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Would this work? (Aslan build)

Discussion in 'Team Advice' started by Freemium, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Freemium


    Casuals (Looking for Active Players!)
    41 + 35 CoT
    Seeing the first set of developers notes forced me to start thinking about my team, and where I'm going to build out. I know a lot of attention will be paid to mono-builds, but there's something to be said for stacking all the reflex in your mid and back. Something like...

    William (TB) / Elaine (IC/SC) / Renee (--/EBM)
    Victoria (TB) / Duke (TW) / Vivid Fear (SHoT/FTS)
    Aslan (TW; ace) / Yuri (FE/TB; support) + Kiki (AS/EC?) / Death Queen (TB/CI -or- EBM)
    ----- Lucian (PoME) -----

    (If a pair of Uniques are listed, first one is best stone I have available & 2nd is ideal build)

    I'm currently Ardor / Light, so it would take quite a bit of shifting around and retooling to make this work...but that middle 7 is all attackers and defenders, so they're all getting Aslan's ace (25% reflexes)...plus Blitzkrieg (35% reflex). GK gets 4 different HP buffs...or you could replace Yuri with Gaphyl for an extra reflex buff...or Duran.

    Mid gets 5 separate reflex buffs / debuffs between the 3 characters, plus Aslan's buffs. Replacing VF with Metatron (moving Duke to the RM) would probably be the best means to improve the team.

    Curious to hear if anyone has played with a team build like this one; I may play around with this one during the next league off-season.
  2. AquaXxX

    AquaXxX For Kiki's Sake!

    If you put TW for Aslan, she need to get attacked most of time, so placing her at Mid could work.

    When anyone try to pen, or steal her, the damage reflect should kill the attacker and, puff, their attack is useless and dying is all they do.

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