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Why Choi still doesn't have a skin ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by hugo92624, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. hugo92624


    Why Choi still doesn't have a skin?
  2. ZhangYeNumber1Fan


    I guess they can't decide which direction to go with his art. They might have a tough Choi..ce...
  3. PokeMango



    Choi Skin Laser drew prior to dev notes!
  4. Viticide

    Viticide Bronze

    I'd say it's because they're having a harder time coming up with an idea for him. The legend skins aren't turning to gimmicks like holidays, beach ware, or whatever other random thing BB might come up with. They're so far genderbends or based on the design concept of that character. Metatron's reflects her dual personality, William focuses on his inner demon or whatever, Askeladd is a soldier of the resistance against Mother, Bell is a knightly queen so a Joan of Arc take on her is fitting, Jin gets reverted from old man to young boy (still a pervert), Khirel goes from prince to king, Duran seem sto be a younger version of him prior to his imprisonment, Jibirl is her past life, Beth goes from holy/light to corrupt/dark. The kind of odd ones are Duke, Vonchi, and Serestia. Vonchi gets a crossover with his popular ship Milky Way (who in turn got one with him), Serestia got a crossover with Choi, and Duke is some ghost captain thing.

    Now look to those that got genderbends. Baltheon, Leventor, and Shu. What theme do these three have to go off of that isn't a gimmick but instead actually based on their design? Only thing for Baltheon I could think of is a past version of him before killing one of Vitos' elite four and becoming a lab rat. But what would that look like? I imagine pretty much as he does now. Leventor? Mayber a non-neo human? But that again I think would look little or no different. Then Shu. I have no ideas for him at all. Perhaps BB could have done with them like they did Duke, Vonchi, and Serestia. Something interesting and hopefully well received. But it's clear BB has tried to avoid gimmicks on these skins. This is an important point to consider cause now what do you do for Choi? What seems like him but would be different enough to warrant a skin? The only immediate answer I see is the one some love and some hate: a genderbend. I imagine BB does at least try to come up with other ideas. I seriously doubt any legend skin only had that one idea and BB just went with it, including the genderbends.

    We'll have to wait and see what BB does for Choi and the rest. Jiho looks to finally be the first female -> male genderbend this game has seen. I'd say she's a great fit for it since 1) she has the same problem as Choi and others with limited possibilities and 2) back when we first got her story description she was designed as a trap. Jiho's story originally had something to do with people mistaking him for a girl. They swapped it upon her release, and I bet it's at least in part because Ardor was the only attribute that had no female legends and that Ardor would now get a trap instead of an actual female might not have been as well received. BB might have also feared it would have been seen as a troll move by the community. But this is just speculation on my part based solely on what Jiho's original character story said prior to release. At least now Jiho can be a boy for anyone that wanted a male Jiho. She's probably the best candidate for a female -> male swap of all the legends.

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