, CoD, PvP(League), and Managers were there for some passives and extra gold.

    Now there's so many things that'd reset like in a week or two (CoT, CoI),Dimension bosses there only to break your auto complete.

    Managers are now given some "usability" that gives you mild rewards.
    Which you need to choose(* whispers * and is randomized). It feels more like needing to equip my manager every like 4~12h depending on the mission.
    I mean managers were there for some passive bonuses that you'd swap when you need, some extra ST and Gold. Now they added some more depth to managers but it's so shit :/
    There ain't much story to go along with it. It just feels like a hassle for all it's worth.

    I wish they'd make some sort of progressive story like story mode, but making certain parts with special player as rewards(That are actually usable in pvp). That way I have an initiative to play it, a story line to follow.
    The closest is CoT but there ain't no story line in that. Rewards are "meant to be rewards", resets in 2 weeks and is just there for the challenge.

    If they made it like Brave Frontier's Raid where there's a story to it, a mission to follow and sometimes, special players which are given for completing a mission that is actually useful.
    I'll actually play and enjoy the game more often.

    Some raids I remember from like 3 years ago was having to have a unit survive the mission and get to the boss, and clear the boss, whilst only allowed to bring with you one unit.
    This made it crazy hard to survive, deal enough damage and clear mobs, if you didn't use strats and specific units.
    I know it's the nature/mechanics of the game that makes it harder to do so, but if they wanted to make depth with managers, they could create a whole other mini game.

    Maybe something like the raid but with managers and specific traits to each managers can use some specific abilities to launch a ship to get to the Stadium or run away from thugs that want to stop them from entering the league or something.
    With story and interaction, It actually adds content to the game

    It just feels like they don't want to release actual content, I mean with CoI and Dimension bosses, it's progressively harder and potentially infinite. The only changes that it has is a change of stats and mildly different teams.
    It's made to be allowed infinite play, but with minimum changes.

    They won't have to plan about the story line and the balancing once it's released. It's completely fallen into the business logic of least effort for the most profit T.T
    What makes it different from grinding say CoD? At least CoD, on some floors you'll have to switch here and there and make a different team to try clear it. CoI and Dimension Bosses are just painful.

    I've seen games implement something of the same sort(Dimension Bosses) with the same concepts (scaling difficulty, outside help, appears when you play normal story modes) and all but those you'd have a chance to get those characters, which can actually be pretty good in your team.

    To me, even with all these new content it's just grinding cause the content is pesudo, just another way of grinding that gets old in a week lol.
    Same applies for the manager dispatch. Re-equipping the managers every few hours for some gold and shit. No story line involved, nothing much to get the player involved.


    Added content since CoT has nothing much. It's making the game unnecessarily complicated for new players. CoI, Dimension Bosses ain't adding much to the game. There isn't much story line focused content which basically means all the recently added content is just another way of grinding.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. Drakon

    Drakon Megalomaniac

    I am very satisfied with the game's content and where it's going.

    When I started playing this game, I always kept running out of
    resources and had nothing to do, this was the only downside of SS.

    Since then, they released Coi, Live PvP, and Manager Dispatch.
    I think this is a beautiful thing, cause now we never run out of stuff to do:

    Need stones/gold/gp? -> Story mode
    Need gold? -> Weekend gold match
    Need gp/gold? -> Boss match
    Need crystals/ds? -> CoD, Coi
    Need ds/littre/mera/beelze? -> CoT
    Out of stuff to do? Live PvP
    Between each one of those, do manager dispatch for more rewards.

    The way I play this game, this game has been heading in the right direction.

    Now for the negatives, there are 3 ways that I think this game can improve.
    1) Make Coi more difficult, at least twice as difficult. This way we don't have to spend
    6-12 hours climbing, but 3-6. (CoD takes me like 3-4 hours, CoT takes me 4-6 which is fine imo.)
    This last update they made the first 100 floors easier, meaning we have to waste more time on it,
    this is the exact opposite of what the game needs lol.
    2) Take off the limitation of 10 matches on auto. I think we should be able to auto a mode
    until A-We run out of ST or B-We run out of inventory room.
    3) Get rid of that damn dimension boss that interrupts farming,
    it's a waste of my time with the poop rewards.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention I don't mind grinding. So no complaint there from me lol.
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  3. Shipwrecksos

    Shipwrecksos Bronze

    They've really smoothed out progression, IMO. It used to be that you were almost FORCED to be a whale in order to have any fun whatsoever. The free players would get their ass smeared on the floor by the few elite (or exceptionally lucky) players that happened to have the most broken players at the time (remember William meta).

