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What spirit stones best suits Felix?

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Cyto, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Cyto


    What stones really benefits Felix the most? What is the primary stone that I should be aiming to get if I want Felix to use it? I just have a bunch of rare 4-star spirits stones like Revolving Cycle and Permeating cycle but they have pass bonus? Does that matter or should I use another stone instead
  2. Lunette

    Lunette Writes too much about small topics.

    Earth (probably)
    Felix can make use of almost every stat. His main stats are reflex (to counterattack enemies) and one role of your choice (offense/defense). The only stat he never wants is crit resist because his heal triggers through enemy crits. You shouldn't worry about stone substats too much if you're not in the endgame, your main concern should be getting a rough outline of the team/builds you want.

    If you want to have a specific stone build for Felix, you'd need to know what you want him to do. Should he be a linebreaker, a stealer or a tank? He will most likely be able to do everything at once but he'll excel at only one.

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