    Now, there is enough variety in players and strats (with many, MANY totally legit team comps) that you still have a chance for fulfillment even if your RNG luck isn't the best. The endless slew of events and bonus loot helps as well.

    A little dedication goes a long way in this game, which is FAR more than I can say for many other mobile games on the market right now.
  4. Élanvital

    Élanvital ~DrunkBishop~

    I must agree it's waaayy easier to farm now. I have no complaints with how much a player can farm and progress their team now, compared to previously at least.
    The way I see it tho, is that they've raised the power creep with the legendary UQs and 7* anyways that they'll need to compensate with their "generosity" to allow faster grinding progression for newbies, and non whales.
    If they don't keep the freebies, f2p players with bad luck will leave lol.

    The problem I have is that it's grindy. Which has been my concern since 2 years ago. They've not released any substantial content since CoT, at least not to me.
    I've been grinding for 4 ~ 5 years, finished the story mode, grinded almost every seasonal boss and rival players. I've collected all that I can without whaling(Season 2 players, Legends and some Season 1s)

    To have any sort of progression now is to finish building certain PvE players to progress CoI, CoD, CoT and for the Superb Bosses once every few months.
    Proper out your PvP team which can only go so far if you don't try to build in the current meta, sure there are a few competitive teams, but some obviously overpowered ones still dominate the meta ( *cough * Alexa) lol.
    ^ Basically everything that I want to move forward with means grinding.

    With my comparison with Brave Frontier, at least with raids there's specific clear conditions that go alongside the story, special unit rewards for clearing certain acts which were powerful units for PvP and were considered
    a prestige to clear(Maxwell if you've played it like 5 years ago). Constant updates with the story mode with new "maps" along with new stories such that when I talk with my friends, I don't just talk about the most op players
    or the newly released players, I talk about the story and what we think happened to etc.

    The aforementioned maxwell was so hard to clear that there are times the whole group of us would sit together and try clear it at the same time. Since there was an attack pattern, we'd have to turn count and all that cool stuff to know
    at which phase the boss is currently at to defend and attack accordingly. With actual pens and papers we'd do that together and cheer on the guy close to beating it. I can't do that with soccer spirits, not just because I barely have any friends that
    still play this game (LOL), there is barely any content worth that kind of behavior.

    It's just grinding then using the grind-ed players to clear floors. The only time where anything close to that happens is with Superb bosses. But they come once every few months. Honestly that is the only reason I continue playing the game.
    It's just not rewarding farming so much for so little progress anymore at this stage. I've been doing it for 4 ~ 5 years. It's the same problem I've pointed out like 2 ~ 3 years ago with another post but yeah, just wanted to know > . <

    I wouldn't know anything about being forced to be a whale to have fun cause during the William Meta I didn't own him.
    I still had farm with my team being like 1.4k each season LOL. I was quite noob so it wasn't so bad then.
    I barely had players and messed around with a waifu team. Having success against certain OP players (that were built badly) felt like gold lool.

    If I remember correctly my team was:

    Buttrice - Silla - Luka
    Beth - Silla - Hildegard
    Linmay - Magnus - BT - Silk - Virgil

    I always joked about how the Harem was for Virgil instead of myself hahahaha.
  5. FelliLoss


    My main complaint is that the matches (with pre and post screens) are just too long for a casual, and even normal, gamers to keep up with the grind.
    Giving out only a result page of instant calculated matches using automode AI for bundled game is what is needed to compress the RL time spend on this game to even attempt all of these modes to a level where rewards are worth it.

    Secondary complaint, the new CoD rules of not letting your GK being hit X number of times, not let the opponent get to your backline is so heavily RNG focused that I'm not even attempting that anymore. Just eats up too much time.
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  6. Shipwrecksos

    Shipwrecksos Bronze

    I'm guessing you meant CoT, not CoD. But yeah, those requirements are ass.

    For me, I basically treat it like the earlier requirement that says "defeat if opponent makes it to your backline." The same build you'd use for those other matches are the only ones that you even have a chance of winning with in these new matches. Granted I don't mind difficulty and challenge (their SHOULD be some challenge), but in its current state, it's not about challenge or skill. It simply boils down to luck.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2017
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  7. Ozuros

    Ozuros "All you need is Hime" -Ozu 2017

    My only complaint is that I have yet to notice the improved draw rates or UQ evos everyone is showing off :eek: ...that and I'm annoyed at a certain pre 5-X CoT stage now.....
  8. Shipwrecksos

    Shipwrecksos Bronze

    RNG is still RNG, but I can definitely notice a difference. I've gotten 2 legends since the change.
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